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Find Your Manhood

Come to Detroit.

July 6, 2018  0
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The recent flood of news about the crisis of homosexuality in the Catholic priesthood and episcopacy — and, as a reminder, we have almost all the dioceses of Pennsylvania the subject of a two-year long grand jury investigation and report, the homosexual sewage flowing out of the diocese of Saginaw, the revealing of Cdl. McCarrick's decades-long sexual predation — all of this points to a systemic problem among clergy.

The system for selecting and ordaining, and then consecrating men to be bishops, is broken. For too long, homoheretics have had a stranglehold on the process. Allow us to share portions of an email we received last week from a priest — with his permission of course — responding to the McCarrick filth.

[While I was a seminarian], a priest, who was my supervisor while I was doing my apostolate work at a high school, hit on both me and the seminarian who was with me. I don't think he cared which one of us took the bait. Neither of us did. He also would imbibe in alcohol and he also had his priest friends drink and join us for dinner. I turned him in to the seminary, thinking that they would sympathize. Of course, I was wrong. I became public enemy no. 1. I was even told by the rector that this incident would not be the thing that would keep me from ordination. That is when everything about me became a formation problem.

Years later, this priest supervisor was the first priest outed in the archdiocese. Of course, he was named in Lynn Abraham's (the Attorney General [of Pennsylvania]) report. No one helped me. I had no power.  

Fast forward several years. I was in the diocese of Wilmington and sent to the seminary in the archdiocese of Newark, New Jersey. Cardinal McCarrick was only an archbishop then, of Newark. And yes, we all knew. As seminarians, we had no real power, and as priests, we have very little power. As long as the hierarchy protects their own, nothing will change — that is, without tons of prayer.

What we have in the priesthood, ladies and gentlemen, is a crisis of manhood. What has so magnificently infected and poisoned the well in the culture has done the same in the Church. In fact, truth be told, it is precisely because of the manhood crisis in the Church that things are so devastating in the culture.

When the sexual revolution of the 1960s and forward struck the world, it was precisely at that moment that the Church needed strong men to stand up and fight back.

The world is the vineyard of the Church. It is where we labor for the salvation of souls. Because the attacks against humanity are, in the end, demonic attacks, no force on Earth, of Earth is capable of fighting and defeating them. The Church alone has the single power to crush the diabolical, because ultimately we fight with the only force greater than the demons — we fight with divine grace.

Grace, like fire, is a powerful weapon. When used correctly, Hell comes under our submission, but when misused, we can be destroyed. It takes true men, authentic men, strong men to handle such a weapon.

When emasculated phony men are at the helm, disaster will strike and the Church and the world will suffer greatly. Pope St. Pius V understood the relationship between Church and world perfectly when he said, "All the evil in the world is due to lukewarm Catholics."

Next month, Church Militant will be sponsoring our annual Strength and Honor Conference here in Detroit. Please see the link for all the details. This year's overarching topic is that Catholic men are Our Lady's Knights. She is our Queen and we must follow Her commands for sacrifice and courage, strength and honor in our lives as men.

One of the five presentations will be the topic "Hate is a Family Value." You bet it is. Hatred — actually extreme hatred, called enmity — was placed between the offspring of Our Lady and the serpent by God Himself.

One is to hate the other, the basic understanding of which again is summed up nicely by Venerable Abp. Fulton Sheen:

"If I were not a Catholic, and were looking for the true Church in the world today, I would look for the one Church which did not get along well with the world; in other words, I would look for the Church which the world hated."

Men — dads, sons, uncles, nephews, brothers, seminarians — come to Detroit the first weekend in August and join a crowd of other men looking to increase in strength and honor, looking to find manhood and be truly deserving of the title Our Lady's Knights.

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