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Homosexual Hierarchy

Clean it up.

July 27, 2021  0


I'm Michael Voris coming to you from Napa, California, wrapping up our time at the annual Napa Institute Conference held in this beautiful setting. All sorts of things get discussed in dozens of conferences given here over the four days.

But increasingly, with one scandal after another constantly unfolding within the leadership, not all, but certainly many of the actual attendees are asking, "Why isn't the elephant in the sacristy being talked about?" That elephant is the issue of homosexuality and the hierarchy and clergy.

Last week's news that the highest-ranking cleric in America who is not a bishop was reportedly having hundreds of gay hookups or attempted gay hookups through a phone app is a prime example of how the hierarchy in this country has been engulfed in this particular evil. 

First, it's the lies and deception. Take, for example, two documents that were produced — one public, the other private. The public document released by the president of the U.S. bishops, Los Angeles archbishop José Gómez, said Burrill was resigning because of sexual stuff but that it did not involve anything with minors.

The elephant in the room is the issue of homosexuality and the hierarchy and clergy.

The private document talking about all this was issued by La Crosse bishop William Callahan because La Crosse is where Burrill is from. Callahan's letter to just the priests of the diocese said essentially, "We don't know if the charges that his priest is actively homosexual are true or not" and that they would investigate.

So pump the brakes right there. Do you see the problem? There's a huge, giant problem.

Gómez says what Burrill did does not involve minors. Callahan says we don't know if he did anything or not. Well, which is it? Did something happen or not? Gómez says it did; Callahan says we don't know — can't have that both ways.

Moving on in the twisted logic and labyrinth treatment of all this, how does Abp. Gómez know there were no minors involved? Grindr, the gay hook-up app that Burrill is reported to have used must certainly have teenage homosexual boys using it. Additionally, many teenage boys who are gay are also prostitutes for older men, which Burrill is.

How would Gómez know — one way or the other — unless he specifically asked Msgr. Grindr, and Msgr. Grindr told him? Moving on, why would Callahan say, "We don't know" so we have to "investigate"? Gómez certainly seems to know and has such certainty that he assures the world, no minors. So how is it that Callahan doesn't know?

Didn't Callahan call his priest into his office and ask him, straight up, "Yes or no — is this true?" If he didn't ask, that is a huge dereliction of duty on his part — massive.

If he did ask, what was the answer — yes or no? You don't get to obtain an answer and then send a letter saying you don't know the answer. That's called "lying." This whole thing stinks to high Heaven.

One of these bishops is lying, and given all we know right now, it sure doesn't seem like it's Gómez. So then the question becomes "Why would Callahan lie or be evasive, pretending he doesn't know?"

Of course he asked the Grindr priest. And he knows, just like Gómez knows. But he won't say it publicly because, wait for it, Fr. James Altman is also his priest, and Fr. Altman he stripped of his faculties and sidelined because Fr. Altman was calling bishops and laity to greater holiness.

Callahan is now in a jam, with no way out. Faithful priests get stripped of their faculties for being faithful. Homosexually active priests get covered up for and their case gets swept under the rug? Hmmm, now why would that be? Hmmm, let's see.

Father Altman should be restored immediately to the full use of his faculties. Monsignor Grindr should be defrocked immediately and made to repay the tens of thousands — perhaps hundreds of thousands — of dollars he stole from the Church under the guise of being a "faithful" priest.

So the homosexual hierarchy ices Msgr. Grindr then does a phony useless 'investigation.'

You wonder, you just wonder: If he's not being treated like that because working at the bishops' conference, he knows an awful lot, and the last thing the bishops can have is a loose cannon going around blathering everything he knows. So the homosexual hierarchy ices Msgr. Grindr then does a phony useless "investigation" because they already know the truth of it all.

They hope people forget and quietly release a "summary report" where they announce he is either returned to some small assignment after six months or so in St. Luke's. The other option is that they defrock him but hand him a huge payoff to keep his mouth shut. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the condition of your homosexual hierarchy. This is how it runs and operates.

They count on you being stupid and having a short memory. And one final thought: If you were a priest accused of such monstrous filth and you weren't guilty, wouldn't you issue a statement or go in front of a camera and deny it?

Where is that statement? The pink elephant in the sacristy must be dealt with or there will be no reform in the Church.

And don't go blaming or getting upset with Church Militant for reporting all this. You clean up this damn evil in the Church. Do your jobs.

I'm Michael Voris, wrapping up our trip to the Napa Institute Annual Conference here in wine country.

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