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How Dare They?

Toxic masculinity in Roman collars.

July 17, 2018  0
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Did you hear about the four Catholic priests who attended the Trump rally in Montana right after the Fourth of July? My gosh, the temerity of them — the gall.

Priests having the chutzpah to go out in public actually dressed as priests, inflicting pain and agony on millions and millions of leftist Catholics and their allied bishops and chancery staffs — especially in Montana, where diocesan personnel have had to actually work – and yes, they are hopping mad about it.

These four priests, Fr. Chris Lebsock and Fr. Kevin Christofferson are from the diocese of Helena, where there is currently no bishop, and they have caused no end of pain and sorrow for the current administrator, Msgr. Kevin O'Neill, who, reports suggest, is despondent over priests being pro-life and has made inquiries about counseling to ease his PTSD – Priest Traumatic Stress Disorder.  

The other two priests are Fr. Garrett Nelson and Fr. Ryan Erlenbush from the diocese of Great Falls-Billings. Bishop (Michael) Warfel is the bishop there, and his priests have brought him immense pain and suffering, great spiritual turmoil for showing up at a Trump event. He even had to respond – imagine! The fundraising efforts had to be put on hold so he could rush back and throw his priests under the bus – publicly.

As a quick aside, Fr. Ryan Erlenbush is the same priest Church Militant reported on not too long ago who made a stink out of an openly and well-known sodomite couple being the emcees at Billings Catholic School fundraiser. Father Erlenbush is rumored to be a secret hater, but we have been unable to confirm that.

Now what happened was this. These four anti-abortion, baby-loving, orthodox-preaching, toxic masculinity-oozing clerics got invited to the rally, and when they arrived, a nice Catholic lady they know who was in charge of seating, escorted them to center stage so they could be close to President Trump – you know, the bigoted, slime-ball, not-so-secret Nazi whom the U.S. bishops loathe and have decried and declared is absolutely unacceptable, unlike St. Barack, who gave them hundreds of millions of dollars and whom they adored.

Trump, in his usual bombastic style, had the unmitigated gall to be outraged that MS-13 gang members were jumping the border and killing Americans – something the Democrats support. The bishops and Democrats agree (sort of the same thing, I know) we must abolish ICE.

So when he made a comment about making sure we keep them out, the media reported – again – that he attacked all immigrants and when the four renegade priests cheered Trump, they were vilified for being immigrant haters, which of course they are. All political conservatives and orthodox Catholics hate immigrants. It's even a box you have to check on the application to become an orthodox Catholic. If you don't check the box, they don't let you join the "All Are Welcome" Club.

My mom was an immigrant, so of course, I hated her. Christine Niles and Simon Rafe here at Church Militant are immigrants, and well, so, we hate them too. Immigrants, go home! And of course, the four toxic, snowflake-triggering priests are haters too.

Shortly after this sordid affair and shameful display of politicking – unconfirmed reports are suggesting the priests stayed behind after the rally for three straight days, without food, sleep or water, quietly registering anyone they could to vote Republican – and even added the names of some dead people (they each used to be Democrats and old habits die hard), and after all that, the intellectually lazy loons over at the pathetic Patheos website got hold of the story, lied and misreported what actually happened and urged their equally low IQ readership to contact the priests' bosses and well, all hell broke loose.

The official, establishment chancery rats along with bishop all had to be hospitalized, insiders tell us, after suffering concussions after slamming into each other in the hallway running to put out the fire of a story that priests actually supported life in the womb.

So outrageous are these priests' actions that the nice people over at Montana Antifa actually posted pics of them on the group's Facebook page. Of course, this well-deserved and implied threat to their safety has not been condemned by the bishop or chancery because, well, the priests deserve to be targeted for their evil participation in an evil rally.

You can only imagine the disgrace and fear that gripped the chancery of both dioceses that day as reports that Cdl. Cupich had to cancel his next pro-sodomy speech and actually call and demand these pugnacious priests be disciplined — instantly.

The outrage even reached all the way up to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, where the likes of Cdl. Dolan and Cdl. Wuerl – fresh off having to admit that their buddy Cdl. Theodore McCarrick was and is an active sodomite and child predator – they had to interrupt their dinners and declare that mere priests are never allowed to hob-nob with politicians in public and certainly not in clerical garb.

That right is reserved to cardinals and bishops, like themselves, who have demonstrated the approved technique literally hundreds of times, as we see here.

The politicians must be those with whom we can say, repeatedly and repeatedly, we will dialogue with about child murder and men having sex with men – oops, sorry Your Eminences, that one might be a bit too close to home for you.

The right to hob-nob and appear in public with child-murdering politicians was even granted to insignificant monsignors from time to time, as we see here with Msgr. Kevin O'Neill from the Helena diocese, who has ripped into these priests for the gall to show up at a conservative political rally.

This picture should have been enough for the four of them to immediately realize that Catholic clergy can only be in photos in their clerics with nice, polite, child killer politicians like O'Neill did here at the 2013 inauguration of Montana Gov. Steve Bullock, who has never met a fetus he wouldn't shred to pieces for a few votes.

In fact, the upstart priests all need to understand that the only way they could ever pose for pictures like Msgr. O'Neill is with Catholic pro-abort politicians who give money to the diocese so they can curry favor with money-grubbing clergy and be admitted to Holy Communion – just like Steve Bullock. He pays and then plays like he's Catholic.

And of course, Msgr. O'Neill looks the other way and appears in pictures with him and takes money from him – it's not that hard, Fathers. Sheesh, can't you figure out how to do this yet? You have tons of examples who keep trying to teach you by example: Take their money, let 'em go to Hell and snap a selfie along the way. It's not hard.

How dare these upstart priests assume they could go to the rally of a U.S. president who didn't support abortion. The seminary failed miserably with these men, quite obviously. I mean, how can you get any dialogue going unless the politician you are glad-handing and asking to fill your coffers with social justice money by the billions actually wants to kill children?

What a boring conversation that would be if he actually supported life in the womb — wouldn't be a need at all for dialogue, would there now? And hey, if there isn't years and years of endless, go nowhere dialogue, then what's the point of the hierarchy? So you can understand why these priests had to be publicly humiliated by their respective dioceses — it makes sense. 

They should probably be defrocked in fact for their horribly politically incorrect – and therefore mortally sinful – behavior. The new code of Canon Law that Fr. James Martin is putting together says that any cleric who does not support political correctness must be censured — a second offense means he's gone.

And judging from the official statement from the Helena diocese, which was at first incorrect and had to be taken down to reflect the facts without hysteria, and the constant ramblings on the official website, it appears this act of being a Trump supporter (heck, even being in a photo with him) while also being a cleric is a bridge too far.

Some members of the Curia in Rome are reportedly infuriated, both at the news itself and the fact that they have to take valuable time away from covering up the misappropriation of tens of millions of dollars as well as drug-fueled gay orgies and now devote time to this crisis.

All because these priests actually believe —disgusting. Standing there in their Roman collars, imposing their beliefs on the rest of the pluralistic society and turning America into a Trumpian theocracy where people who don't work actually don't get paid and people who cross borders illegally and rape, maim and kill citizens actually have to face justice. You can see why the Vatican is upset — rightfully so.

But Church Militant's investigative team has been, well, investigating and have discovered that these four renegade clerics are apparently just the tip of the iceberg.

Sources tell us that all over America, hundreds of younger priests are slowly building momentum and are in secret contact with each other, as well as hundreds of seminarians who are all planning to Make the Church Great Again, they claim, by actually preaching the authentic Faith.

The plot has been going on now for quite a while, planned since the revelations that giant numbers of older priests are gay and active and have been covering for each other for decades.

The case of Cdl. Theodore McCarrick molesting an altar boy and seducing dozens of seminarians over thirty years, along with other friendly bishops joining in, has apparently inspired this clandestine clique of clergy to begin acting.

Reports are they hold dangerously extremist views – views that Cardinals Cupich, Tobin, Wuerl and Dolan have insisted must be stamped out, views such as the Catholic Church is the one true Faith, that those in mortal sin should not receive Holy Communion, that Jesus Christ is actually present under the appearance of bread and wine.

Members of the American hierarchy are aghast at such claims, and initial reports indicate that these claims are so outrageous the bishops think they can't possibly be true.

Cardinal Cupich has actually called many of his dialogue buddies in D.C. and asked that the four priests be dragged before a congressional committee and placed under oath to ensure that they do believe not having a job is just as horrible and evil as having your skull crushed in the womb and your brains sucked out.

Church Militant is working overtime and will let you know when those congressional hearings will begin. Feel free to contact the respective dioceses in question — contact info here on the page – and let them know how outraged you are.

Charity and justice demand that Bp. Warfel of Great Falls-Billings and Msgr. Kevin O'Neill issue an apology in public to these fine men. Perhaps you can encourage them to do so with a phone call and email.

Bishop Michael Warfel: 406-727-6683, ext. 122,

Msgr. Kevin O'Neill: 406-442-5820,

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