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Evil Engineers

Attacking the Eucharist.

July 18, 2019  0


Please be sure and share this Vortex with any friends or family you have who are stuck in the Church of Nice. It's really intended to help open their eyes — to red-pill them, as the expression goes.

The Church that almost all Catholics attend today — the usual parish, with its liturgy; religious instruction and so forth; was put into place by two homosexual predators who eventually rose to the highest ranks of the Church.

The two men we are speaking of are Theodore McCarrick, since busted down to the lay state, and Joseph Bernardin, who liberals in the Church have been covering for for years.

These two men worked together in tandem, a dynamic duo of destruction, evil engineers whose mutual goal was to destroy belief in the Real Presence.

Both men attacked the priesthood relentlessly, as well as the laity's belief in the Real Presence, by various methods they introduced into parish life — parishes where virtually every Catholic who still attends Mass goes.

And notice the resulting collapse of faith overall among the laity, which is guaranteed when belief in the Real Presence is decreased.

In fact, run-of-the-mill, everyday Catholics might very well not have the slightest idea what the term "Real Presence" even means, so great has been the destruction.

For the record, the term refers to the dogmatic teaching of the Church that Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, is truly, substantially and really present — Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity under the appearance of bread and wine.

In short, at Mass, Jesus Christ Himself, not a symbol, not "spiritual bread," but He as He exists in Himself is actually present, made present, at the consecration.

This teaching is, as St. John Paul said, quoting from centuries and centuries before, is the source and summit of the Catholic faith.

Since the Eucharist, the Blessed Sacrament, is Jesus Himself — again, not a symbol or suggestion or pious whatever, but He Himself — then, of course, the Eucharist is the source and summit of the Faith because Jesus is the source and summit of the Faith.

If you have never really heard that, then you have been lied to and deceived and you need to be angry about that. One of the very keys to unlock your eternal salvation you have been deprived of, again, by wicked, evil men who betray Christ as surely as Judas did.

Let's present Bernardin first, since so much is known about McCarrick's evil already. 

Bernardin was a homosexual predator. Here is an interview with one of his victims which Church Militant aired a month ago and, unsurprisingly, no one in the Catholic establishment media world paid the slightest bit of attention to.

Now, it's worth commenting on the fact that the likes of EWTN, Catholic News Agency, Al Kresta at Ave Maria Radio, none of them, as well as others, gave that charge the slightest bit of coverage.

That is a monumental charge coming from the same man who they gave plenty of ink to last summer when he came forward about McCarrick abusing him for years, starting when he was 11.

Why was he so credible then, but can be completely ignored now? Well, Church Militant hasn't ignored him. In fact, we challenge the bishop lap-dog media types to reach out to him and do their own interviews.

But see, they won't. And why not? Because to broadcast things about McCarrick, which were already breaking in the secular media takes not the slightest bit of courage.

But to do an interview with a man who is a victim of Joseph Bernardin is an entirely different case because destroying Bernardin as well as his legacy would mean that the entire foundation of the Church in the United States today — as virtually every Catholic experiences it — would be proven to be formed in the twisted minds of two homopredators.

But here's the reality: That is exactly the case. Together these two men promoted homosexuality — both actively and passively.

They combined to de-emphasize any and all knowledge and love of the Blessed Sacrament.

Bernardin pushed and lied about the issue of Holy Communion in the hand, something the first generation of Catholic traitors like Martin Luther and Zwingli had insisted on to precisely bring about disbelief in the Real Presence.

McCarrick also lied — lied to his brother bishops — regarding what Rome had told him about distributing Holy Communion to pro-abort politicians.

Brick by brick, these two offspring of the serpent dismantled the Church, fast-tracking homosexuality among seminarians so gay men would eventually over the years become dominant within the ranks of the ordained.

They were each more than happy to support the introduction of all sorts of abuses into the liturgy — to, again, take the attention of the idea of the Mass as a sacrifice and allow it to become a virtual stage production "starring" the priest.

This is why Mass is now so centered around the "presider" instead of what he is actually "presiding over."

Priests often walk into Mass at your local parish, waving and making eye-contact with the few in the pew, instead of concentrating, meditating, reflecting on, preparing for the majestic action they are about to do, which is call God down from Heaven to become physically present among His people, to become their food, which He commanded us to eat, His flesh.

This is the major reason behind the priest facing the people, to keep all eyes on him and thoughts away from the God whose authority he exercises.

The priests of the Old Testament did not face the people. They offered sacrifices to God facing the God the sacrifice was being made to.

But you name it, any aberration, any break from the past was welcome in accomplishing their diabolical goal — girl altar boys, Communion not kneeling, bands in the sanctuary, so-called eucharistic ministers, distorting Sacred Scriptures, felt banners, ripping out Communion rails, horrid syrupy music, placing the emphasis on man and things of man. That was the goal.

At this point, you could certainly say "mission accomplished."

And here's what you need to bear in mind. All that distortion still rules the day in seminaries all over the country.

Even the North American College in Rome forbids seminarians from kneeling to receive Holy Communion — or strongly discourages it.

The Real Presence is given lip service, sometimes, but then nearly every action and practice surrounding it turns around and de-emphasizes it.

But see, the theology of the Real Presence totally destroys their perverted theology, so Bernardin and McCarrick, twisted predatory homosexuals, doing the work of their father, the devil, needed to demolish all that went before them; and that was their life work, striking at the very heart of the Church, from within the Church.

No actual restoration of the Church can be accomplished on any significant scale until the truth of who and what was done is understood and admitted.

Today, there are bishops, big-name active bishops, like Dolan, Cupich, Tobin and so forth, who want nothing to do with any traditional expressions of Catholicism.

They either actively promote or passively allow their seminarians to be trained as though they are little else than human agents trying to bring about nice social change in the world, a point which specifically relates to Bernardin and his "seamless garment" garbage.

These two men have brought a spiritual wrecking ball to the Church in the United States and almost completely destroyed it.

And even though one is dead and the other quickly approaching the grave, their work is more abundant and flourishing now than when they were in their heyday because the men who they promoted to bishops to continue their work and carry on their vision are now running the show.

Now, if you're a usual Catholic who doesn't know any of this, never heard any of it before, well, now you know.

Want to know more? You should, because once you are exposed to the truth, you are, from that moment on, accountable.

What goes on in most parishes throughout the nation each Sunday is more Protestant than Catholic, the manner in which the Mass is celebrated, the horrible preaching that has no real point, the constant emphasis on fellowship and holding hands and applauding the band.

None of that is Catholic. But after being around for almost 50 years, it's now accepted as though it's Catholic because people don't know any better.

Time for people to know. Time for people to know that how they have been instructed to celebrate and live their Catholic life was cooked up in the minds of these two evil engineers, these two Judases, whose goal was to destroy Catholicism to everyday Catholics by destroying the priesthood so they could destroy belief in the Real Presence.

Turn the altars back around. Get the women out of the sanctuary. Toss out the eucharistic ministers. Start facing the God who is being worshipped instead of the priest standing with his back to Him.

And no, Vatican II did not order, command or direct any of those things to happen. All of this was dismantled so that you would ultimately lose your faith and go to Hell. 

Understand that supreme point. These evil engineers were agents of the diabolical designer.

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