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Get Jesus Outta Here

Make room for the apostates.

January 20, 2020  0


News of the cancellation of a Catholic parish in Virginia being used for an Episcopalian ceremony next month — while welcome — is still unsettling.

The reason or reasons?

The canceling of the event was actually done by the Episcopalians, not the Catholic bishop of Richmond, Barry Knestout.

Knestout not only backed the Episcopalian use of the Catholic parish of St. Bede, but issued a weepy press release after this final announcement saying how sad and sorrowful he was that they had canceled using the Catholic parish.

Here's the background: The Catholic parish of St. Bede in Williamsburg, Virginia had been contracted a year earlier to host the phony consecration of a female phony bishop in the phony religion of Episcopalianism.

And for those who think that language is harsh and the tone too severe, consider that every word is true. If someone has taken offense at this, well, that's your problem.

Their creed rejects the central reality of authentic Christianity: the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament.

Episcopalianism is a false religion. While members are sometimes baptized under the Trinitarian formula, they "worship" a Christ of their own fabrication — a knock-off of the actual Son of God. Their creed rejects the central reality of authentic Christianity: the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament.

Without the Eucharist, there is no need for a hierarchy. The hierarchy flows from the Eucharist. Holy Orders flow from the Blessed Sacrament. Every sacrament in the Church has the Blessed Sacrament as its source. Therefore, if there is no Holy Eucharist, there cannot be a consecration, and any pretense to that is just that — a pretense.

This makes the consecration phony, which makes the "bishop" phony, both of which combine, therefore, to make the religion phony. There — now with that settled, let's move on.

When the former pastor agreed to let the parish church be used for the phony consecration of a phony bishop in a phony religion, he, of course, got in touch with his bishop, Barry Knestout. Knestout's granting his permission created a firestorm of backlash against him and his decision. 

Before the heated controversy forced the Episcopalians to back out, Knestout was sticking to his guns — issuing a statement with the usual rationalization about being friendly with our separated brothers and sisters and pointing to 25-year-old Church documents saying it's allowed.

True, it is allowed, but the local bishop is never obligated to oblige. And this is where context comes in.

Catholics feel betrayed, period. They feel like their Catholic identity has been sacrificed on the altar of false ecumenism and political correctness and so forth — and they feel that way because it's true.

It's especially galling to many that adherents to a phony belief system would be allowed to come into a Catholic church and go through their phony motions, which accomplish absolutely nothing on the spiritual plane, yet bishops all over the country cringe and agitate against even the suggestion that a band of Catholics would want to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass in their parish.

Knestout told the former pastor that he granted his permission on the condition that — get this — the Blessed Sacrament is to be removed from the church.

This is really a "damned if you do and damned if you don't" situation. You can't really leave Our Lord there for a phony consecration in a religion that denies His very Presence literally a few feet away; but also how can you possibly rationalize hauling Our Lord out of a building built for no other purpose than to be His home here on earth in this locale — his literal tabernacle pitched among us?

The only answer to this is simple: The phony consecration should not take place inside this sacred space, and it isn't.

For this unholy event to happen, the bishop told them, 'Get Jesus out of here.'

An apostate religion — and the reason it sometimes looks Catholic is because it broke from the Catholic Church; an apostate religion is allowed to come into the House of the Lord and play-act as though what they are doing is actually meritorious.

But most importantly, the idea that for this unholy event to happen in a holy place, the bishop told them, "Get Jesus out of here."

That American bishops can't see just how wrong this is — permitted by the Vatican or not is not the point — it's the context that just proves how completely unplugged and out of touch they are with their sheep. 

The one-time ally of Theodore McCarrick was his priest secretary in Washington, D.C. — just another bishop who (with others) tripped all over each other rushing to the microphone to deny any knowledge of McCarrick's evils. Knestout was consecrated bishop by the lying, disgraced Cdl. Donald Wuerl.

Having been secretary to a pervert and consecrated by a lying, cover-up artist in D.C. makes Knestout a consummate insider.

And now here he is, hauling Our Lord out of His church, throwing the doors open for a phony consecration and essentially telling faithful Catholics scandalized by all this to take a hike.

Thankfully, the female Episcopal woman was the one who stepped up and realized this needs to end, and she did just that.

Meanwhile, Knestout is sitting in the corner whimpering and wailing and feeling all sad. 

Laughingly, his episcopal motto emblazoned across his coat of arms is "Christ Our Hope." It's kind of difficult to believe you hope in Him when you chase Him out of His own house.

Yes, context matters — a lot. 

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