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Going Live

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September 30, 2016  0


This coming Tuesday, the U.S. vice presidential debate will be held between fake Catholic Tim Kaine and former Catholic Mike Pence. Would it be possible to have a more comprehensive showcase of the failures of the CAtholic hierarchy on display than this spectacle? A decent man who is a former practicing Catholic who left the Faith because of leaders' lackluster embrace of solid orthodoxy versus a man who has been allowed to stay in the Church even though he publicly rejects most of its moral teachings.

This scene couldn't be a more pathetic indictment of the horrible state of affairs in the Church than if a Hollywood script tried to come up with one. And imagine when the abortion question comes up — which it undoubtedly will. What will the world see? They will see the former Catholic defend life and the current Catholic oppose it. The man who left the Church will be defending Her teachings, and the one allowed to stay in will be undermining them — in quiet reverent tones, of course, blathering on about how hard a decision this is and all that garbage.

And that will be that. They will be asked some other question of significantly less importance and continue on as though life is just another issue on the table, like so many bishops in the Church today treat it. And if you think that's an exaggeration recall Blase Cupich, archbishop of Chicago's response to the Planned Parenthood baby body parts video, where he said the sale of aborted baby bodies was awful, but so is homelessness and unemployment and so forth.

Recall too the moral equivalency drawn between Hillary and Trump by Philadelphia archbishop Charles Chaput, who said one candidate is equally as bad as the other. It's a head scratcher to be thinking that comparisons are being drawn between Cupich and Chaput — but hey, that's the sorry state of affairs in the Church these days.

We are spotlighting the vice presidential debate not only for its obvious Catholic overtones, but also to proudly announce that for the first time in our existence here at Church Militant, we will be presenting live coverage — livestreaming coverage of our election coverage. We’ve been planning our election coverage from some time now — rehearsals, fact gathering, production planning — and all the rest of the involved behind-the-scenes types of activities that you are seeing right now. It takes an enormous planning effort to get all this ready for air — days of meetings and writing and researching and resetting studios and intense graphics work and preps and so forth.

We will begin with a 15-minute advance show before switching live to the debate and then returning with expert analysis and insights for 30 minutes post-debate. It will be solidly Catholic coverage from A to Z — something you won't find anywhere else in the Catholic media world — and of course not in the secular coverage.

Live pre-coverage and post-debate coverage from a 100-percent, solidly orthodox source. No other media outlet is going to approach or cover this debate from the perspective of former Catholic squares off against current unfaithful Catholic — but in the end, that is exactly what it is. These men will be addressing questions to them from two incorrect perceptions of Catholicism.

Tim Kaine styles himself as a Pope Francis Catholic, even though Pope Francis has as recently as just last week condemned the whole same-sex "marriage" lunacy that has gripped the Western world. And not a peep from the bishops. Mike Pence will be answering from a platform of flawed Christianity, but at least it will be somewhat Christian, however skewed incorrectly it may be.

It's been our goal for some time now here at Church Militant to be a "real time" Catholic media effort, being able to present live productions for those able to receive them in live format. One of the advantages of the medium of video is the ability to "go live" — the immediacy of the technology is a thing of beauty when executed properly. It isn't enough in this new technological age for Catholic media to simply be reactive, reporting on things hours or even days after the fact. We need to also couple that more traditional approach with the great benefits afforded us by technology where we can have instantaneous reporting, analysis and response to world events.

Right now, given the extraordinarily high stakes in this election, it's hard to imagine a more impactful world event than this current election for the U.S. presidency. Many faithful Catholics up to now have had no alternative when it comes to politics except to watch secular coverage, where Catholic perspective is completely ignored or distorted.

Well, starting with this vice presidential debate, that changes. At last, a competent, experienced, politically seasoned, technologically savvy voice is now a player. Catholics have an option.

We will also be live for the remaining two presidential debates, and will have a two-hour live production the night befofe the general election, and will have a real-time, rolling coverage on election night itself right here on Church Militant.

We know many people flip around and go back and forth on these occasions watching all kinds of varied coverage. Now you have a faithful Catholic option on the table as well.

So please spread the news, tune in, watch all our coverage live on the website as well as live on our Facebook page.

And before we appear to be too much over the top, allow us to thank you for all your help in the form of donations, prayers, encouragement and suggestions. We've never had the zillions of dollars all the big boys have had, those on air and those on the internet. But we have had grit and determination and dedication to Catholic truth having not just a place at the table but a clarion voice to reclaim the culture for Our Lord and bring Christ to the internet.

Without Our Blessed Lord, Our Holy Mother, St. Michael and all your prayers and support, none of this would be possible. Thank you very much indeed.

So on to the political coverage — remember, coming to you live as well as from the heart of the Church. Tune in on or on our Facebook page this coming Tuesday starting at 8:45 p.m. EST, and the immediately following the conclusion of the debate.

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