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Know the Truth

And arm yourselves with it.

November 28, 2019  0


If you’ve been following events in the news even superficially, you may have noticed that the Eucharist, the Blessed Sacrament, is making headlines.

This past weekend, satanists in a most foul display of sacrilege held a publicly advertised Black Mass and desecrated what they claimed was a consecrated Host.

In their statement following the demonic event, they said, “The consecrated host was defiled, destroyed and swept into the trash where it belongs.”

The horrific affair took place at a local beer brewing company where, in the run-up period, owners said they would “celebrate the beast within.”

Strange, isn’t it, how satanists believe the Eucharist is the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Blessed Lord, but most Catholics don’t — including undoubtedly many clergy?

That was another headline a couple weeks back about the Eucharis: 70% of Catholics do not believe in the Real Presence.

And digging deeper into the Pew Research poll, half of those who do not believe simply reject the teaching, but the other half say they have never heard that preached.

Breaking down the numbers, that's roughy 25 million U.S. Catholics who have never heard the teaching on the Real Presence — the source and summit of the Faith. That is disgraceful.

A couple of weeks ago, a South Carolina priest catapulted to the front pages when he refused Holy Communion to fake Catholic Joe Biden during Mass. The case created a stir among various news outlets, and modernist Churchmen denounced the priest for his actions.

Another headline a few days ago revealed that the majority of workers in the Church — those who work in the chanceries and schools — reject the teachings of the Church. NBC News did an extensive and exhaustive poll of Catholic workers in dioceses from across the country, and depending on the question, the effects of modernism were evident everywhere: a lack of faith, even among those getting paid by the collection basket.

Those results are not so much actual news for Catholics who understand the current crisis; it was more confirmation of what many already heavily suspected of most lay Church employees.

And it doesn’t stop with the laity. About a year ago, the lying, cheating bishop of Buffalo, Richard Malone, ordered what appeared to be a bleeding Host destroyed without first having it tested or the case investigated. His decision greatly angered area Catholics, who thought the remarkable events at least bore further examination.

But in another diocese, the bishop of Tyler, Texas, Joseph Strickland, is beginning a Year of the Eucharist beginning this weekend, the first Sunday of Advent. The activities will involve an ongoing pilgrimage throughout the diocese to pray and offer eucharitic adoration, as bishop, in front of every tabernacle in his diocese.

His Excellency says, "Let us all grow in understanding of the Eucharist."

Church Militant has maintained for years now — publicly — that the heart of the crisis in the Church is a lack of supernatural faith among too many bishops and priests. And the heart of their lack of faith revolves around their disbelief in the Real Presence.

It is inconceivable that men like McCarrick, Tobin, Wuerl, Cupich and so forth could on the one hand believe in the Real Presence, and on the other hand permit such flagrant abuse and sacrilege in encouraging unworthy reception.

This has gone on for decades and has contributed — trickled down, in essence — to the faithful, who themselves no longer believe, or even know the teaching.

For this reason, Church Militant has put together this compilation production of the Church’s teaching on the Eucharist. It’s a multi-DVD set which also includes a small book which is the script of the recently released documentary by us: The Holy Eucharist: God’s Lamb.

In the full set, you get that documentary, the booklet, a six-part apologetics series we produced on the Eucharist, as well as a bonus DVD on the Blessed Sacrament called "It Is or It Isn't."

All of this — a pretty extensive collection — is meant for you and others to learn much more about the beautiful reality of the source and summit of the Faith.

So we have pulled all these together and put them in the same package in time for you to purchase them for yourself and loved ones for Christmas presents. Just click on the provided link for details.

There’s probably no faithful Catholic in America who doesn't know another Catholic who has never heard this teaching. According to the Pew Research findings, about one-third — as we said earlier, 25 million — fall into this category.

A third of Catholics believe, a third reject, but a third have never heard. You know some of these people. They are in your family, your social circles, your work place. It's up to faithful Catholics to step up and do what we have been commanded to do by Our Blessed Lord: Go out and teach.

And in this case Church Militant has made it extremely easy. 

The God’s Lamb documentary DVD is only about an hour. Each of the six apologetics classes DVDs are each also about an hour, and the additional bonus DVD "It Is or It Isn’t" is also about an hour.

And if someone you know is more of a reader and might be enticed by that as opposed to watching video first, then the God’s Lamb book is a perfect introduction for them.

Each year when we decide what it is we wish to highlight for you to consider as presents for your loved ones, we take stock of the past year and talk about what appears to be the area of greatest need or understanding — and there are a lot.

But with the steady stream of news, in the Church and the secular media, we decided this was the best avenue to go, to give you weapons to bolster you in your fight to spread the truth of the Real Presence.

So please, click on the link, look at everything you get — hours of well-produced presentations as well as a book — and decide who among your friends and family would most benefit from this. Families might also look at this and say: We should devote one hour a week to watching these as a family and discussing them.

Dads and moms have the primary duty to raise their children in the Faith, and the source and summit of the Faith is the Blessed Sacrament, so there is another use for this: a gift for the entire family to spend time as a family and learn.

Thank you for your consideration, and please, click on the link and order yours today.

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