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Hillary’s Catholic ‘Man’

Hillary's man, Tim Kaine, has worked to undermine the Pope and the Vatican.

September 20, 2016  0


You may have noticed the explosion of new ads now appearing in major newspapers across the country with dissident Catholics promoting abortion as a Catholic value. The Orlando Sentinel and Dallas Morning News are just some of the papers the ads are appearing in. Here's an example of just one. 

They are being produced and paid for by the fake Catholic group Catholics for Choice, a front organization which is about as Catholic as ISIS. It used to be called Catholics for a Free Choice when the founder‚ turncoat Catholic Frances Kissling, who was excommunicated, changed the name to Catholics for Choice. Kissling (did we say she has been excommunicated?) also founded the National Abortion Federation, which promotes abortion.

Enemies of the Church have poured millions of dollars into Catholics for Choice over the years, including the Ford Foundation and ol' standby himself George Soros. But the really disturbing thing about the crock Catholic outfit is its ability to get Catholic women to pose for these ads declaring their support for cutting up small human beings and suctioning them out of the wombs. These women actually hold the position that their position is Catholic. Talk about a failure of catechesis somewhere back up the line.

But a failure to catechize is exactly the name of the game in the Church these days, as tens of millions of American Catholics and their political/moral leanings testify to. A number of bishops have come out and publicly condemned the abortion ads in the newspapers. Good for them. But they have fallen silent on the Catholicity, for example, of vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine.

This man is as Catholic as Frances Kissling — which is to say: He isn't. He has not incurred excommunication like he should have, because no bishop has the guts to declare the truth about him and his anti-Catholic views, like Lincoln, Nebraska bishop Fabian Bruskewitz did about Frances Kissling.

Some deep digging on Kaine reveals that he is the perfect model of modern American Catholicism. In short, he opposes all the major moral dogmatic teachings of the Church, hides beneath the banner of social justice (which the abortion ads do), and he does all this with impunity because he knows no bishop will challenge him directly and throw the bum out.

So while there is this rush among various bishops to go after Catholics for Choice, there is deafening silence from them on Tim Kaine and his open heresy. And by contrast, more have said something publicly directly about Trump on immigration — not a dogmatic teaching — than have said about Kaine or Hillary on sodomy and child murder — which are dogmatic teachings.

Tim Kaine is an off-the-reservation, Jesuit-educated modernist Catholic who spent time visiting with the Sandinistas in Nicaragua during his younger years, soaking in liberation theology and Marxism. When he wasn't there, he was chilling with the Commies in Honduras. Not only is he not Catholic, he doesn't even register as American. He is a supporter of warned-over Communism — which is these days stealthily flying under the code name of socialism, or translated into Catholic-speak, "social justice."

And the bishops let him. They let him get away with giving dozens of interviews where he claims to be a devout Catholic. He says he is a Pope Francis Catholic, which begs the question: Is he talking about the same Pope Francis who is in Rome? The same Pope Francis who has assaulted abortion "rights" and sodomite marriage as from the devil?

But see, these are the consequences of bad catechesis over the past five decades. And by bad, we also mean tolerating evil and error. When you tolerate evil, you promote it. Period.

So again, great to blast abortion and Catholics for Choice, but that is just some of the bad fruit on the contraception tree. While at the same time abortion is being rightly blasted, there is nothing said about homosexuaity, contraception, cohabitation, easy divorce and annulments. You can't be a bigmouth and quick to the draw on one, but silent on all the rest.

Tim Kaine took a "mission trip" in 1980 to Latin America and got all wrapped up in liberation theology, which is Marxist Communism. The folks Kaine was involved with in Honduras were working to undermine the Pope and the Vatican. But still, he gets to pass himself off as a "devout Catholic."

So while it's good that some bishops have spoken out against the deception of the Catholics for Choice newspaper ads, until they actually start doing something at the root of the problem — like Catholic politicians who create the environment for abortion in the first place — their words ring a little hollow.

Pray they will get a backbone sometime in the next 49 days.

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