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It’s What They Don’t Tell You

What you don't know can hurt you.

August 10, 2020  0



A very important event unfolded on Capitol Hill last week in the ongoing effort to drain the swamp by unmasking the deep-state actors. It happened in front of a committee of U.S. senators investigating how the phony Russia-collusion probe got approved based on falsified evidence supplied to the FISA court.

Former U.S. deputy attorney general Sally Yates, as part of the Obama administration, threw former FBI director James Comey under the bus, saying he went "rogue" in going after Trump aide Michael Flynn.

While that's all interesting in its own right, our focus is that the mainstream media didn't report a word of it. To them, it's like it never happened. But it did happen. It's just that the dishonest media doesn't want you to know it. In short, what they don't tell you is extremely important to know in trying to understand how the world operates.

They do this for a reason — not only feed you false information but, most importantly, keep truthful information from you. Now, shift this same underlying principle over to the Catholic establishment media, who are every bit as dishonest in their decisions on what not to tell you.

Yet the likes of Bp. Barron and his secret invite-only conference call a week or so ago with what he terms "Catholic media professionals" is a prime example. Consider the stories his pals made a deliberate choice not to tell you (or at best only came around to telling you about after all sorts of other media had already covered them).

You will not find any meaningful stories, which were both truthful as well as timely on: 

  • The connection between Marxist goals and the bishops' social justice network
  • The long history of homosexuality within the U.S. clergy
  • The financial corruption of many U.S. bishops and their sizable diocesan endowments they keep hidden from the laity
  • The theological corruption of many U.S. seminaries
  • The naming of scores of homosexual men to the office of bishop by Cdl. Joseph Bernardin in the 1970s and 1980s
  • The reality that many bishops in the U.S. are registered Democrats
  • Cardinal Timothy Dolan's behind-the-scenes maneuvering to get gays into the St. Patrick's Day Parade and subsequent lies about it
  • The enormous amount of U.S. taxpayer dollars the bishops get by supporting the Democratic agenda
  • The neglect by bishops of so many faithful, orthodox Catholics
  • The persecution of multiple priests by bishops — like Fr. Eduard Perrone in Detroit by Abp. Allen Vigneron, or Fr. Paul Kalchik of Chicago by Cdl. Blase Cupich
  • The real story behind the infamous St. Luke Center where bishops send "troublesome" priests
  • The cover-up of the sins and crimes of Fr. Peter Miqueli by the gay cabal in the archdiocese of New York
  • The overwhelming evidence that the clerical sex abuse scandal is actually a homosexual clergy problem
  • The connections of Theodore McCarrick to the Marxist agenda and the failure of the Vatican to release the McCarrick report (It is only independent Catholic media asking that question repeatedly)

The list of things the "Catholic media professionals" deliberately keep from you, refuse to print and keep under wraps is ridiculously long. That practice is certainly not Catholic; nor is it professional. 

But these fellas call those stories "tabloid," which is nothing else than a head fake to deflect your attention from the reality that they refused to cover them. Corruption — especially spiritual corruption, which damns souls to hell — is not "tabloid."

These so-called professionals — which they are not — suck up to the hierarchy because they are bought-and-paid-for shills. They are not independent from the establishment; they are actually part of it. So how can they possibly report on the evils within it?

That is in fact why Barron gathered that clique around himself on his invite-only call the week before last. If they are so concerned about all of this, why aren't they calling Church Militant or others to have a meaningful discussion on all these things? The Church Militant staff — 10 of us — ran into Barron in the hotel elevator in Baltimore in 2018 and invited him to have a drink and talk about all this. He declined very curtly.

They're just interested in keeping the truth from you and not reporting what professionals would and should report.

So they aren't really interested in talking — just censoring. They're just interested in keeping the truth from you and not reporting what professionals would and should report. In fact, their own deliberate choice to not report on the evils is an evil of its own.

But here's the issue none of them seem to be considering: They are part of the Church of Nice establishment — the same Church of Nice that is shrinking quickly. Within 10 years, there will be hardly anything left of the Church of Nice, as parishes continue imploding all over the country.

Ten years ago, Church Militant said the Church of Nice would not be able to survive beyond the generation being born at that time. Well, that generation is now 10 years old. 

In another 10 years, they will be college-aged, will have completely left the Church of Nice, and there will be nothing but nursing home patients keeping the Church of Nice on life support. Just who do these Catholic media "professionals" think will be still around to be reading their tripe?  

If there are any people working for these outfits (like EWTN or Catholic News Agency) listening to this, we sure hope you are not planning your retirements around a nice little pension from them. They won't exist, and you won't have a job before 2030 rolls around. Look at market trends.

In fact, the disposable folks in the chanceries should take that little warning to heart as well. As Catholics continue stampeding out of the Church and collections dry up, do you really think the bishop and his theologically corrupt, social-justice-warrior elites are going to take a pay cut so you can keep your job?

Just like the secular, Marxist media has contributed so heavily to the collapse of the culture by holding back on truthful reporting, so too has the Catholic media. Why were they not uncovering the homopredator scandal years before — while it was going on?

It will go down as an everlasting, eternal black mark against those outfits that secular media had to break and report a horrendous story of evil happening right within their ranks. And yet we are told they are the professionals — the trustworthy media.

They are part of the Church of Nice establishment — the same Church of Nice that is shrinking quickly.

And we are told that by the likes of Bp. Barron — who clearly has been tapped by the powers that be in the bishops' conference — to ride herd on the uprising of faithful Catholics on the internet. Barron has a dog in this fight; don't forget that. He is far from some neutral, innocent, objective third party just weighing in as a bishop.

He has a heavy, personal interest in helping put down the uprising because if the uprising is right theologically and culturally, then that means he has been and continues to be wrong. And the establishment can never be wrong lest it lose whatever little scraps of credibility it still has.

This is the same M.O. as secular, Marxist media. They have an agenda which oftentimes requires they either distort or (more often) ignore certain stories. Just look at CNN, which these days stands as much as for "COVID News Network" as the Communist News Network. 

Propaganda outfits all work the same way. The so-called Catholic media professionals have one job — to protect the hierarchy from being exposed for their corruption (be it sexual, financial, doctrinal or liturgical — or all of the above depending on the individual bishop).

Remember, what you don't know can hurt you.

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