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Hillary Wants to Outlaw the Church

Civil rights trump religious rights.

September 28, 2016  0


If Hillary wins, she will set down a path to try and outlaw the Church in America.  She and her fellow travelers are already putting the necessary pieces in place to accomplish this. They are elevating civil rights to such a degree that religious rights will be viewed as inferior. Anything, especially religion — and in particular Catholicism — that challenges the sacred cow of abortion, sodomy, trangenderism, etc. will not be allowed to continue.

That includes this apostolate. I can easily see a situation unfolding where Catholic groups are no longer allowed to preach the hard truths of the Faith because of offending people's civil rights. And let's face it — the government, especially now in its approaching tyrannical form, can do whatever it wants. Any government can.

Don't bury your heads in the sand saying "That would be illegal" or "That would violate the First Amendment." The government is the one that gets to interpret the First Amendment, and that means judges who agree with this evil. No one thought in 1933 Germany that courts could make being Jewish illegal, but they did. There are no protections when those charged with protecting you suddenly turn their guns on you.

If she wins, then it's just a matter of time until the Church here is made illegal. There may be some half-baked "Church of Nice" structure built up or allowed to remain, but it will not preach the authentic Faith. Religious leaders could be required to be "licensed" in order to be permitted to "preach," etc.

Part of the "licensing" process could be that priests and bishops will be required to sign a "non-discrimination" order (or whatever Hillary wants to call it), meaning that nothing bad could be said about constitutional rights — which, of course, means abortion, sodomy, same-sex "marriage" and every other moral teaching of the Church. Refuse to sign and you will be denied a "religion license," like a driver's license, and will not be able to preach, write, record, broadcast, etc. on these topics.

Earlier this month, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights already put down in writing that the leeway given to religious ministers must be extremely narrow so they don't discriminate against sexual minorities. Their words here: "even a widely accepted doctrine such as the ministerial exemption should be subject to review ... ."

Under a President Hillary, she could order her Department of Education to refuse huge sums of federal money to states that grant permission for homeschooling. States could be urged to pass state-level laws to wipe out homeschooling and require that every child be in a public school, or a licensed "regulated" school — meaning Planned Parenthood's sex education, for example.

In the Commission on Civil Rights report, pay attention to this line: "schools must be allowed to insist on inclusive values." See where this going? Government regulations already — currently, right now — forbid government contracts being awarded to companies that "discriminate" or do not have gay-friendly policies in place.

The war is between evil on the one side being advanced by the government and its agents, and the Church with its few remaining faithful. And if Hillary wins, the government will become a leviathan used by Satan through the complicity of Hillary to crush the Church.

And the excuse will be "discrimination."  Here again, the Commission report says it very plainly: "throughout history, religious doctrines accepted at one time later become viewed as discriminatory, with religions changing accordingly ... ."

That sounds exactly like what Hillary said last year when she declared that current religious views need to be jettisoned: "Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will," she explained. "And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed."Religions with teachings against abortion, same-sex "marriage" and so forth are squarely in her sites.

When you consider the vast majority of Catholics are already supportive of many moral evils, how this may very well all play out is a persecution against a relatively small number of Catholics, the faithful ones.

Keep praying the 54-day Rosary novena. If you haven't begun yet, start now. If you have, keep it up.

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