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Jesus and Journalism

Truth vs. anti-truth.

May 11, 2021  0


Following on from yesterday's Vortex about this apostolate's 15-year anniversary and how things have evolved here, I have some thoughts to share.

The Faith is not preached in a vacuum. The souls that truth is brought to are not neutral, and they do not live in a neutral world. The world, as Our Blessed Lord described it Himself, is the enemy of truth and it will hate us who try to live by and preach the truth because it hated Him first — He who is Truth.

So that is the basic foundation on which we have to begin any effort at evangelization — not any kind of pie-in-the-sky, romanticized-monks-preaching-to-the-barbarians-and-them-all-being-baptized kind of image.

First, that effort took centuries and many of the monks and preachers were martyred or, at the bare minimum, suffered tremendously at the hands of the world. It comes with the territory. Each age has brought new challenges to each epoch of the Church — things that, while in principle are the same, are realized in the day-to-day quite differently.

A thousand or so years later, here we are: the 21st-century Church living an experience not only never lived out before in the life of the Church (or the world, for that matter), but with absolutely zero precedent.

This has been centuries in the making, originating with the evils in the hierarchy which brought about the Protestant revolt. The theological revolution, ultimately undermining the very notion of authority itself, brought about philosophical and political revolution.

It's not surprising at all that the collapse of the Church happened exactly at the same time that the media became dominant.

No faithful Catholic can ever fail to understand that from the moment you attain the age of reason until you die, there is a spiritual war, a ferocious battle, being waged for your soul. This battle has a million different sub-battles and is played out not just personally in your own mind, but also in the world, which engages with you in such a way as to try and drive truth from your intellect.

To that end — the denial of truth — we have arrived at a point where every cultural institution has been so compromised and overrun (most especially the Church hierarchy and much of the clergy) that every soul is now at a severe disadvantage because the very concepts of truth, right, morality and authority are denied.

While we can trace this evolution in a number of different ways, we would like to propose to you that it has taken off — achieved a victory in the human consciousness, thanks to the corruption of the media (specifically news media).

There is Luciferian media (Fr. John Hardon's excellent term) now present that has never before been present in human history. It is the media, more than any other single institution, that has been used to corrupt the human intellect. Even within the Church, evil men's cooperation with these media narratives (COVID, immigration, climate change, social justice, "love") have all been used and continue to be used to corrupt the Faith in people's minds. It is the case of corruption through distortion. 

It may have seemed 70 or 80 years ago that a broad-based corruption of various institutions was not really connected. The nation's law schools, for example, were turning from truth to an outcome-based agenda. Many of the nation's universities were dabbling in strange philosophies, which, at first, may have seemed classroom-confined and somewhat innocuous, but proved, in the end, to be the beginning stages of a social cancer.

Likewise, the media, specifically news, was a somewhat noble profession trying to pursue justice. But even there it was the advent of mass media, specifically electronic and, more specifically, television — the visual image — that transformed media into a vehicle for hate disguised as justice.

Consider that the entire Vietnam War effort completely flipped based on CBS News' false story that the United States had lost certain battles, when we had, in fact, won them. It was the images flashed into people's homes night after night with the melodious tones of uber-liberal Walter Cronkite that turned the war effort, ultimately having a deep psychological effect on the nation's citizens.

In the ensuing decades, the three major networks became like gods as they dictated the ebb and flow of what Americans were supposed to believe. As they deliberately eroded the authority of Church and State, they seized that authority unto themselves, and people believed them.

The truth of Watergate was nowhere near as heinous as it was portrayed to be and certainly much less than what Obama did during his presidency, but one president was vilified and had to resign while the other was celebrated by the exact same establishment. In fact, Obama and his reign were a direct product of the media establishment. 

So why is it important to know and understand all this? To be able to be conversant in all this? What does it have to do with saving souls and Catholic truth? Because this is where the battle for minds is taking place every day — the battle for truth and influence over the intellect.

In centuries past, such battles may have occurred in the king's court or on a battlefield and so forth. For the moment, it has been assigned to this realm. And this is why it must be fought voraciously. For example, the media wanted Obama canonized and Trump demonized because of what each man represented.

Obama was the perfect contemporary man: godless, without any moral compass, power-hungry and a man who fit their suit. He was black, which meant if you spoke against anything he said or did, you were immediately labeled a racist. He shoved aside all notions of America even remotely resembling a Christian nation or people. And with his anti-god policies and personnel in power, he set about the creation of what would later be revealed to be the deep state.

Hillary was supposed to win and just carry on the policies of sodomy-as-marriage, child slaughter and so forth, but Trump interrupted that and reminded us, if even in a flawed way, that America was better than this. But what was moving under the radar on all of this political maelstrom was the participation in the overthrow of the old world by many men in the U.S. hierarchy.

Various numbers of them are every bit as much a part of the deep state as any senior Democrat or turncoat Republican. They even can be said to have constituted a deep church — and, make no mistake, they are in control.

Just as Obama — through his agents and with the never-ending drum pounding of the media — controls the government, so too do his allies in the Church who worked so hard to get him elected in 2008 and reelected in 2012.

And why should you care about all this as a faithful Catholic? Because the policies of Obama and the subversive actions of multiple prelates are intended to prevent you from ever achieving your eternal destiny desired by God. And that is because, ultimately, it is Satan in control of the media and government — not Obama or Kamala or Blase Cupich or Wilton Gregory or Joseph Tobin.

They are his puppets. They have completely surrendered to him, yet, through pride, they believe themselves to be calling the shots. They are not. He is. Their hatred of truth does not really derive from themselves but from him, the Father of Lies. He proposes to them in their warped, arrogant, power-hungry intellects, and they rush to embrace his falsehoods.

But bear in mind, in our current political governance, none of this would be possible if the citizenry had not first been corrupted to accept their policies disguised as goods. And that happened because of the media, predominantly the news media, in all its opposition to truth. This is the entire reason Satan seized hold of the media: to corrupt intellects. 

And it's not surprising at all that the collapse of the Church happened exactly at the same time that the media became dominant: the 1960s and following. The media even spun its own narrative about Vatican II — so much so that Pope Benedict once famously noted that there was the actual council and then the council of the media.

Whatever your thoughts about Vatican II and the behind-the-scenes strangeness going on, it is a fact that the media put into the intellects of the Catholic world that "everything has changed." And they meant everything: sin, liturgy, Hell — all of it was out the window, and a new church of homosexual clergy and lesbian nuns sprang into being.

In truth, the gays and lesbians were already there at the time, moving into key positions, but it was the media that allowed them to begin their march to tear down Holy Mother Church and replace Her with a globalist, social justice, Marxist Church consumed with a radically evil understanding of "love" — which has not a thing to do with love as it is in God.

How man is governed is massively important to how he understands himself in relation to God. How he is instructed by religious leaders in this regard is more important. These forces that have seized political control and control in the Church are not neutral. They are literally hell-bent on actually destroying religion and using the powers of government to crush the Faith and believers.

And the media is their main weapon in that. The media tries to convince people that their narrative is true and all about love and equality and fairness, and if you oppose it, you need to be eliminated. You suffer from some type of phobia. You are a hater and need to be treated as such.

And they are winning, which is why they have to be opposed — because to actively oppose their lies is to stand for Catholic truth and the Faith. Truthful news, therefore, becomes a tool to evangelize. We preach where people live.  

What the faithful must come to understand clearly is the connection between the corrupt media and the necessity of challenging it.

It's why the Vatican, Bp. Barron, James Martin and many others are looking for ways to silence us and other faithful Catholics — because this work in the media is undoing their decades of lies and misinformation. The media narrative must be attacked head-on and undone, or at least sufficiently destabilized in people's minds to be able to clear a way for the truth to get in. 

Many people have come across us here at Church Militant and either converted or reverted, specifically because of listening to us talk like this. That's what they tell us, over and over again. The faithful today have a challenge we never had before. It's a very different world. Getting people to come to the truth means you have to undo and demolish an entire network of lies that has been spun for them through and by the media. For example, just look at how the bishops not only caved but went even further than state governors on the whole COVID crisis created by the media.

What the faithful must come to understand clearly is the connection between the corrupt media and the necessity of challenging it — that this does comprise a significant part of what we call "evangelizing." They are not two different things. They have everything to do with each other. 

The forces of evil in the media enjoy a significant head start, so much so that it may not be able to be overcome. But we aren't called to win; we are called to fight. Any victory would be brought about by God anyway. In the meantime, fight we must. The battle for salvation in this epoch of the Church is being fought as an information war. We didn't ask for this but it is, nonetheless, where we are.

As a reminder and in response to our current situation, Church Militant has put together the most comprehensive newscast in the entire Catholic world, airing on the site each weeknight at 6:30 p.m. ET and then on replay about 60 minutes or so later. Please make it part of your routine. It's news and information from an authentic Catholic viewpoint on the things of this world, which directly bear upon our lives in the next.

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