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It’s Truly Pathetic

Why Church Militant exists.

April 23, 2021  0


Not that we're ever not real in the Vortex, but let's just take a step back and throw down for a moment. It is truly pathetic that Church Militant exists or, more to the point, that it even needs to exist. But the condition of the Church, specifically the Hierarchy, is so abhorrent and corrupt, there is no choice other than for the laity to rise up and respond. 

With every email, tip, story, investigation, private conversation, article, even we — sitting here in our state-of-the-art media center that's dedicated to the work of the Church and serving Catholics — sometimes say, "Holy cow, is this really happening?" Remember, we have dozens of people here working every day fielding calls, checking out stories and so forth. We put in a total of close to 10,000 man-hours a month. It's a true labor of love to try and light a candle in the darkness of the evil engulfing the Church. 

It's a true labor of love to try and light a candle in the darkness of the evil engulfing the Church. 

Not a day goes by that a shocked and spiritually brutalized priest or parent or young person doesn't email or call or send a letter describing the nightmare of having encountered the effect of the modernist heresy in their lives, largely stemming from:

  • Wicked or cowardly bishops born of a seminary system practically stripped bare of its Catholic identity
  • Young men specifically recruited for the system because the vocations director was sexually attracted to them or because they were viewed as weak men who would shut up, go along and be easily malformed
  • Thousands of parishes operating and sounding more like social justice NGOs than places that have any concern about the eternal salvation of those in the pews
  • A clergy way more homosexual than the national average, too many of whom either raped altar boys or were complicit in covering it all up and then lying about it when it was discovered
  • Religious orders and institutions that have utterly betrayed the Faith and teachings of the Apostles, sacrificing tens of millions of young minds over the decades as well as, of course, their souls

Day after day, the roughly 60 people who work at Church militant here in this media center or in our second building hear story after story like this. And to circle back and reemphasize this point, it's about 10,000 man-hours per month that Church Militant staff members are directly touching on all this. That fact alone puts Church Militant in the most unique position in the entire Catholic media world and, indeed, in practically all the Catholic world: We see and hear things that the vast majority of Catholics know almost nothing about regarding what's going on in the Church.

A friend once likened Church Militant to the Church's "SVU" (Special Victims Unit). We thought it was a good analogy. Much of what we hear we cannot report for a variety of reasons. We often try to stress a major overriding theme of evil and then point to a specific example to make the point.

For example, money. As parishes are closed left, right and center by bishops, one of the check marks they review is whether the parish has an endowment attached to it. If the answer is yes, then chances are good that that parish will get the ax because if a parish is closed, the endowment money attached to the parish goes to the bishop's coffers. It's actually pretty dirty.

Likewise, staying on money, show us a single bishop in the United States who will be totally transparent about how much he takes of your donations to expend on attorneys. Often, like here in Detroit, the attorneys are being paid to cover up the crimes of the bishop or his staff.

So the next time you are watching one of those videos from your bishop about how your annual donation helps the poor or schools or whatever, think to yourself, "I'm not being told the whole story" — because you aren't. And if you want proof of that, simply call your diocesan office and ask to see the annual filings from the previous year. You have a more reasonable hope that all men are saved than of ever seeing the financials from your bishop.

Anyway, you get the point, which is that there is so much wrong in the Church (including that all of this just seems to be accepted by way too many people as "business as usual") that it needs a massive operation of smart, skilled people who are sufficiently well-trained and knowledgeable to address it.

Almost by happenstance — some would say providence — that's what has grown up here around our work at Church Militant over the years. We've brought together solid Catholics who we are building into a crack team using the tools of journalism to help show how the Church, in many ways, has been hijacked by globalists, Marxists and heretics to advance their own agenda — an agenda that has nothing to do with souls or salvation.

Every now and then we ask for your continued help in this effort by way of a recurring monthly donation, and this is one of those times. Your continued financial support of, say, $25 a month, allows us the flexibility to be able to respond to various situations as we learn about them, such as being able to get on a plane and go to the location to cover it. Or it helps us fly in the victim or insider on a given story and speak with that person in a more solid way than over the phone.

Sometimes we do an on-camera interview with them; sometimes we don't. That decision depends on a number of factors. Sometimes our Resistance arm has to spring into action with very little notice because some event is ongoing or just developing, and we need to act quickly. Sometimes a particular tool — that's a deliberately generic term — becomes available to us, and we need it now. There is, of course, a price attached to that. Travel, technology and other items must be employed quite frequently by us in order to get at certain information that sheds light on all the double-dealings going on.

We provide a service to the Church that crooked leaders in the Church don't want you to know about.

You've seen our work here, some of you for years. We provide a service to the Church that crooked leaders in the Church don't want you to know about. All over the secular world, there are what we could call political versions of Church Militant. Those sites are often backed by powerful outfits with very wealthy patrons. And while Church Militant does have a small number of well-heeled, generous supporters, there is no doubt that our bread and butter is the donor who gives us $25 to $100 a month.

If we may ask you once again to please help us out in this area, it would be very much appreciated. Whatever you are able to donate on a recurring basis is helpful, and you can do so by clicking on this donate link.

The "funny" thing about this kind of work is that the more you discover, the more you discover. As Cdl. Cupich would say, "It's a rabbit hole." But while he meant it to deflect from the truth, we mean it to dig up the dirt and let you know how much you are being betrayed.

Thank you in advance for whatever you may be able to do. And for those of you who are already monthly donors, thank you for everything you have done to bring us to this point and for what you continue to do.

As we are always saying, Church Militant is the work of the Church, and this is your apostolate. We just run it day-to-day.

For those of you in touch with us to provide information on the corruption, thank you to you as well.

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