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The time is now.

December 13, 2019  0


2019 is drawing to an end. 2020 is dawning, and every indication is the coming year will bring a titanic struggle of world views — in short, the forces of God and anti-God.

This war will be played out in a million different battles, but do not be deceived; all these battles are part of the same war.

The anti-God forces are well-entrenched and — for the moment, from a temporal point of view — occupy the high ground, meaning they control all the institutions of the culture: media, courts, entertainment, education and religion.

And if we are honest when we assess the control of the religious arena the Left currently has, we must admit that includes the operational control of the Catholic Church as well.

While all other religions are false — even if they do happen to possess some elements of truth — the Catholic Church possesses the fullness of truth.

But that supernatural reality does not guarantee that the transmission of the truth will always be faithful to the reality. 

If the men charged with faithful transmission of the truth become corrupt — spiritually, morally and financially — that does not impact the truth itself, but it does impact the ability of the world to hear it correctly. 

We Catholics have now reached a point in our long history where the world has so moved into the Church and set up camp that almost any faithful transmission of the teaching is totally threatened. 

These corrupt leaders in the Church have made consort with the world and its anti-God agenda, for which there will be hell to pay for them in the next life if they remain on their current course. 

The agendas of the world and these corrupt Churchmen are indistinguishable from each other.

The degree of the overlap is so extensive that, placed side by side, it's difficult to determine which is the political and which is the so-called theological.

The world of politics is where this agenda is most aggressively being pushed. 

It is precisely the driving force behind the phony impeachment by the Left — the third failed attempt to remove President Donald Trump from office. 

Trump, for all his personal failures, actually is a better representation of Catholic social teaching than Pope Francis and his gay cohort.

On immigration policy, the pope is wrong; Trump is right.

On the death penalty, the pope is wrong; Trump is right.

On climate change, the pope is wrong; Trump is right. 

And on the leading issue of our day — abortion — the pope is missing in action, and Trump is the most pro-life president in history.

Pope Francis is more aligned with the political Left than he is with Church social teaching, and if a Catholic does not see the overlap here, then that Catholic is failing to understand the reality of the current situation.

To dress up the Left's agenda in spiritual-sounding terms in an attempt to "baptize" that agenda does not legitimize it.

The Francis pontificate is either part and parcel of the Left's New World Order or being massively manipulated by the Left.

Whatever the reality, it matters little in the big picture. Catholics are being bombarded by the radical anti-God agenda of the Left through the institutional Church itself. 

And on the political battlefield, the goal is to influence enough of the Catholic vote in 2020 to remove Trump from office and put in any Democrat — a Dem who will seal the deal for the Left with judicial appointments and new laws.

The Church is in a woeful state, run by thieves and homosexuals and spiritually filthy men.

We have learned in just the past few weeks hundreds of millions have been stolen from the Peter's Pence fund.

Recent research suggests that as much as a billion dollars has been stolen from the Church in the U.S. by corrupt clergy.

German bishops are teaching that homosexuality is as normal as heterosexuality and should be accepted.

A leading Vatican official is saying that priests should sit with suicide victims as they are in the very act of offing themselves — supporting their action, as their soul faces eternal jeopardy.

Good priests are hunted down, persecuted, falsely accused and even go into hiding as the sexual abuse crisis is weaponized against them — with the prime example being the nightmare unleashed on Detroit priest Fr. Eduard Perrone by the corrupt Abp. Allen Vigneron and his chancery.

Bishops like the lying, cheating Richard Malone of Buffalo have to resign for their complicity in all these evils.

Various other bishops — like Rochester's Salvatore Matano and Cdl. Dolan and Cupich — conspire to prevent the canonization of Abp. Sheen. Sheen was a man the Left would detest if he were alive today, with his overt patriotism and ravings against Communism.

For the Universal Church to hold him up as a model today would be a gigantic slap in the face of the leftists and marxists now running the Church. 

There is no choice for Catholics other than to learn all this, know all this, and act on it. That means supporting apostolates like Church Militant that have our fingers on the pulse of all this.

2020 will be the most crucial year— the showdown of all political showdowns — and the Left knows it. So far, Democrats have raised a half-billion dollars in political donations, and the election season hasn't even officially begun.

With atheist billionaires like Michael Bloomberg and George Soros also pouring tens of millions into the coming campaign, everyone involved knows this one is for all the marbles.

Political experts are predicting that close to $3 billion will be spent this coming year to influence voters, and much of that money will find its way to corrupting the minds of Catholics.

Church Militant is leading the way to fight against that push — and not a single other apostolate in the entire Catholic world is as capable as we are in taking on this fight.

Others know politics as well; still others know about Church corruption; and some others know about the corruption yet aren't free to talk about it for fear of reprisals by Churchmen they are beholden to.

But no one has the knowledge, expertise, experience and freedom to talk about all of this like we do.

No other Catholic outfit understands the relationship of the political Left and the leftists in the Church like we do.

It was, you will recall, Church Militant that was warning the Catholic world for almost 10 years about the rampant homosexuality among the clergy. We were ridiculed and mocked routinely.

Turns out we were right. It was Church Militant who first told you about the infiltration into the clergy by Communist agents in the last century. Again, we were mocked, yet we stuck to our guns because truth is truth.

We understand how all of this fits together into one massive, spiritual war like no other Catholic outfit on earth. It's why both the Vatican and the secular media have lashed out at us repeatedly — by name — because we call them out accurately.

They will not silence us; they will not sideline us. We will be the source for Catholics in 2020 to expose all of it. 

They will not silence us; they will not sideline us.

In less than 11 months we will be sitting here in this spectacular new studio we have finished, reporting to you live on election night.

You will remember the 2016 election: Church Militant was the very first media outfit — note that, the first — to say Trump had won. None of the others could bring themselves to admit it.

We reported for nine straight hours, we prayed repeatedly during our coverage and in the end, we danced. We celebrated because we knew Heaven and its Queen had intervened.

The run-up to election night in 2020 will be very costly for us, and we are asking you to help us out here before the end of the year with whatever donation you can make.

We want to have a sufficient sum on hand to not be hamstrung in our coverage. This year many of us will be traveling — covering and uncovering how various corrupt Churchmen are pushing the leftist agenda in their dioceses.

There needs to be a fearless Catholic voice exposing all of it, and we — all of us together, you and us — are that voice.

Practically every one of the battleground states has a heavy Catholic population, and therefore what's going on in the Church has a disproportionate influence on the outcome.

So please, click on the provided link and donate whatever you are able to before the end of the year.

The fight is both spiritual and temporal. It's time to engage both.

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