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God’s Anointed

Help us help them.

December 27, 2016  0
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Ever since our apostolate began more than 10 years ago, we have always had the same mission: the salvation of souls. That will never change.

We have known since the beginning that the salvation of souls is accomplished solely through the Holy Catholic Church — Her teachings and Her sacraments. For this reason, we have always supported the priesthood and held it very closely to our hearts, for it is through Catholic priests that God is made tangibly present here on earth. He Himself, after all, is the Supreme Priest.

It should not come as a surprise, therefore, that large numbers of priests have recognized this is the work of our apostolate. We have many who are Premium subscribers, many more who are followers and supporters, and they are constantly cheering us on.

They are also constantly turning to us for support, for a shoulder to cry on, for an uplifting word or encouragement because they realize we "get it" — the "it" being the cross they are subjected to from within the Church for being good, holy priests who have refused to go along with the Church of Nice evil.

This past trip to Europe a couple of weeks ago, we met with a group of about a dozen priests whose identity and location we are remaining discreet about. Suffice it to say, we met them in a room in a diocese somewhere in Europe. We were invited by them to speak for about an hour and give them support as they each battle the Church of Nice in their own individual circumstances.

The name of the talk for the priests is "Fighting the Devil," and it's available for you to view as well by just clicking on the link.

Many priests are abused by the Establishment Church; they are ground under and threatened and coerced to "go along" with the latest craziness in liturgy or preaching or priest workshops or whatever. This is the case with many seminarians as well. We hear from quite a few, and quietly counsel them as well.

One told us that his seminary professor — a top dog on the seminary faculty — actually taught them as future priests that they are free to believe either transubstantiation or consubstantiation.

The simple truth is that many of the clergy have fallen from grace — the chaos in the Church these days — and we are by no means confining our remarks to the headlines coming from Rome. The chaos can be laid directly at the feet of traitorous clergy. Is there anything more pitiable and despicable in all creation than a traitorous Catholic priest who betrays his vows and sacred trusts? Many of these priests attain to high influence and try to crush the good priests under them.

It is many of these good priests we hear from. What this apostolate has going on is both a public apostolate and a private one, away from the cameras, where we help and support various clergy and seminarians from all over the world. We have a near-constant parade of priests here at the studios — and those who don't visit in person contact us by email or phone or text.

We have had many dinners and discussions with a large number of priests who seem to be reaching out to us with ever-growing frequency. The same is true of seminarians and those discerning the priesthood. We plan, of course, on continuing this private outreach and are hoping and praying we are able to provide even more of a shelter from the storm many priests need these days.

We sometimes have to make appeals for financial assistance for things that are very visible: cameras, studios, computers, control room equipment and a host of other technical things. Today, we are asking for your help to maintain and increase our private, out-of-sight help for priests and seminarians. We'd like to extend the opportunity to come here and visit and some of them don't have the resources to be able to.

Same thing with a Premium subscription. A good number of seminarians will contact us and say they don't have the money for an annual subscription, which they would dearly like to have. They watch "The Vortex" and "Headlines," which are free, of course, but they'd like to view the more theological content most of all.

So if you are able to help out financially and contribute to our private efforts to assist priests and seminarians, it would be most appreciated. If we get enough response, we'd actually like to plan a private retreat and series of talks — an opportunity for good, solid men who have dedicated themselves to Christ the High Priest to have some time together, to find a little respite from their struggles.

So if you are able, please just click the donate button and help us help them.

On behalf of all of them, a very holy, blessed, happy Christmas to all of you.

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