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Future Hanging in the Balance

Eight months to go.

February 27, 2020  0
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I'm Michael Voris coming to you from on the ground at the annual CPAC Convention in Washington, D.C. where thousands of Americans calling themselves conservative have gathered to do their part to see that America does not become a socialist nation.

All over the halls, on hats and T-shirts and so forth, calls for the defeat of socialism are everywhere. 

At one of the opening presentations, Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw, former Navy Seal and combat vet, asked a question that many faithful Catholics are also asking themselves about America:

[Transcript unavailable]

There is a growing sense in American culture that the nation is undergoing a tremendous change — a giving in to a self-understanding of a nation radically different than what came before.

[Transcript unavailable]

On a parallel track, many Catholics have the same view of the Church — that there is much at work to undo the fundamentals of the Faith. In fact, what is at work in the Church is the same force at work in the culture. Its name is socialism, but its foundation is a rejection of God, of absolute truth and morality.

[Transcript unavailable]

There is a tremendous overlap between political conservatives and orthodox faithful Catholics. In fact, doing a deep-dive into a Zogby poll from earlier this week, this seems to be borne out. It was referred to as a "shock poll," because in a hypothetical matchup between Trump/Pence and Sanders/Warren, it showed Sanders/Warren beating Trump/Pence 48–45.

If socialism becomes dominant in America, it will be lights-out for the Church, from sea to shining sea.

But if you go down into the analysis, you'll see the prediction from the Zogby pollsters that 2020 may look very much like 2016 — the popular vote going democratic, but the all-important Electoral College vote going Republican thanks to the battleground states where socialism is not resonating. 

And digging further, the Catholic vote stands at 53–42 in favor of Trump/Pence. That stat is a staggering number because the so-called Catholic vote is almost always a very near 50–50 split — the largest gap in recent political history being a six-point gap in favor of Obama in 2008. This poll shows an 11-point gap in favor of Trump, which would represent a 17-point swing of Catholic voters from Democrat to Republican.

That is what is at the bottom of Zogby's findings — that Trump might pull off a repeat Electoral College victory with the Catholic vote, and to be precise, the anti-Socialist Catholic vote.

It is, of course, still very early in campaign 2020 and eight months to go is an eternity in politics. But as we showed in an earlier Vortex we called "Battlegrounds," the overall Catholic vote in those key states may end up again being the difference-maker for Trump.

There is a sense among politically conservative faithful Catholics that a tipping-point in history has arrived, and that the future for the Church and the nation hangs in the balance. While the Church Herself will endure owing to Our Lord's promise, there is zero guarantee She will endure in America.

The historical record is full of cases where the Church disappeared in specific geographical locations, and the Church in America, like anywhere else, is not guaranteed. Like the nation, it must be fought for.  

But this much is certain and guaranteed: If socialism becomes dominant in America, it will be lights-out for the Church, from sea to shining sea. Both the Left and conservatives know this one is for all the marbles, no exceptions. 

To restore the Church, which has been attacked from within for more than half a century, there needs to be a political and cultural environment where we are actually free, as citizens, to do this all-important work. Socialism will end religious liberty, disregard natural law, and defeat the common good. Catholics need a culture where we are free to talk about these things openly.

We need to be able, for example, to call out errant bishops and clergy for supporting intrinsic evils or not fighting them strongly enough, without the threat of losing jobs or being arrested for speaking the truth.

This socialist mindset — crushing freedom of speech — is on the rise in various Western nations already.

It cannot happen here. In a temporal sense, truth needs freedom to be expressed.

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