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Hypocrites and Heretics

A counter-revolution needs to be launched against these men.

February 14, 2019  0


NOTE: The diocese of Joliet has since edited its article, deleting the quote from Bishop Conlon's lecture. Read our report here to get the rest of the story.

The theme of this year's retreat is Catholic morality, and on this retreat, we are systematically breaking down the relationship between philosophy, theology and morality and then looking at the outcome: salvation or damnation.

If an early error is made in the realm of philosophy, the resulting theology is going to be impure. It's the situation that many of today's priests and bishops were not properly instructed or did not want to learn the truth and correct philosophical foundations — meaning a right way of thinking.

These foundational errors have caused them to err severely in proposing theological truth, something it's not entirely clear they even believe. Their actions result in them being heretical or hypocrites or both.

For example, consider the diocesan publication of the words of Joliet Bishop Daniel Conlon when he held a conference entitled "Did Jesus Really Intend to Establish a Church?" Seriously, that was the name of the conference by the bishop.

Here was his response: "There is no absolute answer to the question," he said. "Jesus did not address it directly. Neither will I provide an absolute answer. Like many other questions, Christians have to seek answers in the Scriptures and in the living tradition of the Church."

So yeah, another heretic bishop we have to suffer through. If there is a blessing coming from all of the scandals in the Church, it's that the wolves are being exposed for the hypocrites that they are. The asininity of the bishop's response is so deep it boggles the mind to even respond.

Straight up, Bishop, seriously here, if you are not sure, then put down your miter and quit.

Stop sponging off the faithful, who actually do believe that Christ intended to establish a Church.

Have you not come across the 16th chapter of Matthew's Gospel: "And on this rock I will build my Church."

Heck, Martin Luther had it more correct than you. At least he believed Christ intended to establish a Church — he just got the Church wrong.

You couldn't even get that far down the path. Who made you a bishop, anyway?

So if you aren't sure, then hang it up. You are a model of hypocrisy to keep drawing a paycheck from an institution you have publicly stated you don't accept as being divinely founded.

You have no authentic vocation. Or if you did, you have since lost it, just like so many of your fellow bishops.

If you all want to go to Hell, we wish you didn't, but if you are so hell-bent on Hell as your final destination, then so be it. But don't take the souls of others with you.

Conlon made the heretical comments at the conference which was for youth. Yep, if these men aren't busy corrupting the bodies and psychologies of the youth, they are corrupting their minds.

All he would to have done is present the teaching of the Catechism 771: "The one mediator, Christ, established and ever sustains here on earth his holy Church."

This bishop needs to be consistent and step down immediately, and the laity need to demand it. If he's not sure Christ established a Church, he has no business being a bishop in the Church he doesn't know whether Christ established.

If Christ did not establish a Church, then how do we know that Christ is God? Who would be the authority to ensure it?

If Christ did not establish a Church, then how do we have any guarantee of the efficacy of the sacraments, including, we might add pointedly, the sacrament of holy orders from which this nutty bishop derives his authority to posit his heresy.

We could go on and on with similar questions: no Church, no authentic interpretation of Scriptures which he makes a boneheaded appeal to. Conlon is Protestant, and he doesn't even recognize it.

This is the state of the Church that Church Militant has been telling you about for over a decade. It's all just coming out into the broad daylight right now.

Active homosexual men who are bishops; theologically malformed men who are bishops; dissenters and Freemasons who are bishops; weak cowards too frightened to say or do the right thing who are also bishops.

They have either none, or insufficient, supernatural faith. And some of them are downright Marxists.

Did Christ intend to establish a Church? You bet your eternal life He did.

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