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Hush Money Payout

A really crooked deal.

July 16, 2020  0



Before we get going today, just a quick editorial note — the main reason we focus so frequently on the hijinks and crimes within the archdiocese of Detroit is simple: We are in this crooked archdiocese and this is how business is done throughout the Church.

Archbishop Allen Vigneron and his unethical, homosexual-friendly staff at the chancery are cut from the same cloth as every other diocese in the country. They all emerge from the same liberal, modernist swamp, engineered to cover up and control and rob the laity blind at every turn possible. 

We just happen to know a lot about Detroit because we are here, but we get loads of contacts from many other dioceses saying, "It's the exact same here."

So let's go on to today's specifics and a startling revelation of hush money being paid. First, remember that Vigneron is the vice president of the U.S. bishops' conference, in line to be the next president, so that should tell you everything you need to know about the U.S. hierarchy — that they would vote in as their top guy a man persecuting a good priest.

Archbishop Allen Vigneron and his unethical, homosexual-friendly staff at the chancery are cut from the same cloth as every other diocese in the country.

But more than that, sources tell us that the archdiocese may be about to okay an unethical (and perhaps even illegal as well) hush-money payoff. Here are the details:

  • Earlier this week, we reported about Fr. Eduard Perrone winning an arbitration hearing where a three-member panel ruled unanimously that he had been defamed by Macomb County sheriff's deputy Nancy LePage
  • Nancy LePage deliberately lied — in her official report back to the archdiocese — that Fr. Perrone had sodomized an altar boy 40 years ago (not true, for the record)
  • The altar boy, now obviously a grown man, flat out denies that ever happened 
  • LePage not only lost, but Fr. Perrone was awarded $125,000 in damages that LePage has to pay

Now, here's what was going on behind the scenes and where Vigneron and his archdiocese get involved:

  • LePage had been working under the guidance and direction of Msgr. Michael Bugarin, the archbishop's hitman in cases like these
  • Bugarin does not like Perrone, nor does he like his parishioners at Assumption Grotto — an orthodox, traditional parish that has not fallen victim to the modernist heresy, thanks to Fr. Perrone, who has protected the souls of his parishioners 
  • Bugarin engaged LePage to produce a report on Perrone
  • She lied, along with Bugarin — a very important point — and bullied John Doe, trying to get him to say something that never happened
  • When John Doe wouldn't buckle, she just stuck it in the report anyway, without him knowing it, with Bugarin's full knowledge and cooperation
  • Bugarin filed the report, complete with its lies, and got Perrone removed
  • He even trumpeted the removal to the international media before he showed up in the vestibule of the parish last July, passing out the official statements based on a giant lie he helped create
  • Now, when Fr. Perrone ended up suing LePage for defamation, she claimed immunity because she is a deputy with Macomb County
  • That argument didn't hold water and was dismissed because it was clear she was acting on her own behalf for Bugarin and not as a deputy for the county
  • In the official deposition of LePage for the defamation lawsuit, she admits — under oath — that she was acting on her own, not as a sheriff's deputy
  • So the question arose of the bills for LePage's legal defense
  • Because of reported threats from the deputies' union, Macomb County agreed to use its in-house counsel for her defense, but — and this is key — word is, it refused to pay for any damage awards if she lost, which is, of course, the way it should be (why should Macomb County taxpayers foot the bill for damages because she defamed someone in her capacity as a private citizen?)

Well, she did lose, last Friday, and owes Fr. Perrone that $125,000, which raised the question, "Who was going to pay the bill?" By rights, she should, but once she lost, a few people with a vested interest started snooping around. And some important questions started getting asked. For example, since LePage was working under the direction of Msgr. Bugarin, why didn't her lawyers from the county file a cross suit to have him drawn into this?

She didn't act alone, so the proper legal reasoning would dictate that all those responsible should be included. But LePage's legal team did not go after Bugarin. Why not? And, most importantly, what Church Militant has discovered is that a hush-money deal might be in the works between LePage and the archdiocese — that it will quietly pony up the $125,000, thereby making the case conclude and go away.

As one insider told us, it's like a drug deal where you buy everyone's silence to make sure the case goes nowhere. $125,000 is a drop in the bucket to Vigneron's gang. They have hundreds of millions in their endowment, and remember, they just got over $2 million more from the PPP payout-money for the Wuhan virus pandemic.

Vigneron has no intention of accepting the truth and reinstating Fr. Perrone.

So cash-short the archdiocese is definitely not. Vigneron and the archdiocese have a great interest in making sure this case goes away as quickly as possible because the decision in the case, that she defamed Fr. Perrone, greatly implicates Msgr. Bugarin as an accomplice — and actually as more than an accomplice, because she took her marching orders from him. She was under his supervision. He approved everything and was, in fact, present at these sessions of bullying John Doe. 

He participated in them — joining with LePage — according to sources close to John Doe. So imagine the nervousness that gripped Vigneron and his staff when the verdict came down. They don't want any of this known any more than it is, because this is how unscrupulous, wicked men deal — in the shadows.

But also important to note, the money Vigneron would be approving to be shelled out on behalf of LePage would be coming from the pockets of faithful Catholics. There's a question being asked by insiders familiar with all this double-dealing — whether the archdiocese of Detroit secretly paying the damage award for LePage would even be legal. So here is a blindingly clear example of why every single bishop and archbishop in the country should have to be completely transparent about their finances.

They get to abuse the faith (not to mention the goodwill) of faithful Catholics by hiding all the money and transactions from curious eyes. And they abuse their sacred office in the process. If Macomb County taxpayers shouldn't pay for her loss — which they shouldn't — why in Hades should faithful Catholics in the archdiocese?

How can this not be illegal? And considering the motive, it's certainly sinful. Vigneron has no intention of accepting the truth and reinstating Fr. Perrone. Even now, he is continuing to pay canon lawyers and legal counsel to have Fr. Perrone sanctioned by Rome, sanctioned in a case built on a lie (one he knows all about).

So, what's a little hush money to keep things moving along?

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