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Enemies Within

It's easy to identify them "by their fruits."

October 25, 2021  0

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Joe Biden sees the entire world through the prism of January 6. In fact, his whole Marxist, Soros-backed crowd weaponizes January 6 to eradicate all enemies of the Democratic Party, much like Hitler did with the burning of the Reichstag.

On February 27, 1933, the German government building burned to the ground due to arson, with the arsonists conveniently never having been arrested or identified. The incident gave Hitler the ammo he needed (and probably caused) to bring about massive government crackdown and the railroading of civic freedoms: censorship of the press, abolishing peaceful assembly, you name it, it was all wiped out, virtually within hours of the event, while the Reichstag was still smoldering.

If this all sounds way too familiar, it should. Hitler did what Biden is doing now. Or better stated, Biden is doing the same thing. Hitler claimed an impending overthrow of the government by communists, the "domestic terrorists" of the day. Biden and the 21st-century communists are now labeling anyone who disagrees with them a "domestic terrorist" who is intent on overthrowing the democracy.

Biden (or rather those who control him) sets the agenda and gives the orders, and Attorney General Merrick Garland then executes those orders, prosecuting anyone they can get who even happened to be in Washington, D.C. on January 6.

In the country, patriotic Americans are viewed as the enemy within. In the Church, believing Catholics are viewed as the enemy within.

Merrick Garland is an embittered old man, still fuming that Republicans blocked him from getting onto the Supreme Court after the America-hating Obama nominated him. But Biden and the communists resurrected him and put him in an even more dangerous post: head law enforcement officer of the entire nation, giving him powers to go after anyone he wants, using January 6 as the pretext.

But January 6, again, is just the excuse for everything relating back to it.

For example, if you are a parent angered by your kids being spoon-fed communist garbage in their schools and show up at a school board meeting, you are considered a "domestic terrorist" by Garland and the Democratic Party's Department of Justice.

Domestic terrorists are the "enemies within" and they must be rooted out so that the Build Back Better fatherland may ascend the heights of Heaven and bring about the new world order. And all the various vaccine mandates are an instrument to that end. All who refuse must lose their livelihoods, for they are all systemic racists whose defiance proves they are "domestic terrorists."

The Democratic Party shall root out all such enemies: police, military, health personnel, pilots — no area of life shall remain secure for a racist domestic terrorist to hide. They shall destroy them all. Of course, the reality is that patriotic Americans are the ones who are being rooted out, those who believe that what's happening in America today actually is an overthrow of the government, but in reverse — the government overthrowing the Constitution.

As Church Militant has been pointing out for more than a decade, and what is just recently coming into sharp focus for many others, the intertwining between politics and the Church is something everyone needs to understand. What is going on in America is the exact same thing going on in the Church. In the country, patriotic Americans are viewed as the enemy within. In the Church, believing Catholics are viewed as the enemy within. And in both cases, the establishment is attempting to purge the undesirables from their ranks.

Biden appoints and resurrects his henchmen to bring about the purge, and so does Pope Francis. There is hardly a sodomite-loving cleric Francis has not elevated or resurrected throughout the Church, his most prominent, of course, being Theodore McCarrick, barely a month into his pontificate. But there have been loads of others as well, even ones accused of homopredator sex abuse and or cover-up.

In fact, his entire papacy is bookended with such moves, even up to just a couple of weeks ago on his trip to Slovakia where a homosexual bishop had been sacked by Pope Benedict, only to be resurrected by Francis, with reliable sources telling Church Militant that Francis will shortly even elevate him to the College of Cardinals.

According to Church Militant sources in Rome, as well as noted Polish priest Fr. Dariusz Oko (who has spent more than a decade exposing the homoheresy in the Church), Róbert Bezák, former archbishop of Trnava, is reported to have been at the center of an extensive homosexual clergy network. Bezák, who is former vice-provincial of the Redemptorists in Slovakia, turned his diocese into "a kind of homosexual capital in the Slovak Church," reports Fr. Oko.

While Church Militant reports extensively on the homosexual infiltration of the U.S. hierarchy (reporting we were vilified for and mocked for a decade ago and which has now been proved true), this homoheresy is by no means confined to just the United States; it has spread throughout the entire episcopate with the aim of tearing down the Church of Christ.

Church Militant merely reports more extensively about it in the United States because, being situated in America, we know much more about it domestically. But as time goes on, we are now getting regular updates from around the world from faithful Catholics who are also coming under the tyranny of sodomites in miters.

The number-one target of these wolves, actually demons, is believing Catholics, just as the number one target of Biden and his communists is patriotic Americans.

To be truthful here, the homoheresy gang in the Church and the Marxists ensconced in American institutions have always viewed believing Catholics and patriotic Americans with scorn and contempt. It's just that only recently have they been able to express all that publicly. Both of them took decades to get their plans rolling; the Marxists in a huge overarching education plan to desensitize Americans and corrupt their morals, and the homosexual bishops to desensitize Catholics and corrupt their morals.

The Marxists in the State used the classroom and the media. The Marxists in the Church used religious instruction and the liturgy, deforming both so as to destroy authentic Catholicism and its corresponding duties in Catholics' minds.

Now, if you do not get vaccinated, a bishop or school or a diocese just fires you, just like Biden. If you kneel for Holy Communion, you are denied, as you're kneeling is seen as an act of religious terrorism.

No mask, no sacraments. No vax, no job. No pinch of incense to the god of homoheresy, you are ridiculed as rigid, intolerant, not to be allowed to continue — especially, most especially, if you are a priest. If you prefer tradition, or better stated, orthodoxy, you are anathema. If you believe in either the authenticity of Catholic teaching or patriotism, you must understand that you are the "enemy within" and will only be tolerated for so long.

Whatever individual battle comes up in your particular circumstances — a vaccine at work, Communion on the tongue, denouncing a school board, masking at Mass — whatever and wherever — the time has come to stand up and fight back.

Get clear in your mind this major point: What you are fighting is the Devil himself. That is the one you are at war with. It's why Church Militant is being as tenacious as possible in pursuit of our rally in Baltimore. Yes, it's about defending the First Amendment right to free speech. But what we want to speak about is the evil of the U.S. Bishops' Conference and how those men are wicked or cowardly to their core.

Get clear in your mind this major point: What you are fighting is the Devil himself. That is the one you are at war with.

They are lying, homosexual thieves who care nothing for the souls of those in their charge and who protect one another from being exposed. That is fighting the Devil. It is, after all, the Devil himself who has constructed the U.S. Bishops' Conference to use at his disposal for the watering down of the Faith, lobbying for evil on Capitol Hill and the destruction of faith in the Real Presence.

Quite literally, give the Devil his due. His success probably even comes as a bit of a shock to him. The USSCB is controlled by the Devil. What else explains the filth that continues to flow from that group?

If you believe, you are not the enemy. It is the Devil that controls the bishops; that is the enemy within, and the bishops give him permission to enter into their midst.

Make sure you understand all this. It's vital, not only for your country but, most importantly, for the Church.

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