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Keep Your Mouth Shut, or Else!

It's a racket. They have no faith.

February 25, 2021  0


The topic of this Vortex may be very disturbing to some viewers, and children should not be allowed to view this without parents first viewing it.

To give you the headline, when a 25-year-old gay scandal resurfaced in the archdiocese, a thinly veiled death threat was made against a deacon by the archdiocese of Chicago: Keep his mouth shut, or else.

We'll be getting into all of that.   

A little less than half of all Catholics in America live in the roughly three dozen archdioceses around the country — the larger population centers. To be an archbishop is a highly coveted job among career-minded men, and, in many instances, the archbishops of the archdioceses have compromised the Faith to get into those high offices.

In fact, they have polluted the minds and souls of the faithful and continue to do so with lies, theft and cover-up, along with doctrinal, moral and liturgical corruption on a scale not seen publicly since the Protestant revolt of the 16th century. It's not that smaller dioceses don't have their problems; it's just that, normally speaking, the catfighting and moral compromise that goes on behind the scenes to get the more prestigious positions ramps up the stakes.

We have and will continue to spotlight the evils in the archdiocese of Detroit. But today, we're going to turn our sights 300 miles to the west, to the archdiocese of Chicago, to a truly disturbing case. Before we begin, understand that Church Militant has been turning the soil and digging on this story for more than a year, and we have confirmed and vetted all our information as we always do. But this story is so horrible, we had to quadruple check everything.

Back in 1991, the homosexual Cdl. Bernardin publicly designated Resurrection a 'gay parish.'

The evil we are about to tell you goes back decades and involves not only the homosexual former cardinal of Chicago — accused of sexual molestation during a satanic ritual — but also Cdl. Blase Cupich, who has happily inherited this corrupt cauldron of an archdiocese. It involves Resurrection Parish in the Avondale neighborhood of Chicago.  

Back in 1991, the homosexual Cdl. Bernardin publicly designated Resurrection a "gay parish," welcoming sodomy and all that stuff. It was at an opening Mass on June 30, 1991 presided over by Bernardin that a banner celebrating homosexuality was hoisted into the rafters and covered up the crucifix. 

At the Mass was the active homosexual pastor appointed by Bernardin — Daniel Montalbano. Montalbano was not only active as a homosexual but amassed an enormous amount of homosexual pornography that he kept in his room in the rectory. Noteworthy, at that Mass was a veritable rogues' gallery of child-molester priests, other actively homosexual clergy and many involved in covering them up. 

Listed in attendance on the bulletin for the opening Mass, was Fr. Michael J. Weston, who later was accused multiple times of child molestation. Weston spent his last years as an active priest at Resurrection, and when accusations came to light in 1993, was allowed to flee Chicago by Bernardin (who was afraid of litigation and the story going public).

He was later kicked out of the priesthood by Rome, but, in his absence, no charges were ever able to be filed. To this day, his whereabouts are unknown.

Now, on to the pastor, Daniel Montalbano. On Sunday, May 25, 1997, Montalbano did not come down from his rectory room for the 9:00 a.m. Mass. Two deacons were present, and both went into the rectory, one accompanied by his wife, and entered his private suite looking for him. When they opened the door, they found him naked, dead and hooked up to a sex-machine.

We are going to be deliberately vague here (to protect people from retaliation), but Church Militant has confirmed this directly with at least one of the eyewitnesses: What ensued was a massive cover-up of the circumstances of his death and the perverse manner in which he died. Archdiocesan officials appeared almost immediately — in concert with Chicago Police — and ordered one of the deacons to gather up all the gay porn videotapes (numbering in the hundreds) and take them to the woods and burn them all.

For the record, all relevant records — from police, ambulance services, the morgue, the archdiocese, every possible place there would be official records — have been completely scrubbed, as though none of this ever happened.

Again, Church Militant has confirmed all the individuals who were present to all the goings on in the immediate aftermath. Once successfully squashing any chatter about the story and threatening those present, the archdiocese held a wildly enthusiastic and celebratory funeral Mass for Montalbano, offered, of course, by auxiliary bishop John R. Manz, who was made bishop the year before Bernardin died.

The archdiocese even allowed the state of Illinois to issue a proclamation praising Montalbano for all his social work, a rare move with government praising the passing of a supposedly simple parish priest. The false account put out by the Chicago archdiocese was that Montalbano died in his sleep. The reality was far different.

The archdiocese of Chicago then moved on, thinking they had successfully covered up yet another scandal of homosexual clergy. However, the whole story came back to life 20+ years later when parishioners discovered the notorious banner Bernardin and Montalbano had hung in the sanctuary.

After Montalbano's sordid death, the banner was taken down, and someone just stuffed it into the back of a cupboard. In August 2018, a terrific thunderstorm caused a leak in the church, and, in trying to clean up, parishioners discovered the banner. Recalling the evil surrounding it, they demanded of Fr. Paul Kalchik, the pastor since 2007, that it be burned.

Eventually, word got back to Cupich that the gay banner was going to be publicly burned and the parishioners were going to do it. He ordered Kalchik not to hold any public burning event. Kalchik obeyed, but the parishioners still wanted it burned, if not publicly, then privately, which is what happened.

Montalbano's gay banner was burned by parishioners, the exact same way archdiocesan officials had ordered Montalbano's gay porn videos to be secretly burned in the woods by a parish deacon.

All hell broke loose in the archdiocese once it was discovered the banner had been torn into smaller pieces and burned little by little. Current mayor and lesbian Lori Lightfoot and other liberal Chicagoans contacted Cupich and demanded he punish Kalchik.

Father Kalchik was forced to flee and go into hiding to escape the wrath of his homosexualist bishop, Cdl. Blase Cupich, and the local homosexual community, who were threatening his life. The incident resurrected the story of Fr. Montalbano and the sordid circumstances surrounding his death.

Father Kalchik was forced to flee and go into hiding to escape the wrath of his homosexualist bishop, Cdl. Blase Cupich.

But it also resurrected the scandal of the chancery covering it all up. To make sure that story did not come out, threatening phone calls came from the chancery to anyone who had personal knowledge of the original scandal of a priest being praised by the archdiocese for his service yet having been discovered dead, hooked up to an electric sex machine in his rectory, surrounded by mountains of gay porn.

One of those individuals from back in the day who was "in the know" is Dcn. Paco Rivera, who received a mysterious call from downtown, ordering him to keep his mouth shut.

For the record and to protect him and his family, Dcn. Paco was not one of the eyewitnesses in discovering the body. In fact, he was initially lied to and told it was a suicide. Also, again for their protection, Church Militant has no intention of revealing who our sources are — and they are multiple — but they all had first-hand knowledge of the events.

We bring all this up right now to show the nature of these scandals and their cover-ups. They are generational. They are well-known by insiders who cover these evils up until they go to their graves. What happens after that is up to the Almighty.

But, here on earth, the innocent, unsuspecting sheep are taken in, fleeced, lied to, deprived of the truth and have no idea their spiritual so-called leaders are thieves, crooks and spiritual terrorists. The U.S. hierarchy needs to understand, Church Militant will not stop revealing their heinous sins and lies and evil until they are thoroughly discredited and, hopefully, resign.

Make no mistake, what happened in Chicago is only different in its circumstances and details. The same underlying principles apply in archdiocese after archdiocese — as we have shown you in case after case in New York, Los Angeles, Detroit and so forth.

Now that the truth of this is out in Chicago, a truth Cupich still wants covered up, will they fess up? Don't bet on it. Liars aren't really fond of truth, which is why they threaten innocent people who know.

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