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Enemies of the People

And enemies of Christ.

July 3, 2020  0



Some of the nagging calls we are constantly subjected to, both in politics and the Church, are calls for unity. But notice, calls for unity are always coming from the Marxists — again, in politics and the Church.

"Unity" is a ploy, a tool for that crowd — nothing else. The truth is, those making the calls are enemies of the people. Back in April 2019, President Trump elicited catcalls and howls of anguish from the Marxist media when he declared the truth that the press is the enemy of the people.

The Marxist media, of course, distorted his meaning and reported that Trump was trying to abolish a free press. No — he was pointing to the truth that long ago, the media giants went all-in for Marxism and, as a result, have truly become the enemies of the people.

The unity calls from the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff and so forth are betrayed by the fact that they are only pretend Americans. They aren't real Americans. They have a view of America wildly different from what the Founding Fathers and true-blooded Americans actually believe America is.

Their phony claims to patriotism are just that — phony, pure fiction. They join the ranks of their allies in the media in being enemies of the people. But notice, as we are very persistent in pointing out in The Vortex and other programming at Church Militant, there is a parallel within the Catholic Church.

The parallel exists because the same worldview, the same philosophy, is embraced by Marxists in robes, as it is by Marxists in office and Marxists on TV. Just as their pals are enemies of the people, so too are these phony clerics enemies of the people — the people of God.

They set themselves up in opposition to the Church (and Her teachings), which means ultimately in opposition to Christ Himself. They have no faith in anything except themselves and their attempts to bring revolution to the Church and the world. They are rotten, scheming devils, who happen to wear miters or collars. Many of them are homosexual. 

It seems only fitting that the final stake would be driven through the heart of the nation by a renegade Catholic.

Some of them raped altar boys. But many more of them covered it up. They profess a desire for unity, but they are the sowers of disunity. They are enemies of the people of God and they are in league with the diabolical forces of destruction, both spiritually and temporally. They blather on about Catholic this or that, but secretly despise authentic Catholicism.

They understand their role — their part of the battlefield — is to de-weaponize Catholics and convince them that rejecting the teachings of the Church as "hateful" or outdated is somehow being "Catholic." Even more than the media or political devils, as ruinous as they are, the ones in the Church are the most dangerous of all because they attack and pervert the source of truth.

They are in absolute league with their political and media allies, but they are most corrupted and the farthest from God. Their fall from grace will ring out with such thunderous sound on the Last Day that the elect will be reminded of Our Blessed Lord's words in the Gospel of St. Luke: "I saw Satan fall like lightning from the sky."

The Marxists have such contempt for other humans because their father is the Devil — they share his spiritual DNA. They have no truth in them. Satan is the enemy of humanity, and his minions are just little carbon copies of himself. Every age, every era, every generation — he finds those he can pervert and turn from truth. And in these past generations, he has been more successful than perhaps at any other time in the history of the world.

As his offspring advance left, right and center, make no mistake that the sons of light will be made out to be the enemies of the State. In reality, we will be, for the State will have been placed at the service of Hell — so those who claim Christ will have no choice but to oppose the State, just as those first centuries of Catholics opposed the gods of Rome.

The groundwork is already being laid for this. Recall Hillary's "inside thought" that she said out loud at a 2016 fundraiser: "You could put half of Trump's supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables." As much political hay as Trump supporters made from that revealing phrase, Joe Biden said pretty much the same thing a few weeks ago: "There are probably anywhere from 10–15% of the people out there that are just not very good people."

The Marxists have such contempt for other humans because their father is the Devil.

Biden's comments came in the context of, you guessed it, a call for unity. Biden is the quintessential candidate, in fact, for the advancement of Hell on earth — a Marxist Catholic and a Marxist politician, all rolled into one. His constant appeals to his "Catholicism" and his constant pandering to patriotism are a powerful (and perhaps intoxicating) elixir to make it all the way to the White House.

And once there, those who control him can finish off both what's left of America and the Catholic Church in America. If it comes to pass, it seems only fitting — given all that has gone on in the Church in America for the past half-century — the final stake would be driven through the heart of the nation by a renegade Catholic.

Talk about poetic justice.

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