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Drawing Fire

And firing back. 

February 23, 2022  0


Well, you know you are pretty much over the target when you are drawing heavy fire.

Church Militant not only does but absolutely considers it a moral duty to point out sin that ruins souls — and that is wherever it is encountered. Exercising this duty often puts us in conflict with the Culture of Death that dominates the world and the Church.

And yes, the Culture of Death not only dominates the world from a material point of view, but also the Church from a spiritual point of view.

There is natural death, and then there is the "second death" of the spiritual order. And let's be very clear here — many, many clergymen are nothing more than "merchants of death" of the spiritual order.

So yeah, you're darn tootin' we (and, really, every Catholic) have a duty to attack that empire of evil.

You go after the demonic, it comes after you.

But, of course, every time you go after the demonic, it comes after you as well. Not really surprising, but you have to know it, eyes wide open, when you engage in this.

Now, how you are fought against and pilloried varies, but understand, the attack is always engineered by the same dark source.

Satan is not only the father of lies; he is also the great deceiver. He distorts truth in addition to straight-up lying.

And in the latest example of this, aimed against this apostolate, the most recent edition of the highly Marxist-minded publication Mother Jones — in which a 4,000-plus-word article accuses Church Militant of being white nationalists and all the usual idiotic claims.

Apparently, we "hate" a lot of people — according to the article. And, while the reporter does sprinkle in some other Catholic outfits, Church Militant is mentioned by name close to two dozen times, which averages out to about every 200 words or so.

So clearly, Mother Jones sees Church Militant as something that needs to be attacked and, for that, we'd like to say thank you for the backhanded compliment. Very kind of you — Mom.

But why is Church Militant drawing all this fire with such consistency? After all, our "Bishops: Enough Is Enough" rally last November in Baltimore, which we had to go to U.S. federal court to ensure happened, was focused on victims of homopredator molestation of teenage boys and vulnerable seminarians.

I mean, who could object to that? 

Is it the editorial position of Mother Jones that homosexuals, even those in robes, should be allowed to sexually assault other males? Here's the real reason Church Militant is drawing such fire from the Marxist crowd: We condemn their sacred cow of sodomy.

In fact, the article centers around the topic, mentioning it in some way, shape or manner over a dozen times. Abortion only gets a mention five times. Homosexual or gay or sodomy — those terms come up more than a dozen times.

The reporter, Kathryn Joyce, is a heavily accomplished, award-winning "reporter" in the leftist universe.

Of course, she thinks her pro-gay, pro–child murder, anti-God screeds are "journalism," as do all the pro-gay, pro–child murder, anti-God outfits that have heaped awards on her for her well-written propaganda pieces treated as though they are somehow actual journalism.

They aren't, for the record. She and her ilk disguise opinion pieces as "reporting" or "investigations" and so forth. And they are normally very thinly disguised, if at all, actually.

But the point of all this is straightforward.

A "reporter" who has written for every leftist/Marxist rag on the planet and has been lauded for her work felt compelled to do a story on Church Militant's Baltimore rally and use it as a jumping-off point to reveal to the world what a "horrible" outfit we are.

Well, if you think men having sexual relations with men, hacking children to pieces in the womb and sucking out the remains with a high-powered vacuum cleaner, destroying families, decrying phony racism, teaching third-graders how to masturbate and enabling homosexual abuse is "horrible," then Church Militant stands guilty as charged.

The secular media world recognizes that Church Militant is leading the charge in both reporting and activism in unmasking their evil empire and, as a result, cannot resist the temptation to strike out at us.

No other belief systems have lasting importance.

Likewise, so does the U.S. hierarchy, who maintain their own empire of evil. Church Militant has been dealing with all this garbage almost since the day of our inception — 16 years ago.

It would be instructive here to recall the words of Mahatma Gandhi: "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

We are happy to see, as well as report, that we are now in the third phase of that process — the fight. What the faithful are battling is a giant structure, built over decades by the Left to destroy truth.

It's been a multi-front operation. The courts, the academy, the media — no stone has been left unturned. But the funny thing about the truth, it's like water. It always finds a way. It is, after all, the very nature of truth to be known. And no amount of clever writing or distortion or deception can keep the truth suppressed.

At the end of all of it, the war, fittingly called a "holy war" by Mother Jones, boils down to a war between Catholicism and atheism. No other belief systems have any real or lasting importance. The Catholic Church is the only true religion on the earth, and atheism is the only fully demonic response to the Church.

As the great 19th-century Spanish Catholic political theologian Juan Donoso Cortés once said, "Catholicism is the law of life, the life of the intelligence, the solution of all problems. Catholicism is the truth, and everything that departs from it one iota is disorder, deception and error."

The problem today is, the Church's enemies know this truth, but too few Catholics do. At least Mother Jones and Church Militant agree on one thing. 

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