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Don’t Be Mean

It's not nice!

April 10, 2018  0
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The entirety of the theology of the Church of Nice revolves around one silly principle that sounds all nice and wonderful. It's the principle of "don't be mean," and it resounds especially with young people who are more sensitive to being treated meanly, owing to their young tender lives, not having been batted around life very much and developed a thick skin. In fact, not being mean is precisely the motto of the Church of Nice, just stated negatively. You know, "Be nice. Don't be mean." And so it goes, over at the Church of Nice parish of Our Lady of Never Giving Offense even when it's necessary because truth is more important than someone's feelings.

The whole theology of the Church of Nice appeals to the juvenile mind because feelings are the level on which so many young people operate, some almost exclusively. And it is a faulty grounding, indeed. For example, so many young people are pro-life because, well, it's mean to kill the babies. But that same principle is extended to the question of same-sex marriage and a completely different moral conclusion is reached, as in "Let them love each other, don't be mean."

Today's youth has been systematically taught to move on nothing but emotion, and they have responded in kind. The education system, Catholic and secular, has been corrupted in that critical thinking is never taught, and the results are in. The self-styled pro-life generation is also completely down with homosexuality, and the underlying reason for both points is exactly the same — don't be mean. If someone, anyone apparently, cries or their feelings are hurt by the Truth, then the Truth is mean, and you are the enemy. This is a morally bankrupt way to good and evil. It empties the Cross of any meaning, precisely what the demon wants.

More than anything, the demon desires that man not think, not use his intellect, which is ordered to the Truth. So what more clever way of capturing an entire Church by a crafty theology of not being mean. Style the Truth as "mean" and then preach about rejecting it, fighting against it. Down with meanness, after all, Jesus said don't be mean, right, or something like that anyway? Oh yes, oh yes,  "Love thy neighbor." That's it. And love is all about feelings. It's not about objective truth. It's not about ordering our lives to the Truth through the exercise of our intellect and our wills. Yes, it's just about feelings and not being mean. Which is why this year's synod on the youth in Rome has so many Catholics disturbed in their souls as to the outcome. It's being styled as a "listening event," not to merely understand what kids don't understand about the Faith which is practically everything thanks to adults but what teenagers can teach the Church. Why do you get the feeling that the fix is in like it was with the whole gay thing at the synods in 2014 and 2015?

There seems to be a little cyclical thing going on here to wit: For the past 30 or 40 years, generations have been deprived of not only the Truth but this generation, in particular, deprived of the ability to even know how to reason to the Truth. This has been engineered by craft clergy bent on sowing confusion among the children and their children's children. And now that that goal has been achieved — a woefully, horribly catechized generation of youth whose only guiding star is "don't be mean," the Church is to sit back and listen and learn about the Faith from children who know nothing about it. That's is a brilliant plan.

Along the way, it will have been arranged that the small number of youths who are traditional-minded and understand the Church is falling apart precisely because of all this, that group will be frozen out, their voices mostly muzzled and underrepresented if represented at all. And of course, the final step will be to produce a document pointing to the voices of extremely confused children without calling them that and issuing a vaguely worded final report where anyone can draw whatever conclusion one wishes from it.

If you think there's been a lot of confusion and debate over Amoris Laetitia, wait until you get a load of the bombshell that will go off when this thing gets published. And of course it will have some splendid sounding name to deflect from its real goal, call it "Young Prophets Cry Out" or "A Little Child Shall Lead Them" or "Let the Children Come to Me" or some such other twisting of Scripture or scriptural themes. It's all fine and good to learn from youth, precisely where many of them are suffering from lack of information or formation. That's a good thing, as long as you set about the work of helping them out of their ignorance like St. Don Bosco. But to style this as the Church, the Bride of Christ, "learning" from young people how the Church should change is beyond absurd.

The Church "learning" from anyone about how to change is preposterous enough but exactly how much is the Church going to "learn" from young people who have almost no life experience in any area except suffering the curse of a super-sexualized society which was able to come into existence at all by failed or malicious Churchmen, who will now pretend to look to children for the answers to the problems they intentionally created.

What do the youth know or rather should they know? They should look around them at the shattered families, the fixation with sex, the disillusion they feel from an increasingly isolated existence, the spiraling suicide rates and the rest of the mountain of evidence that they have been lied to and betrayed. There should be a synod for the youth alright — a synod where they stand up and demand answers for why they are now bearing the brunt of the machinations of their elders, in particular, elderly church officials who have laid the groundwork for their misery and feelings of being disconnected. They should tell the bishops and their pastors, you drilled into us to not be mean, but you were the mean ones depriving us of truth and wrecking our world.

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