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Holy Mother Church

The newest book: The Vortex.

May 22, 2017  0



We sometimes have people say about our work here at Church Militant that "you guys are too negative or don't say enough good stuff." Well, first of all, that's sort of in the eye of the beholder. But whatever we do say in that arena is said in light of shining the spotlight on activities and persons who are blocking the glories of the Faith from being properly transmitted or understood by both Catholics and non-Catholics.

We have often said and will always continue to say that the Holy Catholic Church founded by Our Lord Himself on blessed Peter is the greatest treasure man could ever have because to possess the Catholic faith is to have access to God Himself. The Church is His Holy Bride. It is for Her He died. It is She Who flowed from His pierced side on the Cross.

She came forth from His side like Eve came forth from the side of Adam — bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh. She is His Bride, and since She is His bride, She is our Mother. This truth must always be proclaimed unceasingly, even to the point of death, if necessary.

And we must always strive against those who would present a false picture of this most glorious reality. Sometimes those fighting to obscure or even deny this truth are those from within the Church Herself — Her clergy, be they bishops or priests. It is a sad fact that this is the case. But because it's sad is no reason to not speak about it. In fact, it needs to be spoken about very clearly. Even Cdl. Robert Sarah recently said that unfaithful or malformed bishops are doing great harm to the Church.

These two themes, the glory of the Faith and the clergy, who both proclaim the Truth as well as try to deny it, are the first two chapters of our all-new book, The Vortex, Vol. 1. It's roughly 280 pages of transcripts of some of the more memorable Vortex episodes over the past number of years.

We also go into some behind-the-scenes stories of the Vortex — how it got its name, its popularity among faithful Catholics, its predictably cool reception among "Church of Nice" attendees and leaders and, most importantly, how it has helped convert or revert hundreds of people, please God, even more, to the One True Faith.

There's something to be said for straight-talking, clear, decisive language, especially in a world of mushy vocabulary and lack of zeal among those who brand themselves as followers of Christ. From the very beginning, Vortex was always envisioned as a way to directly combat the tsunami of deceptive and compromising language so present in the culture, or, as our grandfathers used to say, "calling a spade a spade." 

So we are happy to announce that we are now taking pre-orders for our newest book — the third from St. Michael's Media Publishing. All you have to do is click the link and place your order. The first shipment from the printers will be here at the end of this week, and we'll start shipping them out next week.

If you're thinking of a cool Father's Day present, this might fit the bill if your dad is one of those no-nonsense type guys. But this is a really good book for anyone because it breaks down the issues, using prior Vortex episodes, into short, easily digestible subchapters that you could read during a coffee break.

We designed it to be very readable in short chunks so that everyone can get thinking about how the Church needs restoring and the garbage going on in Her needs resisting. Some of the chapters are a little startling in what they cover, but it's always done in the spirit of the Catholic faith is the most incredible gift on earth — and it must be preserved, promoted and preached to the ends of the earth in all its terrible glory. This defaming of Her and betrayal of Her has got to stop because she is, after all, our Holy Mother.

Thank you in advance for your pre-order, and thank you for your continuing prayers and support which makes our work here possible.

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