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Enemies of the (Deep) State

Fear, panic and hysteria must rule the day.

August 4, 2020  0



For a number of years, Church Militant has been highlighting the parallel between the evils in the State and the evils in the Church. It's not only D.C. that has a swamp; it's not only D.C. that has a "deep state." Those phenomena are also present in the Church.

The swamp is the status quo, both in D.C. and the Church. There are people, in both, who have privileged positions and who benefit personally by keeping the status quo. In D.C., it comes in the forms of defense contracts, for example, and massive lobbying firms and an entire network of business as usual (because what's counted as "usual" is the personal aggrandizement of so many individuals).

These people live off other people — namely, taxpayers — yet keep themselves aloof from the peasants whose taxes finance their cushy lives. The peasantry may finance the cocktail parties, but they are most definitely not allowed in. Switching over now to the Church's swamp — the hierarchy and their designated privileged class of theologians, professors and chancery leaders — they comprise the "swamp" of the Church.

Exactly as their political counterparts, members of the Church swamp live off of other people (in this case, the faithful), yet they too keep themselves aloof from the "peasantry." It's just that this peasantry also has Rosaries as well as faith, which the swamp creatures of the Church do not have.

The realities of the swamp are such that there is a lot of crossover, almost comprising one giant swamp. Whenever the privileged classes of either Church or State need to cooperate, they do.

That's why they often sound as if they are related — because they are. This cooperation of evil (and that is precisely what it is) goes back to the trial of Our Blessed Lord before Pilate. When the Jewish leaders tell Pilate they want Jesus killed, he tells them to do it themselves. And then the religious swamp engages the State swamp and tells Pilate that Roman law forbids them from putting a man to death: The State would have to order it.

The swamp creatures in the Church and D.C. care nothing about the people or souls in their care.

A masterpiece of cooperation there. We know the rest of what happened: Pilate went out and delivered Him up to their wishes. We say all that by way of underscoring that the betrayal we see on the part of leaders, especially religious leaders, can not come as any surprise. They sold out the Son of God; don't ever consider yourself "out of reach." Nothing is too great a price to keep the swamp from being drained.

Looking at the State swamp, what do we see? Trump comes along and exposes it all, puts appointees in place who expose it all (like Attorney General William Barr) and the swamp goes nuts.

Trump must be defeated at all costs — the destruction of the economy, the media manipulating the masses, fake information about the Wuhan virus, "Giant Tech" censoring any conservative Trump allies, the mask panic, shutting down schools, impoverishing tens of millions of workers, driving the deficit into the stratosphere, anarchy in the streets — no price is too high to pay to get Trump.

But over in the Church swamp, all of the above is equally at play — keeping the panic alive in the parishes, masks, restricting attendance, forbidding Holy Communion on the tongue, bishops kneeling to Black Lives Matter, statement after statement on racism — all meant to fuel the fury of the swamp to get Trump.

The swamp creatures in the Church and D.C. care nothing about the people or souls in their care; they only care about themselves. Period. What's curious about all of it is how the swamp contradicts itself left and right.

The Marxist media lies about the riots being "peaceful protests" as cities are being burned to the ground. The "Defund the Police" movement gains traction while murders and violent crime figures skyrocket across the country.

NBA teams and members of other professional sports leagues, along with apparel manufacturers, all kneel at the drop of a hat (or, more specifically, the first note of the national anthem) yet care nothing for the humans in the Chinese communist sweatshops laboring for pennies making what they profit enormously from.

The swamp goes on nonstop about the right to free speech of the protestors, but let doctors come forward and speak about America being lied to and free speech suddenly becomes something to be censored and over which careers are ended.

The swamp must be preserved at all costs: That's what the deep state and the deep Church do.

The operations within the Church are exactly the same — go along with the demands or you are disobedient; you are a troublemaker. Rarely does any bishop challenge the State (although there are exceptions). Some even impose further restrictions than the State (like Detroit archbishop Allen Vigneron, who requires masks at Mass even though the notorious governor Gretchen Whitmer does not require them at religious services).

Chicago cardinal Blase Cupich even wears a mask while offering Mass: Anything to keep the hysteria right in front of people's faces. Never let the panic subside. It must last until election day. Cardinal Tobin of Newark, New Jersey has his own moratorium on in-person attendance at Mass.

Remember when all this was just to "flatten the curve"? You haven't heard that in months. No one thought the virus was going away and that no one would get infected if we locked down. The idea was to just make sure hospitals were not overwhelmed. Well, we largely crossed that bridge weeks ago. But sensing the political advantage for fear, panic and hysteria aimed at "getting Trump," the swamp creatures all moved the goalpost.

Now, there cannot be one single shred of the virus anywhere in the universe. Everyone must mask up and stay ten miles away from any other human being, unless you're rioting and burning down police buildings and federal courts — the Wuhan virus knows those people are righteous and skips over contaminating them. But for the rest of us, every last germ must be hunted down and destroyed because "Americans are dying," right?

But, because of the lockdown, Americans are dying because of the lockdown from suicide, lack of medical care, addiction and so forth. Those lives don't matter — just like all black lives don't matter to the Left, just some. Black babies being aborted, black police officers being killed by rioters — those lives don't matter.

Prior to Wuhan, there was no way Joe Biden was going to win. Now the swamp has Trump right where they want him. And do not think for a minute that many of the U.S. bishops are not deeply tied into all this. In some cases, they are leading the charge. The swamp must be preserved at all costs: That's what the deep state and the deep Church do. They preserve the swamp.

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