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Hiding Behind Politics

Politics has just been the bucket for carrying and concealing the real issue.

November 28, 2016  0
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It's impossible to not notice the massive division that exists in America, expressed most recently in the election: charges of corruption and hate and collusion and bigotry — and two candidates deeply despised by each other and their opposing camps. But this is just what's bubbled to the surface.

What underlies all of this isn't really arguments over immigration policy and healthcare and the phoniness of man-centered climate change. What's really underneath all of this is a nation wrestling with its own morality — and morality is bound up with religion, no matter how much atheists deny it.

The arguments aren't really about taxes and jobs and energy pipelines; it's about which party, personified in its chosen candidate, will rule the day regarding morality. The fatal flaw in the American system is that we never decided as a nation, never even had the grand discussion, of what constitutes morality and which religion was correct.

The Founding Fathers simply kicked the can down the road and left it for future generations to deal with issues as they came up, perhaps never really expecting any issues would come up since a Christian morality, inspired by Catholic teaching, was the norm.

But times have changed, with the ascendancy of a rabid anti-Catholicism spurred on by a love of immorality. Politics has become a cover for arguments about morality, and morality has become a cover for avoiding any discussion about God and religion.

Which religious view of God a people holds does matter. It matters for the very life of the nation — and not just for some philosophical, academic reason, but for the moral choices that will be made. No one who has a correct understanding of religion and God and consequent morality can ever condone abortion, and therefore will reject any politics supportive of it.

You can measure the vitality of a nation's spiritual health by monitoring its politics, not because they lead the nation, but because they reflect the nation. So what America needs is a real battle, not one over politics, but religion.

A society cannot long endure contradicting religions because of the contradicting moralities that flow from them. America has prided itself on its religious diversity, and that wrongheaded notion has now come around to bite us hard.

There is no way that all these religions can be correct, objectively correct. Not. Possible. So a gigantic national throwdown has to happen if America is to remain one nation. We are now the recipients of the can that the Founding Fathers kicked so hard down the road. That sound you hear in the streets is the can rattling into place.

Our entire destiny is now being shipped. We will either survive as a nation, or we will perish as a group of warring, smaller nations who can no longer agree on first principles. The only world religion that is "correct" is Christianity. And within Christianity, the only true faith is Catholicism.

Everything else, inside and outside of Catholicism, is man-made. The Catholic Church is Heaven-made. If you are Catholic, then you accept and embrace that. If you don't, if you think it's harsh or mean or not tolerant enough or judgmental, then get out of the Church formally, since you have already left it in principle.

Why would you belong to a Church you don't believe is the authentic Faith, and the true religion? How stupid is that? Think about it. "I belong to a Faith that I don't believe in."

If Catholicism is true — and it is — then every other religion is false, even if they might possess varying limited degrees of some truth. Until we start talking like men and stop hiding behind emotion-driven politics; until we start talking about the great, big elephant in the room, this division will cause the end of a nation.

Right now the battle is between those who believe in God and those who either don't or have wrong notions about God. It's never been about politics. Politics has just been the bucket for carrying and concealing the real issue.

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