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Keeping Balanced

It's seldom easy.

March 30, 2020  0


These are strange days right now — mixed signals, wild swings on Wall Street. There are more cases, slowing rates. There's so much uncertainty. It's hard to find any balance in all this. 

One thing — in fact, the most important thing — not getting much attention is keeping balanced supernaturally. The natural world — since we are here — is fallen, and therefore susceptible to all of this uncertainty and fear. It changes. God, however, never changes. The supernatural world, outside of time, doesn't know change.

This is a challenge for us here at Church Militant as well — keeping things in balance — as we suspect it is for loads of faithful Catholics.

On the one hand, we have the Church, the glorious Bride of Christ — Jesus Christ present on earth — wherein resides the fullness of truth, because he is truth, outside of which there is no salvation. In fact, without the Catholic Church, salvation would not be possible at all. God Himself has ordained this, and therefore, it is not changeable.

So Catholics who truly believe have a duty, and indeed the honor, of bringing souls to the Church. It was, after all, the great commission of Our Lord as he ascended to Heaven. That commission applies to souls who are not Catholics as well as souls who are baptized Catholics and have become lukewarm. So, it's pretty clear there. 

The problem wasn't with the culture; the problem was inside the Church.

Now, on the other side of the balancing scales, we are plagued by a hierarchy, many of whom have clearly lost whatever supernatural faith they may once have had. In short, they don't believe, and that's pretty dang clear. And if they do, then they certainly don't believe anywhere near enough, especially for being bishops.

Far from being like Peter who betrayed Our Lord out of fear — still bad — this lot looks a lot more like Judas: thieving traitors who turn Our Lord over to the state at the drop of a government grant. So what's a Catholic to do? How do you evangelize and explain the supernatural glory of the Church when there is so much evil underneath those miters?

It requires a great deal of balancing. 

A personal note: When we established St. Michael's Media/Church Militant back at the end of 2005, it was solely in response to Dan Brown's infamous garbage novel, The Da Vinci Code. Our flagship Premium show, The One True Faith, was meant to help Catholics — and non-Catholics willing to listen — understand the truth of the Catholic faith so they could see for themselves through lies like the Da Vinci Code.

We trudged along like that for over three years, naïvely thinking that the culture — out there — was responsible for sucking Catholics out of the Church, and making the few remaining in the pews intellectual midgets in terms of their Faith knowledge.

Then Obama showed up at Notre Dame in May 2009 and less than a quarter of the nation's bishops uttered a syllable against it. The vast majority said not a word. And that was the moment for us where the whole scene came into stark focus. The problem wasn't with the culture; the problem was inside the Church, period. It was that episode — a watershed moment for us here — which re-focused all our efforts. We may have begun fighting the culture, but discovered the real fight was in the sanctuary.

One by one, as we turned our guns to the inside, informants as well as knowledgeable, respected men and women — men like Dr. Charles Rice, God rest his soul — reached out and said: "You have discovered the source of the rot. Keep doing what you are doing. Root it all out." 

What was the message? That the truth and glory of the Church's teaching was being obscured by wicked men in the clergy who have no faith. There — the cat was out of the bag. That was the big picture, the 60,000-foot view, as they say. Everything else was a footnote. But those footnotes need presenting because it is in those details that the evil makes its home.

So for more than a decade, we have presented the truth of the crisis with specific examples of wicked men; phony Catholic leaders; hundreds of examples of active homosexual clerics; vainglory narcissists; money-hungry, corrupt liars and thieves who are operating the Church right now. The violence these men and their predecessors have done to the Church in America for decades has brought Her to the brink of ruin.

Too few know the Faith. Even fewer realize they need to. They have been intoxicated by a whiny cadre of emasculated men — drama queens who care for nothing and no one except themselves, including their own eternal fate.

So yes, we need to talk about both, considerably — the Faith and the filth. The wickedness is so deep, so all-encompassing, that to turn the other way and allow souls to labor under false teachings and understandings would be sinful. If you know the truth, you have a moral obligation to others and to God to tell the truth. It isn't enough to merely teach the Faith and here's why — because your audience is not listening to you in a vacuum, especially Catholics, who have been brainwashed by this sinister lot of men for half a century.

All they have heard is pollyanna nonsense spewing from their pulpits — "Love, love, love! God is love! There is no sin. No one really goes to Hell. God understands your sin. Everyone goes to Heaven." In fact, it would appear the most egregious act a Catholic could commit in a bishop's mind these days is not giving to the annual appeal. 

They have straight-up lied and protected each other's sins and crimes. They have committed perjury, participated in or covered up the rape of teenage boys by the tens of thousands and so forth. If they die unrepentant, they will deserve every torture they receive in the fires of Hell.

We also have a duty to expose, because as long as that filth goes undetected and unexposed — is allowed to grow — the teaching will have little effect.

But more importantly, their evil prevents souls from hearing the clarity of the Church's teachings, which in turn makes it difficult for those souls to rise to the heights of sanctity that they otherwise might. How Our Lord, the Just Judge, sorts all that out is up to Him, but this we do know: No one is ever worse-off for hearing Catholic truth. What they do with it depends on them.

But some faithful Catholics don't have the stomach for this. It is, in a word, revolting. We agree. But personal distaste for this horror cannot relieve us of our obligation to announce the truth. That is never the case. The diabolical too often arouses within some people with a certain personality, the thought that all this scandal is too much, talked about too frequently, is overblown. To accept that is to walk straight into his trap of playing on your emotions so they overwhelm your intellect.

What if a serial killer was on the loose who first tortured his victims in an especially gruesome manner? Would the cops charged with arresting him be permitted to say, after finding dozens of the brutalized corpses, "This is too much. We have to leave the case. It's just too much?"

Well, the current reality in the Church far surpasses that of a brutal serial killer. Too many of the leaders are in league with the demonic and they are brutalizing souls. This must end. And there is no natural way to end it without exposing it. We always have a duty to teach. But in this current climate of wickedness and betrayal, we also have a duty to expose, because as long as that filth goes undetected and unexposed — it is allowed to grow — and when that happens, the teaching will have little effect. Both cannot coexist.

So what we do here at Church Militant is both: We teach the glories of the Faith while we also expose the filth and evil preventing so many from hearing or accepting the fullness of truth. It's why we ask everyone to become a Premium subscriber to Church Militant, because your small payment of $10 a month allows us to keep doing both.

You get 24-hour access to hundreds of hours of straight-up Catholic truth, spoken in very clear terms, and you allow us to keep working on clearing up the filth by exposing these hirelings and their gay lovers and thieving staff and twisted clergy.

We didn't invent McCarrick. We didn't create Donald Wuerl. James Martin isn't an invention of ours. But all of them and thousands like them have set in motion in the Church a series of events that are intended to make you lose your supernatural inheritance. As much as we can prevent that from happening, we're going to do it, and you should too.

Every single one of us will be judged on how we fed the hungry, clothed the naked and so forth. If you refuse to give those you can, spiritual food, offer them no protection from the cold of wickedness, how can you claim to love God?

Help us in the fight, our fight, to restore authenticity to the Church. Sign up today for a Premium subscription and learn more about the Faith than what you already know. Learn the history, the teachings, the glory of the Faith, and yes, the nightmare we are in right now — its causes, circumstances and characters, so you can explain it to others, and they can step into the light. Stay balanced. That's exactly what happened to us, after all.

Just click on the link and become a Premium member today.

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