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Good Riddance

Who's next?

April 15, 2021  0


The very first bishop on the entire planet to be investigated for the cover-up of sex abuse under Pope Francis' new rules and directives has resigned. Church Militant was the first and virtually only Catholic media outlet to bring you details of the horrible story of Bp. Michael Hoeppner's essentially lying under oath — and certainly being deliberately deceptive — while being deposed in a sex-abuse civil lawsuit.    

The now-former bishop of the Crookston, Minnesota diocese covered up for a priest accused of and being sued for sex abuse involving a male teenager. That lawsuit was eventually settled in a secret agreement by the diocese. That practice is standard with these bishops. They lie, cheat, beg, borrow, steal, deceive and do anything to keep their homosexual escapades under wraps and out of view from gullible Catholic laity. But with each passing case coming to light, their cover is being blown more and more.    

With each passing case coming to light, their cover is being blown more and more.    

Hoeppner's bawdy deceptions and wrangling legalistic answers were captured on a video deposition, which Church Militant was the first to show you two and a half years ago. So, in short, good riddance, Hoeppner. You should have been gone years ago. In fact, you probably should never have been made a bishop. Hopefully, many more like you will get your comeuppance — and they better pray they get it in this life rather than have to stand in front of Almighty God and receive a punishment then.

But beyond the particulars of this case, there is the issue of the circling of the wagons and the ongoing refusal to admit and confess what went on here. There's been:  

  • No serious official statement from the diocese of Crookston
  • No serious official statement from the archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis (whose archbishop, Bernard Hebda, was tabbed by the Vatican to do the investigation) 
  • No serious official statement from Hoeppner himself, other than to have the gall to say that when he goes to live with his sister in a warmer climate, he'll come back and visit

You aren't welcome in Crookston, bishop. Your lies and deceptions tore that diocese apart for years, causing people to choose sides — laity against laity, clergy against clergy — with a victim traumatized all over again.

In all the statements, not one single syllable of remorse, compassion or repentance was uttered. In fact, nothing was offered other than the absolute, barest minimum that can possibly be said or done. Nothing more — it's monstrous. And to add insult to injury, Hoeppner isn't just slithering out of town as he should. A notice was actually sent to priests of the diocese saying that Hoeppner was going to offer a going-away Mass at the cathedral.

In other words, a man who lost his job because he lied under oath about covering up sex abuse and trying to extort the victim by threatening him gets to go out to the strains of "alleluias" and praise, as though he were a decent man and not the rogue he actually is. Bishops, do you want a reason why every faithful Catholic believes you to be completely tone-deaf and uncaring? Well, place this front and center.

The bare facts (as revealed by the institutional leaders of the Church) are these: After a two-year investigation of Bp. Michael Hoeppner regarding accusations that he covered up sexual abuse of a teenage male and threatened to extort that victim, he has resigned.

That's it — no admission of guilt; no open and transparent discussion about the sad, tragic history of the U.S. clergy and hierarchy of homosexuality (not just with each other and consenting adults, but also the molestation and rape of minor males).

The questions that deserve answers are these:

  • A sum of parishioners' donations was paid out by the Crookston diocese — how much was it?
  • A sum of parishioners' donations was paid out to diocesan attorneys to defend Hoeppner's filth — how much?
  • Will Hoeppner be required to repay that amount personally?
  • Who's paying for him to move his stuff to his sister's in Florida?
  • Does he still draw retirement pay?
  • How much money was spent on this two-year investigation of Hoeppner?
  • Who paid for the investigation and where did the sum come from?

When anything goes institutionally wrong in the secular world, spokesmen are right out-front in a press-conference setting to make a statement and field questions, some of them pretty brutal or direct. Why don't the bishops do this? Do they feel they are somehow above all this? Do they not feel as though their victims deserve to be vindicated publicly, apologized to and given their moment of justice?

What's more likely is the U.S. bishops are horrified that the full truth will come out; that many of them are either homosexual or have covered up for these sins because of their loyalties and sympathies to other bishops or whatnot.

There is a homosexual rot within the U.S. hierarchy, and it has brought the Church to her knees. Even to this very day, many of the bishops all over the country are still pushing their LGBT filth while their buddy bishops say nothing.

These gay bishops, practicing or not, who look the other way and raid the treasury of the Church, revictimize victims, express not the slightest remorse, offer nothing by way of compassion. All of them, as the Irish would say, are wastrels. There can be no healing or turning the corner in the Church until these men are gone.

There can be no healing or turning the corner in the Church until these men are gone.

In this particular case, it was the tenacity of Ron Vasek, and that alone, that brought down this wicked bishop. He would not budge on the question of the deposition, written and oral, being released to the public. Like crooked bishops always want to do, they tried to buy his silence and bully him into signing a nondisclosure agreement, hoping they could keep the public in the dark.

But they didn't realize the quality of the man they were dealing with because they don't understand male nobility. Ron stood his ground. The depositions were eventually released, and Hoeppner's evil was on display for the whole world. And now, Hoeppner's gone — right after the diocese gives him a nice big send-off. Like we said, wastrels.

We are attaching the entire interview we did with Ron the morning the news broke because it provides very rare insight into how these wicked, crooked bishops operate. Because Ron got everything released, the Vatican was more or less forced to can Hoeppner, even though they dressed it up as him resigning. But he was fired and, frankly, he should leave in disgrace and never return to Crookston.

Please watch the entire interview. It's vital you understand how business is done in the Church when it's run by gay, cover-up bishops. 

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