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Good and Bad

Both must be talked about openly, or the bad wins!

December 29, 2016  0


We'd first like to say we hope you are having a holy, happy, blessed Christmas — and yes, it is, of course, still Christmas.

Christmas joy cannot be contained to one 24-hour period; it spills over for eight days, which comprise what the Church teaches us is actually one very long celebration. See how much atheists and protestants miss out on? Who says Catholics are dull and serious? We put the "P" in Party!

But to the point of seriousness, Church Militant is often accused of being too serious and negative and all that. It's true that we discuss many things that are difficult to hear. Believe me, they are difficult to read and hear about and then retell.

We don't engage in this because we have some kind of love of horrible news, but because we recognize that the joy of the Catholic faith can be smothered over by the actions and preachings of various prelates and clergy, as well as poorly formed lay people. Even the angels at Bethlehem speaking to the shepherds had bad news as he announced the good news.

Recall the angelic message: "Peace on earth to men of good will."

The message lighting up the skies of that first Christmas made a very important distinction: that not all would warmly receive the message of glad tidings which shall be for all the people.

The news was for everyone. Only those of good will would accept it.

That is horribly sad news right there, buried in the greatest news in the history of the world except for the Resurrection.

At the Last Supper, as Our Lord was sharing the most intimate moment during all of His public ministry, telling His Apostles of the great love He had for them and how He would not leave them orphans, He also had to tell them that they would be hunted down and killed for their love of Him.

As long as a faithful follower of Our Blessed Lord is on this earth, sorrow and sadness, the cross, are part of the package. Even the Queen of Heaven bears the title "Mother of Sorrows," and even told St. Bernadette at Lourdes that She could not promise her happiness in this life, only in the next. And in the midst of Our Lord's beautiful revelations of Divine Mercy to St. Faustina, He showed her the fires and sufferings of humans in Hell.

So paying close attention to "bad news" is not a bad thing when the motivation for it is to warn souls that they are in danger of being lost because they are not receiving the authentic faith.

Unfortunately, this oftentimes entails talking about the individuals actually preventing the authentic transmission — like bishops openly supporting active homosexuality, or prelates pushing phony evangelization and catechetical efforts, or priests who continue to wound the faith of their sheep with irreverent, abuse-ridden liturgies.

The simple reality is that many, many Catholics have no idea about the crisis in the Church, the history of how it came about or the tremendous danger to which their souls and the souls of their loved ones are being exposed. This is why an independent Catholic media must exist: so it can point to these dangers, unencumbered by threats of retaliation.

We think what we do here — which is only a part of what we do here — is extremely important, and we hear it all the time from people who come to our talks when we go on the road, or in emails or letters: Church Militant and St. Michael's Media was used to bring them back to or closer to the Catholic faith.

That's always music to our ears; it's the sole reason we exist. And we hear it often.

We hear from seminarians and priests from all over the world. We are happy to be of service. So as 2016 passes into 2017, we'd like to ask for your continuing help with our work here. Thousands and thousands of you are Premium subscribers. Many of you make regular purchases of our books and other items in our store. Many of you support us in the newly formed Resistance movement.

We talk about bad things here precisely because what makes those things bad is that they are blocking the good — the good news — crippling people's ability to know and love the good. So we are appealing to you with just a handful of days left in this year if you can to please support us in our work and make a tax-deductible donation to keep us going in our work.

Conditions in the Church ensure that we have to talk about the bad, but we talk about lots of the good as well. In fact, it's no surprise that we prefer to talk about the good. But too often, as we've said, the good is too inaccessible because too much bad is going on, and it has to be exposed. Your donation helps us to keep revealing the bad so we can better speak of the good.

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