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Dolan and the Dems

Better late than never?

April 9, 2018  0
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The old saying goes, "Politics makes strange bedfellows." Well, that certainly proved to be the case a few days back when one of the bedfellows actually got out of the bed. Cardinal Timothy Dolan, having done everything he could for the better part of his time in New York to kiss up to the ruling elites of the Democratic Party — the purveyors of abortion and sodomy, of the destruction of the family, the very ones who keep Planned Parenthood and its evils legal and financed — those same Democrats, Dolan dumped on for leaving Catholics behind. As one commenter put it, "Well, good morning sunshine! Are you seriously only realizing this now?" — an excellent comment for not only its straightforwardness but also its insight.

That the cardinal archbishop of New York would, just the other week, be arriving at this conclusion is stupefying. Where on earth has he been for the past 45 years? Near the end of his op-ed in The Wall Street Journal, he says, "The party that once embraced Catholics, now slams the door on us." Seriously? Now? Now, slams the door on us? Wasn't the cardinal party to a federal lawsuit with the Obama administration forcing Catholic agencies to dispense and pay for birth control? Did he not read the suit? Is he unaware that it is Dems who are called the party of death? Does he not know that they are the main reason Planned Parenthood gets half a billion dollars of taxpayer money every year?

The Democrats have been anti-God, anti-Catholic, anti-life since about the time Dolan was ordained. Was he so married to nostalgic thoughts of his grandmother, who he mentions in the article as saying, "Don't trust Republicans" that it has taken him his entire adult life to know who the enemy is? Well, now's a fine time to be finding it out. And let's be clear here, the enemy is the anti-God, anti-life philosophy embraced by the Democratic Party. You would figure he sort of got that when he got booed by delegates for leading the prayer at the Democratic Party Convention in 2012. How could someone be so obtuse in his sizing up of the realities of the day — cultural and political life in America?

He seems genuinely stunned that the Democrats are pro-abortion, mentioning a soon-to-be law in New York state expanding abortion even more, even to the point of it being legal to leave alone a baby which survives abortion, just laying on the table to die. Shocker! Really? The party of death is in favor of death? Say it isn't so, Your Eminence. It's hard to imagine a more tone-deaf perception of political and cultural reality.

His Eminence cites Protestant minister "without a congregation" the Reverend Jesse Jackson. By the way, just exactly how does he make his money to live on? He doesn't actually do anything, hasn’t for decades, but we digress. Dolan cites him as an example of a Democrat who used to be pro-life. On that score, former pro-lifers turned child killers, Dolan could speak all day — Al Gore, Jesse Jackson, Ted Kennedy, the list just goes on and on. In fact, it's very interesting that the cardinal should point to Jesse Jackson because the question naturally arises when he turned in favor of child murder did His Eminence wonder about his Democratic, poor-loving, protecting-the-innocent credentials? How about when Al Gore "converted" or Ted Kennedy, a Catholic no less, who completely savaged Judge Robert Bork, specifically over the issue of abortion?

One by one, these leaders of the Democratic Party flipped to being in favor of child slaughter so they could hold onto their political power — modern-day Herods with the blood of tens of millions of children on their hands and the vast majority of them, the lion's share, Democrats. This went on all through the 1970s and 1980s. How is it that practically every Catholic with a pulse knew that the Democratic Party had become completely alien to its former Catholic base yet Dolan and a large number of other bishops were completely clueless about it?

The sea change among the Democrats from supposedly caring about the downtrodden to actually killing them was so phenomenal, so visible, so plain for the whole world to see that it split American politics to this day. Yet, somehow the bishops couldn't get a grasp on it. It's preposterous to think as His Eminence asserts that only now — his word — now is he and presumably others just coming to recognize this. Where have you been for what is essentially your entire adult life? That the Democrats have been opposed to Catholic morality on the single most important issue of our day has been the axis on which the totality of the political and culture wars have orbited for half a century. Did he not notice that good Catholic, pro-lifer Bob Casey, governor of Pennsylvania, was not allowed to address Bill Clinton's 1992 Democratic Party Convention, specifically owing to his pro-life views? It's mind-boggling, so much so that it would take a fool to believe that this is only news now.

What's changed is not the reality but that Dolan is having to come to terms with the fact that he got played and not just played but made an absolute fool of by not just Democrats but fake Catholic Democrats in the person of Andrew Cuomo and his cohort. He made a secret backroom deal with those devils to not oppose gay marriage in exchange for Catholic school funding. So, he gladly supported the moral evil of active homosexuality and gay marriage in the St. Patrick's Day Parade, even parading around in the front of it as grand marshal. How the Democrats must have been howling with delight at that sight. But then after casting the pearls of the Church before swine, they ground them up and turned on him, first, by not giving him his 30 pieces of silver for his schools and now ramming through the state legislature a bill to extend the statute of limitations on how long someone can sue the Church for homosexual-clergy-sex abuse. That so infuriated Dolan that he actually made a surprise, unannounced visit to Albany to beg lawmakers not to extend it, begging the question, how many more claims are out there which the cardinal knows or suspects? The whole scene is pathetic really with a lesson to be learned.

The U.S. hierarchy has been played for too long precisely because the players knew which levers to pull — appeals to their egos for power, influence, cocktail party invitations, with all the chichi — even kicking it up every now and then? "Be a prelate of the people, Your Eminence," the Democrats said, "Don't be preachy. Care for the poor. Be social justice warriors. We'll back you," until that is the facade of social justice and blather about caring for the poor is no longer needed and the Democrats have engineered education and the culture to ensure that they are the ones who will get enough votes to steer the ship of America. And they've done it quite well by making suckers out Catholic leaders who have been all too willing to be manipulated, rationalizing that it's all good, and we are helping the poor by getting Democrats elected.

How they managed to keep convincing themselves of that, year after year, as each year a million child corpses flushed through the city sewers under their cathedrals and parishes is a question that will probably only be answered on the Last Day. Pray for our leaders faithful Catholics. Include them in your Rosaries every day that they may be awakened to their responsibilities to undo the evil they have helped bring about.

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