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It IS ‘A Gay Thing!’

And those denying it are lying.

August 14, 2018  0


So here we are on the vigil of the Assumption of Our Blessed Mother, body and soul, into Heaven reduced to having to talk about the dominant homosexual culture in the Church — and the lying and deceitful cardinals and bishops trying to cover it all up.

Case in point, Cdl. Blase Cupich, who, without denying he knew all about McCarrick's perversion, has insisted that this whole situation "isn't a gay thing." With all the respect that can be mustered, or deserved, Your Eminence, what in hellfire do you think it is if not a gay thing? Of course it's a gay thing.

McCarrick — a male — raped, assaulted, groped, and made advances on altar boys — males — and seminarians — males — for decades. Prolonged male on male sexual assault — that's gay. Do you think we are stupid? Then there is Cdl. Donald Wuerl, so beloved by the homo bar crowd in during his time in Pittsburgh, they actually nicknamed him "Donna." Last week, he just couldn't figure out if all this was a really big deal, or not. Nor could he figure out how to address it. And then he doesn't even appear to know what the it actually is.

First, he moronically said the bishops should investigate themselves. Then he slightly backpedaled from that and graciously deigned to say that the city should have "a part" in this — very kind and condescending of you. Next, he was interviewed by homosexualist Fr. Thomas Rosica, where he said this isn't a "massive, massive crisis" or anything.

Then, getting intense blowback from that idiotic statement — like he did when he said the bishops should investigate themselves — he backpedaled once again and said the context of what he said was not fairly considered. And like so many other bishops and cardinals, he can't seem to bring himself to clearly state exactly what the problem is. First, it's a crisis which needs the bishops to investigate themselves; then it isn't a crisis. And Cupich's "non-gay" thing but never tells us what it actually is.

And over the weekend, the D-List bishop of Knoxville, Rick Stika, got into a bit of a Twitter war when he posted:

Sexual abuse occurs by sick people who are predators. Some are gay and others not. Young and old of all shapes and colors. It is estimated that 5 % of the male population may fall into this category. Trying to blame it on gay folks or straight folks is not the problem.

Either Bishop Stika is part of the homosexual collective in the Church or he is completely uninformed on this topic. Various people jumped onto his Twitter page and called him to task for trying to whitewash the issue and make it seem as though this abuse problem is equally distributed over hetero and homosexual men. That's not even close to true, as the bishop's own reports prove out, an inconvenient piece of information he did not want to engage in. Eighty percent of the case involved homosexual predation, and that was just the case with minors.

One hundred percent of the cases of adult clergy and seminarians involved homosexual predation. So what's going on here across the board with the bishops as they stumble and bumble around trying to formulate some kind of response to all this?

The predominant theme emerging is this: Whatever it was or is, it is not — repeat — absolutely not a gay thing.

Now, using that as their firewall propaganda piece, they are trying out all kinds of other strategies, trial balloons if you will. From Wuerl's insane "the bishops should investigate themselves" idiocy; to Cupich's "this is all about McCarrick" strategy — used to keep the attention away from the topic of "the gay thing."

And notice, part of the strategy this time around is to go to the pro-gay homosexualist propaganda organs they have propped up for decades — the National Catholic Reporter, America magazine and Fr. Thomas Rosica's gay network, Salt + Light, out of Canada and so forth.

Those sycophants in love with the idea of the Church rejecting its teaching embracing sodomy wouldn't know how to ask a probative question if their souls depended on — which it may very well. They aren't about getting to the truth, they are about covering it up. And that's why the Cover-Up Cardinal Club gives them interviews because they know they will never be challenged.

It's like Pravda interviewing Joseph Stalin.

Then there are the outlets that don't embrace the sin, yet turn a blind eye to it and provide further cover, like EWTN and the disgraceful "interview," apologies to all journalists who conduct actual interviews, conducted by Lauren Ashburn when she asked a string of softball questions of Donald Wuerl.

Did it occur to her to ask him if he's gay? How about, had he ever in any way touched this problem of homosexuality in the clergy, were his fingerprints on any of it? How about what does he think of the hundreds of testimonies now coming out in social media from former seminarians saying they were hit on, assaulted and drummed out when they reported it?

Given the current climate, those would have been good questions. But she never asked them because the network is more concerned with not ticking off the bishops then getting to the truth even though various insiders tell us they know the truth. Hey Wuerl, Cupich, O'Malley, Farrell — sit down with us here at Church Militant and answer our questions.

Church Militant is the most commented on Catholic website in the world, so you would have a splendid opportunity to address faithful Catholics who think you are all lying through your teeth. Doesn't that bother you, that the sheep think you are all homosexuals, or at the minimum part of the larger collective protecting all this and that you are lying to cover it all up, because if this continues to get exposed, your whole game to corrupt the Church will come crashing down?

As Ricky said to Lucy, "You have some 'splaining to do."

But see, you don't deal honestly, nor are you interested in dialogue like you are always saying. The plan, my fellow Catholics, by these lying cover-up cardinals and prelates is this: keep the faithful off balance. Keep saying it is not a gay thing. Keep saying it's not about anything more than McCarrick. Keep saying it's not about anything more than policy tweaks and new procedures. Keep saying it's not about anything else than a failure to correctly implement the 2002 Dallas Charter reforms or update them.

But notice, in their steady stream of deflections, they will never address what it is, only what it is not — that won't fly.

The Catholic clergy all over the world has been infiltrated by homosexuals who have seized operational control. That operational control for the past decades has created an environment and culture where homosexual superiors take sexual — as in homosexual — advantage of seminarians, as is now coming into the open — that is the problem, and it is a gay thing.

Prelates and cardinals who deny it, including those who remain silent on it, are part of the problem. It is a gay thing and they all know it, just like they all knew McCarrick and are lying about that as well. The bishops' annual meeting in November in Baltimore is going to be quite the firestorm as thousands of faithful descend on it.

In less than one week, more than 1,000 have already signed up and committed — and there's still three months to go.

Their lies and spin to gay Catholic media are not gonna work this time. It is a gay thing.

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