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It’s All Coming Out

All victims matter.

March 5, 2021  0


In our latest installment of the filth in the archdiocese of Detroit — the AOD, which is quickly earning the nickname the Gay-O-D — Church Militant is hearing from clergy here who are cheering us on and praying that our reporting and exposing of decades of filth and cover-up finally brings this empire of filth to a crashing end.

For example, from one orthodox priest, "This exposé by Church Militant, however, may be our only chance for a clean-up of the archdiocese of Detroit. It is with this hope in mind that I submit these names." We'll be checking out those names.

See, the truth here in Detroit is that many priests have active homosexual relationships with other priests. One eyewitness has reported to us that he was introduced to a homosexual partner of one priest — by another priest! Another priest has told us the annual Christmas party for clergy is attended by multiple priests with their gay-lover priests.

Yet another priest has reported that while he was in seminary, he was instructed by faculty to keep all the gay sex "in-house," meaning go find a gay lover from among the ranks of the seminarians or already-ordained priests in the archdiocese. And, as all this comes flooding out, as we said yesterday, we are now collecting affidavits from clergy as well as former seminarians, testifying under penalty of perjury about all this filth.

Yet another priest has reported that while he was in seminary, he was instructed by faculty to keep all the gay sex 'in-house.'

Here's one (we are obviously keeping identities concealed at the request of those submitting these). He's a former seminarian and relays to us his experience 20 years ago when applying to the archdiocese of Detroit seminary:

The vocation director at the time was Rev. James Bilot. At the initial interview, Fr. Bilot asked me, "On a scale of 0 to 10, are you gay, or are you straight?" I answered: "10 out of 10, straight." Other men who applied for seminary were also asked this question. Those who continued with seminary and answered, "100% straight" were assigned counseling, despite not having any mental illness.

But that was only a warm-up, according to the sworn testimony. According to this former seminarian (as well as others), Fr. Bilot then suggested he "hook up" with a couple of priests. The young seminarian took that to be slang for meeting up — not hopping in the sack. But that is exactly what went down. He went and met with the first priest suggested by Fr. Bilot and Msgr. X (we are withholding his name until we can speak to him) invited him to dinner, where the monsignor tried to get him drunk and take him back to his home.   

Father X2 (the second priest) was later credibly accused of sexual crimes and resigned his pastorate in 2002. Msgr. X was also later accused and resigned his pastorate in 2020. This was the former seminarian's introduction to a gay priest-seminarian hook-up culture in the archdiocese. Father Bilot indicated that without a priest to "hook up" with, the former seminarian would not be allowed admission to the seminary.   

The rector at the time was auxiliary bishop Allen Vigneron, who is now archbishop of Detroit. This case is not singular, from what we are being told; and, as we speak with more and more former seminarians and current clergy, it's all coming out. Of course, we did our due diligence and reached out to Fr. Bilot (who is currently at a plum assignment of a wealthy parish, St. Paul on the Lake).

We left him a voicemail. He hasn't returned our call.

Now, it's important to recall here that Vigneron was rector (as well as auxiliary bishop) at the time of the former seminarian's experience. He ruled the hothouse from 1994–2003, where multiple reports of homosexual encounters continued. Immediately prior to Vigneron's stint as rector, his longtime buddy, Msgr. John Nienstedt (now a disgraced archbishop) was rector of the newly established major seminary, Sacred Heart, from 1988–1994.

We say newly established because the former seminary, St. John's in Plymouth, was ordered to be closed down by the Vatican because of the intense homosexuality present there among practically everyone. For one stretch, which became the final straw, seminarians were required to view gay video pornography on a given recurring weeknight, with the official excuse being that it was part of a "human sexuality" class.

It sure was, because multiple men who were there at the time tell us that when those gay porn screenings were over, the rooms of the seminary converted into a gay bathhouse. This went on for a substantial amount of time until it was eventually reported to Rome via back channels and the Vatican ordered St. John's shut down.

Everything was shifted to the current Sacred Heart, and Nienstedt was the man appointed to "reorganize" the seminary. However, when it came to gay sexcapades, not much was reorganized. Insiders tell us that things, in this regard, have simmered down somewhat now, but the point is, this is not ancient history by any stretch.

The very men who were parties to all this, covering it up, participating in it, screening out heterosexual men for admissions and so forth — these are the men currently in charge of the archdiocese. None of them were removed, disciplined, rebuked or anything of the kind. In fact, many of them, over the intervening years, have actually been promoted.

They are the "officials" and the ones in charge, and there is not the slightest bit of evidence to suggest they have mended their ways — not at all. In fact, Fr. Bilot, as we highlighted yesterday was the reported spiritual director of Joe Balistreri, the former archdiocesan music director who "separated from his positions" after he outed himself on video as gay and living with his partner of 15 years.

According to information, he told Balistreri that the Church's teaching on homosexuality is wrong and so forth. That information pretty much squares with what we have in our affidavit reporting the same kind of talk and activity from 20 years ago. It was the Balistreri case that opened up this can of worms and that has become the catalyst for all this coming out.

What is also becoming clear is not only the existence of this vast gay clergy network here but also that any good priest who stumbles across it or tries to expose it will get silenced as fast as Abp. Vigneron can say "gay cover-up." That's the current case with Fr. Michael Suhy — who stumbled across the whole Balistreri affair and was then targeted by the gay hive here in Detroit.

Church Militant spoke with his attorney recently — who is beginning to see the picture very clearly himself, as the dots get connected. It is beyond belief to think that a network this vast and this actively dominant, emanating from the seminary for decades, was not known to Vigneron, either during his own time at the notorious gay hothouse at St. John's or during his time on the faculty and eventually as rector of the "reorganized" Sacred Heart, and certainly not now that he is archbishop.

His entire inner circle were all parties to this directly or part of the cover-up of it all. Vigneron is completely compromised; he might even have to allow all this to go on because of being blackmailed himself. These questions need to be asked. And all this needs to come out. Why? Because these men have destroyed the faith of tens of millions over the decades, and there is not a single sign anywhere that this is decreasing.

In fact, it has been going on so long and so many of these perverts and spiritual terrorists have seized control that they are now the dominant force in the Church. Nothing gets past the gay hive. Nothing. Good priests are destroyed up and down the Church, the faithful are deprived of the truth and the gay ol' times just roll along — unchallenged — as archbishops steal the money of the faithful, shut down their schools and parishes and go on dates with their boyfriends.

It's so vast that there really is no substantive way to challenge it — except by exposing it, which means reporting it all and asking tough questions. It was from this homo-hive that most of the altar-boy rapists emerged, and it was only through their crimes being brought to light by secular media that the whole thing is getting to be uncovered.

Faithful Catholics must now step forward and pick up where the secular media left off. Their only concern was minors.

If they want to go be gay, then they can go be gay. Good luck to them. But stop using the Church established by the Son of God as cover for your sins.

But here at Church Militant, we care about all victims — young vulnerable males, naive seminarians, marginalized priests; all of whom are ground under the wheels of this homo-empire established in the middle of Christ's Church by Satan. So, question: Abp. Vigneron, are you sexually attracted to men? Have you ever been? Did you ever act on these inclinations? Do you know others in the clergy who did? Are they still active? Are you still active? How long have you known about the clerical gay network in your archdiocese? Were you ever a part of it — in any way?

You need to answer these questions, Archbishop, as does every other bishop in America. People are coming forward submitting sworn affidavits to all this evil. Will you and your brother bishops respond to any of this? Will you sign a sworn affidavit saying none of this is true? If not, why not?

Catholics need to blow this up. You've been lied to, deprived, deceived and stolen from for decades by these crooks. If they want to go be gay, then they can go be gay. Good luck to them. But stop using the Church established by the Son of God as cover for your sins and hiding in your dresses. Not a single Catholic should give another red cent to any of these wicked, filthy men until they answer these questions point-blank.

Let them know that if they want to go to Hell, they are free to do so, but they have no right to take the sheep with them. And no, Archbishop, we are not going to stop with any of this, as I told you in the private email I sent you, which you chose to ignore. You are covering up a gay clergy network and we are going to get the full goods on you. Too many people are talking.

Which reminds us: Anyone else out there who wants to help bring down this empire, we're all ears. Get in touch with us.

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