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Keeping Your Peace

Not how you think.

April 2, 2019  0


All the continuing, non-stop news about the evil and corruption in the Church has the unhappy side effect of causing some people to become discouraged.

We here at Church Militant have our noses in this every day — not because we necessarily seek it out, but ever since the McCarrick news broke last summer, an incredible number of people have started coming to us with their own stories.

Some of those stories are of physical/sexual abuse; others are about the cover-up of it. Some are about financial malfeasance on the part of priests and/or bishops.

Some — actually quite a few — are about active homosexual relationships between clergy or clergy involved with non-clerical homosexual partners.

You name it, we hear about it — and again, not necessarily because we seek it out.

Long before McCarrick, Church Militant was already being tipped off on a regular basis to the homosexual current in the Church, the same homo-current Abp. Viganò confirmed last August in his first testimony.

We took a lot of heat back in the day for our reporting of what we were both being told and were verifying left and right: There is a homosexual hive which seized operational control of the Church decades ago and has only flourished under this current pontificate.

That's the bottom line. Men like James Martin and Theodore McCarrick and these scores of crooked, wicked bishops did not just come into existence since Pope Francis was elected.

And you can take this to the bank: When his pontificate is over, whoever steps out on to that loggia in Rome, it won't end there either. The majority of clerics in positions of authority and influence in the Church right now and have been for decades are homosexual.

Those who aren't are sympathetic to it or are emasculated men terrified to confront the homosexual hive. Would it be better to have a pope who fights this as opposed to, at the bare minimum, gives the impression he is somehow neutral to it? Sure, but even if Cardinal Burke or Cardinal Sarah stepped out on the balcony dressed in white, any Catholic who thinks that all would be right with the Church again is out of their ecclesiastical mind.

Of course, it would be a good start, but no pope, no matter who he is, is going to destroy that homosexual hive because it is much deeper and more powerful than most people realize.

Sure, even if Martin and Cupich and Tobin and Farrell and many others were reduced to the lay state by the new pope — which would be a good beginning — there are thousands of homosexual priests, many of whom are very good at hiding, waiting in the wings.

This is not to say anything other than we must be realistic when confronting this horror in the Church, which let it be said very clearly is one of clergy lacking supernatural faith.

That problem gets exhibited in many different ways, and one very prevalent way is the control that these homoheretics have, again as Archbishop Viganò clearly demonstrated by naming names.

So how does a faithful Catholic, just "Joe Catholic," keep his peace in all this turmoil? You realize that what you do every day when you get up is get to fight evil. You were created from all eternity by Almighty God specifically for these times.

Your time and place in salvation history is not by accident. Your creation in your mother's womb wasn't a surprise to God. He planned it. And he planned it specifically for you. Fighting against this evil is your path to salvation because these are the times, not just in which you live, but the times in which you were deliberately placed by God.

While understandable on a natural level that this is all distressing and dispiriting and all that — again, naturally speaking it is, but faithful Catholics don't just live on a natural level.

We dwell not just on, but actually in the supernatural as well. We have been born — meaning created by God — for combat.

That is the entire meaning of the theological term "Church Militant," from which this particular apostolate derives its name. How do you keep your peace? You fight — you fight the demon. You fight him at every turn.

If you fall, by sin or failure or cowardice from time to time, you have the peace of knowing that Our Heavenly Father has already baked that into the battle plan — that's what confession is for.

Fight like Heaven. If you get bested here and there, realize it's only for a moment. Just get to confession and pick your sword back up and rush right back into battle.

What do you think you are alive for, if not this? Being Catholic isn't easy. In fact, there is nothing more difficult on earth than being a good, faithful Catholic.

This is the most titanic fight the Church has ever been engaged in. Whatever territory the Church had conquered in men's hearts and minds since Pentecost, has largely been lost. Most of that loss has come at the hands of Judas clerics — throughout our 2,000-year sacred history, no doubt, but especially in our day.

You keep your peace by keeping your sword in your hand. Don't be discouraged. Be angry, as long as it is justified and does not overcome you. Be angry at the loss of souls, at the despoiling of truth, at the ravaging of the faith — and fight. Fight evil clerics. Fight the homoheresy. Fight the spiritual corruption. Fight every bit of it.

If you are busy in the fight, you don't have time to think about things like "how do I keep my peace?"

Peace is something we possess, a gift granted to us because we do the will of God. God wills that the truth be proclaimed.

If at times, which in these days is quite frequently, that means assaulting the lies and deceptions and weakness of those in the Church, then so be it. You keep your peace by fighting — a glorious army under the queenship of our 12-star general.

And, as it will come for every human, when your final day comes, you will simply carry that peace into the next life where you will rest in it for eternity, for everything here is a preparation for there.

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