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Fighting Evil

We actually get to do this.

November 10, 2017  0
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Let's start with some basics. Jesus Christ, the Eternal Logos incarnated for the redemption of mankind, established a Church, one Church, not multiple churches to continue His work of Salvation through the end of time. Check. He imbued this Church of His — His Spouse — with His own Divine power to conquer evil because man is incapable of overcoming evil without Divine assistance. Check. It is, therefore, the sacred, solemn duty — the God-commanded duty — of this Church to war against evil because She is the only force in the universe that has the ability to war and win. Check. If, therefore, if you want to know the condition of the Church, all you need to do is look at the condition of the world. When evil is ascendant, the Church is in retreat. When the Church is on the offensive, then evil is beaten back.

This is the true reality — the black and white reality — of mankind's lot until the end of time. There is no such thing as gray. Gray does not exist. Clergy do not get to mollycoddle and pander to people's weakness and indifference and sin and call that "gray." It's a black or white proposition. Die in mortal sin, and you are damned. That's why its called m-o-r-t-a-l. In the case of such a person, evil won. The person freely chose to reject the means of victory afforded them, purchased for them by Our Blessed Lord and so having rejected His Mercy, they encounter His Justice. But to some extent, you can understand a person's reluctance to change his life — to allow evil to win on the battlefield of his own soul.

First, we have a natural desire, an appetite for sin. We like it. It always looks good to us. Even when we know it's wrong, we still do it. Second, with the non-stop claptrap about there being a reasonable hope that all men are saved, why would anyone really bother to change? That errant philosophy is an intoxicant, an anesthesia which lulls a soul into lethargy and blinds them to the ultimate reality of losing their own spiritual combat. Third, the promotion by various Catholic clergy of the evil idea that all religions are kind of the same — indifferentism it's called, whereby a soul can be indifferent to which religion is the true one because they are all pretty much the same, different paths to the same God.

This swill, this cocktail of spiritual poison, has led the Church in the West to the brink of ruin and sent hundreds of millions of souls into spiritual insanity. Everyone goes on nonstop these days about this evil thing or that evil thing — mass shootings, terrorist strikes, serial killers, child killers, murderous gangs, child pornography, shattered families, fatherless children. The world has changed, they say. This kind of stuff never used to happen, at least not like this, they say. It's not the same country anymore, they say. We never used to have to lock our doors, they say. What changed? What happened, fundamentally, to bring about this chaos in the world? Straight up answer — the chaos in the Church.

People have forgotten about sin. They have forgotten about the eternal consequences of dying in that sin. They have forgotten because they have not been reminded. We are not wired to live uncomfortable truths — to live lives in contradiction to evil. It is our nature, in fact, to embrace sin and live lives of non-contradiction. Only grace can make us lead a life where we come to detest our sins and live in contradiction to our fallen human nature.

The normal means of obtaining this grace is through the Catholic Church. It is what She was established for — to create saints out of sinners. But do many of the clergy talk this way? Do many of those who are charged with the sacred duty of passing on the Faith really believe all this? Too many in the Church never speak like this anymore. For them, this language is completely foreign, a vocabulary they have never heard. For them, the Church is a giant social help agency where nothing is confronted except the traditional Church, and no one is ever offended and bothered or upset by all this talk of evil and sin and, God forbid, Hell.

Too many leaders in the Church have simply abandoned their sacred duty out of fear or longing for human respect or money or immorality or some combination of all of the above. They lead souls to Hell and have not the slightest care about it. At least not yet, they don't, but they will if they do not repent. They have a completely different understanding of Church. It's why their stupid songs like "Sing a New Church into Being" or "All are Welcome" are so, well, stupid.

They have nothing to do with the Bride of Christ, yet this false understanding of Church is precisely what is promoted non-stop these days. "All Are Welcome" until you are not because you are an authentic Catholic. "Sing a New Church into Being" because we don't want the old one anymore. Yet, this ecclesiology, fancy word for study of the Church, rules the day today. It speaks to nothing of the need for spiritual strength, spiritual combat, fighting evil, destroying the demonic within ourselves and the world.

Why are things so bad in the world these days? Because they are so bad in the Church — the only organization on earth capable of fighting and defeating evil. As the Catholic Church goes, so goes the world. This is what we fight for. This is why we all are the Church Militant. Be Catholic and save the world.

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