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It’s All About Justice

Injustice destroys the innocent.

October 18, 2021  0

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The root cause of the massive division in the country right now is over the virtue of justice or, more precisely, the lack of justice.

Be it parents being hunted down and branded as terrorists for not wanting their children propagandized and brainwashed in government schools or Americans who went inside the Capitol on January 6 being sentenced by an overzealous leftist Obama judge to time in jail, good Americans are reaching a boiling point.

On that last score, Obama judge Tanya Chutkan handed down harsher sentences than even the prosecutors had asked for, which had been home confinement for the misdemeanor charges. Her rationale? "There have to be consequences for participating in an attempted violent overthrow of the government, beyond sitting at home."

The issue, however, is they weren't charged with the attempted violent overthrow of the government. The charges were unlawful parading and picketing inside the Capitol, that's it.

Not only is this a prime example of injustice, but it also shows forth even more injustice. For example, why weren't any of the demonstrators who stormed into the Senate office building during the Brett Kavanaugh hearing tossed into jail for a month?

Why weren't any of the demonstrators who stormed into the Senate office building during the Brett Kavanaugh hearing tossed into jail for a month?

Even the case last week of a deep state operative working to undermine Trump, Andrew McCabe, who was fired for lying under oath to Congress, well, that was just completely ignored and McCabe's full pension was reinstated.

So much for justice.

The list of injustices under Democratic thugs is endless. From the slaughter of the pre-born, election fraud, unevenly applied legal consequences, forced vaccines and job firings, you name it, the list goes on. The economy is heading down the toilet, the supply chain has come to a near standstill and our taxes are about to explode, even though Joe assures us no one over $400k a year will see a tax increase.

What on earth does he think paying 50% more at the pump since he took the oath is? We're heading back to the Jimmy Carter days of double-digit inflation. And tying all this back to the issue of justice, who precisely is hurt by this? Not the woke communists; the wealthy are never impacted by economic downturns.

It's the poor, a large percentage of whom are blacks and other minorities, so talk about actual racism.

Proportional to the overall population, the Left kills more black children in the womb, destroys more black families, drives more black workers onto welfare rolls and traps more black children in failing government schools than whites. Where's the justice in any of that, Bernie? Why aren't you pounding the streets complaining about your own party's institutionalized racism, AOC?

There is not a single area of life of the average American citizen that is not at least hampered by the power-hungry traitors of the woke Left that have seized control of a major political party.

As a side note for all the average Americans, this is precisely what happens when you pay more attention to your golf handicap than preserving your freedoms. The communists aren't all to blame.

Shifting to the Church, it's exactly the same story across the board.

Like their power-mad political counterparts, as a whole, the U.S. hierarchy also traffics in unmitigated injustice, and in many cases, those acts of denying justice actually overlap way too often with the Democrats. Notice how nearly every diocese in the country has the woke idiocy of a pandering statement against racism on their websites.

Bishops all over America are more tyrannical about masks and vaccinations than various governors. Driving the unjust crowd in the Church and D.C. is a simple underlying fact: Since personnel is policy, all you have to do is look at the people, and you will know the policy.

Back in the 1992 campaign season when Clinton was running and eventually won, U.S. labor secretary Lynn Martin got up at the podium of the Republican National Convention and made the famous statement, "Mr. Clinton, you can't be one kind of man and another kind of president."

Everyone knew back then what kind of person Clinton was, and his self-serving policies proved it time and again. People like that never produce good policies, meaning policies that are just. They never approach a given question from the angle of justice. They don't have it in them.

This is what faithful Catholics see nonstop from the hierarchy: a bunch of men covering up their crimes and sins and continuing to commit them, rolling over anyone in their path that they need to. It doesn't matter if they have to eject good priests or crush traditional orders. It doesn't matter if they shut down normal access to the sacraments or if victims of homopredation accuse them to their faces — there is nothing of the cardinal virtue of justice within these men.

If there were, the vast majority would resign, if for no other reason than negligence. On that score alone, they should be overthrown — if such a means were available to the faithful, which it isn't. They shuffle money and predators around and keep actively homosexual clerics shielded once they are discovered, all of it to the detriment of the faithful.

And on that score, this is the heart of the evil of injustice, that someone who is innocent suffers and becomes a victim. Fighting against their injustice for the sake of victims, victims of all stripes, sexual abuse, liturgical abuse, financial abuse and moral abuse, is the very reason for our Baltimore rally.

And the explosion of secular media coverage over the rally is touching on the issue of justice, specifically the attempted denial by the city of Baltimore of our First Amendment rights to free speech and peaceable assembly. When even the secular media is able to grasp that an injustice is being perpetrated, then you know it must be real. The media gets it and the court gets it, having granted our motion for a preliminary injunction, which handed Church Militant a crucial victory.

There isn't a soul in the country, even people who detest Church Militant, who don't recognize the injustice of this entire case, and now the city is appealing their crushing defeat, trying to run out the clock to November 16.

When even the secular media is able to grasp that an injustice is being perpetrated, then you know it must be real.

We're willing to bet the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals will smash them down even more than the district court did.

As a reminder on all this, our legal bills in this fight are in excess of $200 thousand, and we'd like to ask your help in paying them. Legal invoices and costs approaching a quarter of a million dollars were not exactly in our budget when we were planning it last year, and while it doesn't exactly cripple us, bills that large do prevent us from being able to do other things that you all need to know about.

So, please, whatever you might be able to help with by way of a donation, please click on the provided link above. Thank you in advance.

The victims who will be represented at our Baltimore rally need a voice. Church Militant has become their voice. We didn't start off this apostolate with any of this in mind, but we did respond in the most Catholic way once we became aware of all this injustice. The hierarchy and the evil within are choking the lifeblood out of the faithful.

We hear lots of people tell us that they're not sure how much longer they can hold on and believe. Not a few have told us they can no longer attend Mass.

For the record, we always encourage them to never leave Jesus because of Judas. But we know some people have weak faith and/or are emotionally and psychologically disturbed greatly by all this. Just as how the unjust policies of the evil Democrats impact the materially poor, more so do the unjust policies of the evil bishops impact the poor in faith.

We must fight for justice in the nation and the Church. There is no other Catholic response. And remember, see you in Baltimore — one way or the other.

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