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Baltimore bishop covering up sex abuse — while the city hands him cash!

October 20, 2021  0

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Here is the entire five-page letter.


For Catholics, Baltimore holds a great deal of symbolic value. It's the nation's oldest diocese and enjoys official status in the Church in America as having "prerogative of place." It also produced the famous Baltimore Catechism in one of its plenary sessions in 1884.

And that designation by Rome of Baltimore having prerogative of place accords whoever the archbishop of Baltimore is as having precedence over all other archbishops in the country, excluding cardinals. So, yes, Baltimore is a pretty big deal. It's why the bishops hold one of their two annual meetings there every year. It's also why this whole legal wrangling about Church Militant holding our prayer rally and conference there has become such a flashpoint.

Baltimore is the convergence point of all manner of corruption, and it's where faithful Catholics are converging to challenge that corruption.

Baltimore is the convergence point of all manner of corruption, and it's where faithful Catholics are converging to challenge that corruption.

Bishops are pretty much inaccessible at virtually all other times of the year, but here, they are exposed face-to-face with normal everyday Catholics who can see them leaving in limos to go to expensive dinners and checking into the fancy digs at the Baltimore Waterfront Marriott.

The U.S. hierarchy is thoroughly corrupt, rife with homosexual predators, those who attempt to cover it all up, those who rob the faithful to make secret payments to hide it all and those who know about it, and, although not direct participants, are complicit by keeping silent about it all.

Add to this that the bishops cash in whenever Marxist Democrats are in power, not only in Washington but also locally, and Baltimore is no exception. In fact, it may lead the way.

James Shea, the city solicitor who stopped our rally, is deep in bed with not only the archdiocese of Baltimore but also the corrupt Mayor Scott administration. Shea is, in fact, the linchpin, the go-between, the bridge between corruption in the archdiocese and corruption in City Hall. He worked tirelessly to get Scott elected, rounding up enormous sums for his campaign and used it to buy influence in the new incoming administration and the law firm he is chairman emeritus of, the extremely prestigious Venable Law Firm.

Shea, owing to his insider status with Scott as city solicitor, uses his position to funnel millions of dollars to the corrupt archdiocese of Baltimore and its corrupt archbishop William Lori. Lori has been archbishop there for almost ten years, and during his tenure, he has overseen the secret payouts to numerous victims of homosexual clergy, preying for decades on innocent teenage boys.

But what Lori and Shea like to keep secret is what Church Militant has just recently unearthed. This 2019 letter to the Apostolic Nuncio Christophe Pierre from victims and their attorneys reveals Lori's deceit in covering up sexual harassment at the seminary and eventual "blaming" of the victims who were sexually harassed, according to the letter by a late 40s transitional deacon, Christopher Pinto, who was newly transferred from the diocese of Trenton, New Jersey.

It's a five-page letter that goes into great detail about the ongoing harassment over the course of a number of years and, perhaps more importantly, Lori's efforts to sweep it all under the rug and sick his attorneys on the victims.

Part of the letter even details how the seal of confession appears to have been broken by two of Lori's priests as part of the attempt to cover it all up — vocation director Steven Roth and Msgr. James Barker, pastor of St. Ignatius parish at the time.

When the victims reported the abuse, Lori's cover-up machine went into overdrive. In what has become way too typical of these lying bishops, his first move was not to bring in the deacon but to demand the victims appear before archdiocesan attorneys with explicit instructions not to have their own legal counsel present.

Pay close attention here: This is how the corrupt hierarchy responds to sexual abuse victims.

Add to that the perpetrator, in this case, the accused deacon Pinto, said that by virtue of his active ministry, he has been given access to countless minors by Abp. Lori.

In their 2019 appeal to the nuncio, they express quite clearly the pain and faith-crushing effects all of this has had on not just the victims but the entire family. Two years later, not only have the victims left the seminary but their entire families have left the Church.

Yet the lying, corrupt Jim Shea freely hands over taxpayer money to this corrupt megalomaniac of an archbishop, a man who is the chaplain for the Knights of Columbus and refuses to okay expulsion of baby-killing Knights, most of whom are Democrats.

The money supposedly goes to "charity," at least that's what the public records of the City Council meetings show, but, in truth, there's no way to know.

Lori lies about victims, re-abuses them, lets perverts wearing robes freely saunter around his archdiocese where countless other young males are accessible and calls in the legal Pitbulls to threaten those who talk. If they leave the Church, he couldn't care less. In fact, he probably prefers it — one less headache on his desk.

These men are monsters and Jim Shea couldn't be any closer to them if he were actually in the bed with them and, politically speaking, he is.

By the way, here is the entire five-page letter from the victims (names redacted) for you to read for yourselves.

No wonder city solicitor Jim Shea doesn't want a Church Militant prayer rally and conference coming to his corrupt city, which is why he and Mayor Scott and, no doubt, Abp. Lori are doing everything they can to thwart it.

This is a high-profile fight with massive issues at stake, such as First Amendment rights of free speech and peaceable assembly and the laity demanding accountability from this corrupt lot. Church Militant will not cease in our efforts to drag all this filth into the light.

The hierarchy of this nation, even in the premiere diocese, has been so in bed with child killers and sodomy-embracing politicians that they have become blind. The fact that a large percentage of them are homosexual themselves and cover it all up and steal your money to revictimize victims is just par for the course. Really, what else would you expect?

These rogues have no remorse (that, at least, Judas experienced); they appear to intend no repentance and certainly no recompense. They are set in their sin. They do, in fact, love their sin, and those among them, the few, who know this is true and yet remain silent in that Baltimore meeting are no better, and they should not think themselves so.

Where are the calls from those bishops to let us have our rally? Where are the editorials supporting free speech from their Catholic sheep? Where are the press interviews from singular bishops denouncing the evil within that conference of sex abuse and its cover-up and promoting what Church Militant is doing?

Where are the calls from those bishops to let us have our rally? Where are the editorials supporting free speech from their Catholic sheep?

You all think your individual private revulsion at what the wicked among you do is sufficient to save you from Hell when your silence is what allows it to continue. Yet, you will sit around and exchange smiles and steak dinners and polite chuckles with Abp. Lori and weigh how best to advance in your own careers in this evil environment.

You are cowards, and on one level, you're even more revolting than the actual abusers. Your day will come, and when that day comes, you will wish that you had walked out of that meeting of abusers and cover-up artists and joined with the throng of faithful outside praying for you.

But when that day comes, it will be too late for you. You will have made your choice and, as the expression goes, it will be said of you that you "chose poorly."

Keep planning for Baltimore and praying. And if you are able to donate towards our mounting legal bills (another tactic of pro-sex abuse Scott and Shea  — to win the money war with us — please click the donate button above.

This whole matter, the rally, the lawsuit, all of it, is indeed a flashpoint of epic proportions.

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