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Drunk and Blind!

How much worse could it get?

June 19, 2018  0
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So the American bishops — emphasis on "American" much more than bishops — just wrapped up one of their usual meetings last week, and sitting atop their list of pressing concerns for the salvation of souls and preventing anyone from being eternally damned for willfully engaging in mortal sin and embracing it for their lives as an actual "good" — immigration.

Yep, haven't you heard? This is the single issue around which revolves the entire question of your eternal fate.

Of course, it didn't become that until Donald Trump became president, much to the chagrin of most of the U.S. bishops who stay silent on abortion and all things gay (raising the legitimate question of course about their own homosexuality).

Yep, what the Democrat-loving bleeding heart bishops think is more important than life and death issues is immigration. Could it have anything to do with the fact that their governance has resulted in the walking away from the Church of tens of millions of Catholics and the paying out of going on $4 billion for their gay priest buddies raping altar boys?

At what point do these men have to accept responsibility for their miserable destructive actions? When Fr. Pablo Straub — a saint of man, God rest his soul — was visiting with us one day at my house in the evening, I asked him why were things so screwy in the Church.

He said to me, with clenched fist in the air and veins popping from his neck, "It's those bishops!" His intensity knocked me back for a moment, but it turns out he was right. He was right then and he was right now.

To think that, with a moral meltdown going on in the Church, with so many priests and bishops embracing and advancing the evil of homosexual relations, that somewhere on their agenda would be to address things that actually cause people to go to Hell when they die.

But, oh yeah, Bishop Barron is prowling around there keeping front and center that no one really goes to Hell — as an aside, he better hope he's right. Since no one really goes to Hell anymore — quick, someone dash a memo off to the Mother of God as well as Her Son for that fact and correct them, since no one is really ever damned — then we are now free to build the city of God here on earth.

And of course, since we don't want to ever offend anyone — except faithful Catholics — we need make no reference at all to supernatural realities when talking about earthly Heaven. It's all about Heaven on earth and a gay-loving, no borders, globalist, ecumenical church financed by your tax dollars being used to bring it all into reality. These men are drunk and blind — drunk on their own arrogance and blind to the rain of destruction they have brought down on the heads of Catholic families for generations now.

So concerned are they with their earthly kingdom that a discussion actually broke out about — get this — using canon law against Catholic politicians who support Trump's immigration policies. And for the record, Your Excellencies, they aren't Trump policies. They are Obama's policies that Trump is enforcing — as he is bound to do, according to the Constitution.

But consider that for a moment. Some of these men would actually entertain the notion of using canon law against Catholic lawmakers over the issue of immigration while at the same time never having implemented canon law against other Catholic lawmakers who commit sacrilege by receiving Holy Communion while voting for killing pre-born children.

Drunk and blind. How much worse could it get?

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