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Filthy, Disgusting Lot

And their eternal destiny will be unquenchable fire if they do not repent — those who still can.

May 24, 2019  0


As we told you a few days ago, Church Militant is going to start rolling out what we are calling "Bishop's Trees" — the relationships between these men across generations, drawing the connections for you so you can more easily grasp the evil inflicted on Catholics, largely ignorant of these relationships.

Our information stems from hours and hours of poring over data, researching far back into annals and files and records which reveal much in the way of how so much evil has infected the Church.

For months, we have been slowly gathering the data, and last week, our team assembled here in Detroit and started piecing it all together.

And what a picture we came up with — a filthy disgusting group of men abusing their spiritual authority left and right to cover for their sexual depravities, for each other and God only knows what else.

And it all gets back to who knows who.

For example, it's not much of a secret that two of the biggest destroyers of the Faith in the United States were Chicago's Cardinal Joseph Bernardin and his second mentor, Cardinal John Dearden of Detroit.

Dearden was nearly 20 years Bernardin's senior, Dearden hailing from Cleveland and Bernardin from South Carolina.

In 1966, Dearden, who had become the leading mouthpiece for all things liberal in the Church, began the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, what is today called the USCCB.

Out of seeming obscurity, Dearden, then archbishop of Detroit, reached down into the archdiocese of Atlanta and plucked out the unheard of auxiliary bishop Joseph Bernardin.

It has always been a source of wonderment for those like Church Militant investigating these wicked men how a power broker like Dearden even knew about Bernardin, much less raised him to the level of second in command at his newly formed National Bishops' Conference.

Where was the connection, or rather, who was the connection? That seemed like an important question.

The answer is this man, Paul Hallinan, bishop of Charleston, South Carolina from 1958–1962.

Hallinan was not only of like-mind with Dearden regarding dismantling the Church, he also shared deep ties with Dearden from joint time back in Cleveland.

After digging, Church Militant has discovered that while Hallinan was in seminary for Cleveland, the young Father Dearden was an associate pastor at his home parish and knew the family.

So the Dearden-Hallinan connection stretched back decades.

When Hallinan was appointed bishop of Charleston in 1958, he kept close ties with Dearden, who became archbishop of Detroit the same year. Bernardin had been ordained as a priest for Charleston in 1952, and when Hallinan arrived as bishop six years later in 1958, Bernardin became his protege.

When Hallinan was appointed the first-ever archbishop of Atlanta four years later in 1962, he brought Bernardin with him from Charleston as auxiliary bishop, making him the youngest-ever bishop consecrated in the United States at just 38 years old.

Two years later in 1966, Dearden asked Hallinan if he knew who would be good to advance the liberal cause in the Church, and Hallinan had just the man — Bernardin.

And just like that, Bernardin began his rapid ascent with the former backing of a powerful archbishop in the South and the mentoring of the most liberal archbishop from the North.

In the coming days and weeks, Church Militant will be revealing shocking and disgusting information we have unearthed regarding Bernardin, a virtual one-man wrecking crew.

But for now, we will keep the focus on Dearden and show you how the "Bishop's Tree" works.

Dearden not only was able to use Bernardin, already a bishop, but he also consecrated other men bishops whose work and further consecrations to this day continue to infect the Church with their filth.

For example, in 1973, Dearden consecrated one of his Detroit priests as an auxiliary bishop, a man by the name of Joseph Imesch. Imesch had been Dearden's secretary years earlier.

In 1979, Imesch became bishop of Joliet, Illinois where he remained for 27 years before retiring.

During his time there, the Dearden-consecrated bishop shifted around and shielded dozens of priests who had raped hundreds of altar boys between them, which all became public a few years before he stepped down.

He never repented, never apologized to victims and even accused them of only coming forward years later to, in his words, "smear me."  The Joliet diocese had to pay out over $4 million to victims with the arrogant Imesch going to his grave never publicly admitting his evil.

But not only did the Dearden bishop shift around homopredators, he also created one, a bishop, the infamous Daniel Ryan.

Daniel Ryan was an active homosexual, but that didn't stop Imesch from making him his auxiliary bishop in Joliet in 1981.

Two years later, Ryan went on to be bishop of Springfield, Illinois where he routinely had sex with various of his own priests, gay prostitutes, and even cruised the local parks looking for young troubled men to have sex with.

This filth went on for 15 years, one homosexual encounter after another, by some counts, hundreds of sexual encounters.

It was all finally exposed by Roman Catholic Faithful's leader, Stephen Brady, who kept hammering and exposing until Ryan was forced to step down in shame.

So follow the "Bishop's Tree" here, Dearden makes Imesch who makes Ryan, all three men's time in the episcopal ranks pockmarked with some degree of homosexuality, either participating, covering it up or advancing it.

Dearden even made Thomas Gumbleton auxiliary bishop for Detroit, a man who covered up and lied about the showing of gay pornography in the archdiocesan seminary and who, even to this day, continues to champion the cause of sodomy. And don't think the filth and rot end there.

In Joliet, Illinois, the current bishop is Daniel Conlon, a name that might ring a bell with Church Militant viewers.

Conlon recently revealed, speaking to a gathering of young people, that he's not sure Our Lord actually established a Church of any kind.

After the uproar, the diocese simply pulled down, without comment, those remarks from its website.

But what it hasn't yet thought of covering up is that Conlon is proudly, today, at this very moment, displaying an image of the active homosexual bishop Daniel Ryan right in the entrance to his cathedral.

Yep, right there on full display for all the world to see is a shrine-type display of the disgraced sodomite bishop driven from office in shame, a successor of the Apostles who used to cruise local parks at night looking for and getting sex from young men.

So a man like Conlon, the current bishop, honors a known sodomite in the very doorway to his cathedral and denies that Christ ever established a Church.

And for those of you who are wondering about Conlon's "Bishop's Tree," he was made a bishop by Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk of Cincinnati.

And that's its own story with him having to plead "no contest" to multiple misdemeanor counts of failing to report felonies, which is a polite way of saying priests raping teenaged altar boys.

The judge in the case correctly said he cared more about the institution than the victims.

And as for his bishop tree, he was selected to be and made a bishop by — drumroll please — Joseph Bernardin. Pilarczyk offered crocodile tears but made sure to go out in a blaze of glory, blaming the media and psychologists.

He was one of dozens and dozens of bishops stemming from the Dearden-Bernardin tree, a filthy and disgusting lot of men who have no shame, no remorse and are all inbred.

And yes, bishops, Church Militant is going to keep rolling out these reports and a number of special reports detailing some of the most vile actions and relationships, some of them revolving specifically around Bernardin himself.

This wickedness must be denounced publicly and loudly by you. Many of you are covered in this filth and you need to admit and repent your role in all of it.

Many of you served in the chanceries and knew about all this, including the McCarrick filth along with Bernardin and Dearden.

Have you no fear of Almighty God, who many of you will be standing before soon enough?

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