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Gabbing With Mr. Gab

It's about communication.

January 28, 2021  0


Church Militant (a 501(c)4 corporation) is responsible for the content of this commentary.

The great migration has begun in earnest. Millions of Americans are thankfully abandoning the Marxist media and leftist communication outfits that have contributed so heavily to the collapse of the republic.

Some of that is showing up on their bottom line. Probably not enough to make them change their evil ways, but hitting them in the pants anyway. Twitter and Facebook have lost a combined $50 billion since their lies and censoring were fully revealed during the campaign. 

Fox News is in the toilet, finishing absolutely dead last in every single demographic category. It's so bad for Fox that they actually hired a public relations crisis firm and completely switched around their lineup. A handful of prime time commentators are conservative, but the rest of that Fox News world is every bit as liberal as CNN.  

For those of us actually in this world every day, we've seen this coming for a while. It's why we keep telling you now to stop watching us on those Marxist controlled platforms (like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook), and come directly to the

We have the most sophisticated site in the entire Catholic world — robust, home to literally thousands of videos, the best contributors to Catholic thought you will find anywhere.

We have the most sophisticated site in the entire Catholic world — robust, home to literally thousands of videos, the best contributors to Catholic thought you will find anywhere. Investigative reporting, news programs, discussion shows and, of course, most importantly, a storehouse of Catholic theological treasures.

People are coming here in droves, contacting us non-stop saying, "Thank you for everything you do." You're welcome. Blessed be God. The same phenomenon is happening in other arenas on the internet as well.

Most notable is the Twitter alternative — and eventual conqueror of Twitter — Gab.

Gab got its start back in the 2015–2016 time range when its founder, Andrew Torba, was seeing the same things we here at Church Militant were seeing. So, like us, he decided to do something about it.

Church Militant spoke with Torba earlier this week and found a kindred soul, a man of goodwill who seeks to defend the innocent from the tyranny of Marxism and its attempt to crush Christianity. Gab was created by Torba specifically to provide a haven for the refugees of the cancel culture.

It was Pope St. John Paul's clarion call, echoing Christ Himself, instructing His followers looking into an abyss of evil, "Be not afraid." And again, "In the world you will have tribulations, but fear not, I have overcome the world."

At the very heart of Christianity is communication — the Holy Trinity. The Catholic Church has for 2,000 years declared the eternal truth that the God of the universe that the baptized worship is a unity of community and a community of unity: Father eternally giving Himself fully to the Son, Son eternally reciprocating, their infinite self-giving to the other resulting in the Third Person.

Communication, which is the expression of a community, is an absolute necessity. Without it, those of like mind have no ability to come together. That is what is at the heart of the Marxist censorship we see right now going on. While there are many and important differences among those who profess Christ, differences which will have to be corrected for the sake of actual unity, it is the demonic that is trying to prevent this.

There is much work to do to bring about unity — authentic unity — which is built on eternal truth.

The theological differences may have been too big to bridge, so the arena of politics and culture has become the temporary holding pen where men of goodwill could come together and begin to seek unity. That is something the diabolical could not allow, so it has manipulated evil men to try and prevent the construction of authentic unity (capstoned by truth).

This is why sites like Church Militant and Gab are so critical at this point in time. Truth itself is under attack, and all truth is related. As Our Blessed Lord Himself said, "Anyone who hears the truth, hears My voice."

There is much work to do to bring about unity — authentic unity — which is built on eternal truth. This is a spiritual war, with eternal consequences for every single man and woman on the planet. It's not just about patriotism and the Constitution, although that is the flashpoint. But that is not enough, not by a long shot. The real war is about good and evil, and, in reality, it's always been about that. Since the fall in Eden, this defining trait of humanity has been what frames all of world history.

This is the moment of history — our time in history — when we must respond. Either you believe in eternal truths, or you do not. The answer to that question will define your eternal destiny. So let's Gab about all this, shall we? And yes, we have a Gab account, just in case you're wondering.

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