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Homo Roma

And that's just the beginning.

August 2, 2021  0


As the ever-widening homosexual-clergy scandal engulfs the Church's hierarchy, it's only natural that it would spread back to Rome. In fact, it doesn't seem out of sorts at all to say it may have even begun in Rome. The city does have a history, after all, stretching back forever. 

In the early Church, Tertullian said, "All other frenzies of lusts which exceed the laws of nature ... we banish ... from all shelter of the Church."

"Exceed the laws of nature" means homosexual acts. All sorts of sexual sins, including homosexual behavior among clergy, seem to have been common in the Middle Ages, following the scandalous example of Pope Benedict IX. Saint Peter Damian authored the Book of Gomorrah in the 11th century to rail against homosexuality in the Roman clergy, saying it destroyed the dignity of the priesthood. In a question that echoes down to our own day, he asked of active sodomites in the priesthood, "What do you seek in a man, that you are unable to find in yourself?" Imagine if St. Peter Damian were alive today — he'd lose his mind.

Imagine if St. Peter Damian were alive today — he'd lose his mind.

This brings us to the Grindr scandal and its emergence in Rome. Yes, totally unsurprisingly, there are clerics who live in the Vatican who use the phone app to find anonymous homosexual partners — that's the point of the app. It's not news to anyone who has been paying attention that homosexual sex in the clergy is ignored and even blessed by some bishops, and that includes the Vatican. What may be surprising, however, is its prevalence in terms of how totally integrated it is in the clerical bloodstream, and Rome is a good place to start looking for that.

At this point, we need to turn our eyes away from the Vatican and cast them toward the North American College, where seminarians from the United States are sent primarily to be fast-tracked for the episcopate. It's true, of course, that not all seminarians here become bishops, but a hefty percentage do. In fact, all you have to do is go down the roll of U.S. bishops to see the extraordinarily high number of them who attended the NAC.

For decades now, the NAC has had the reputation for also being very accepting of homosexuality, sometimes involving leadership; other times, seminarians; oftentimes, both. So it stands to reason that if the central area where American seminarians are sent to be fast-tracked for bishops is, at the very least, nonchalant about the whole homosexual thing, that they would carry that spiritual poison with them to their new dioceses when they eventually do become bishops.

The NAC is currently being sued by former seminarian Anthony Gorgia, who brought forward some extremely disturbing charges against active homosexual leadership at the NAC and a cover-up by the more than 30 U.S. bishops who sit on the board and continually refuse to formally investigate his claims. Leading the charge to discredit Anthony was Cdl. Timothy Dolan, who essentially got Anthony kicked out (which is the usual thing that happens if you are a seminarian and blow the whistle).

Meanwhile, the U.S. hierarchy has tried desperately to sweep the scandal of Jeffrey Burrill under the rug. Burrill is the cleric who has come to be known as "Msgr. Grindr" for being busted for using the phone app hundreds of times. The U.S. bishops scrubbed its website of all mention of Msgr. Grindr or, we should say, tried to. They missed the entire history of his pedigree. 

For instance, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary in Minnesota in 1994. He was studying for the diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin (the same diocese where the current bishop stripped Fr. James Altman of his faculties for being critical of pro-abortion Democrats and neglectful bishops). This same seminary is where various seminarians accused Cdl. Joseph Bernardin and other bishops of trying to engage in sex with various seminarians back in the 1980s and 90s. The Church eventually settled those claims in secret filings and payouts, which Bp. John Vlazny presented as some kind of act of charity to pay for their counseling.

Burrill then went to Rome after graduation to get his Bachelor of Sacred Theology from the Gregorian University in Rome in 1997. He stayed in Rome as he earned a licentiate in ecumenical theology from the Angelicum in 1999. During that time, he was ordained to the priesthood in 1998. 

Once he wrapped up his first stint in Rome, he returned to his home diocese of La Crosse and served as regional vicar and two terms on the diocesan presbyteral council. He was also a member of the seminary admissions board for his diocese. After climbing the ladder in La Crosse, he returned to Rome to the NAC. From 2009–2013, he was director of apostolic formation and was then promoted to be in charge of homiletics and was the formation advisor and director of media relations. 

It's a little unclear what happened after those four years, but he seems to have run afoul of someone and was shipped back to La Crosse. But three years later, we find him at the U.S. bishops' conference in 2016 where he came in as associate general secretary before being elevated to fill the post of general secretary.

As far back as the Grindr data goes (which is roughly 2018), it reveals Burrill was on the app constantly — everywhere, day and night, in his office, his residence, on the road, at home, everywhere. So a number of questions naturally occur here. 

One, did all his hundreds of reported homosexual liaisons begin in just 2018? What about before that time? If it did begin prior to 2018, then when did it begin? Was he sexually active as a seminarian, perhaps even going back to the Bernardin days at Winona? It obviously started at some point in time. When? Did any of his superiors along the way know anything? If not, why not? If they did, why wasn't it addressed and, more importantly, how was he continually being promoted?

That's quite the dereliction of duty on the part of his superiors at the NAC. And remember, this is under 10 years ago. Having been sent back to La Crosse post-NAC time, who brought him aboard at the bishops' conference? And then after a couple of years, who promoted him?

Why does Msrg. Grindr still have his faculties? What's being done to investigate his climb through the ranks? Was he having sex with the multiple seminarians he was in charge of during his career? Did he help promote them? Was he part of whatever the homosexual stuff that continues to flow out of the NAC?

All of this is where the U.S. bishops simply cannot be trusted. They lie constantly and say they are all about transparency and dialogue. Don't you believe it. The last thing they want is transparency because too many of them would be swept up in those purifying rays of sunlight. Even Pope Francis admitted in 2013 that there was a homosexual lobby in the Vatican.

And yet in the face of all this, the bishops will go on about the need to form joyful missionary disciples and institute brain-dead evangelization programs like Alpha. They'll brag about all the diversity in the Church and reaching out to the poor and fighting climate change and pushing for immigration reform and going out to accompany those on the margins and peripheries. There's no way Burrill was not on track to be made a bishop. He just got busted before the miter hit his head.

They lie constantly and say they are all about transparency and dialogue. Don't you believe it.

Is there any Catholic out there who really believes that no one in the hierarchy knew anything about this man for all these years? If the data is correct, and no one has put forward a case why it isn't, he hooked up for homosexual acts, or tried to, almost 1,000 times. But if you notice, the topic of homosexuality is deftly avoided more than they avoid the China virus. They never talk about it but always point the other way. They refuse to acknowledge it even exists within the clergy and certainly never in their own ranks. Why is that?

Why do the bishops never address this subject? Catholics who are footing the bill for all this and who are being taught watered-down catechesis because of all this and losing family members to all this have a right to demand that this topic be discussed openly and that any bishop who in any way has contributed to this step down immediately.

And yes, we may have just answered the question in the asking of it. The Enough Is Enough prayer and rally conference in Baltimore in November is already more than half capacity with over 1,600 seats taken. Please get yourself to Baltimore. Enough really is enough.

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