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Legal Whores and Their Johns

The bishops and their attorneys have no shame!

October 21, 2021  0

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When bishops and their lawyers have loads of filthy rags and dirty laundry to try and conceal, they really should not draw attention to themselves the way the U.S. bishops and their lawyers at Venable law firm have done. Frankly, the relationship between them is little else than legalized prostitution, the lawyers playing the whores and the bishops, their johns.

However, the money they pay for their squalid actions comes from you and me. Like all crooks and thieves, it's never their own money they spend. And, of course, the immoral and well-heeled gang at Venable law firm are happy to turn a cheap trick, except for the fact that it isn't cheap.

The money they pay for their squalid actions comes from you and me. Like all crooks and thieves, it's never their own money they spend.

Venable law firm has rocketed to prominence under the leadership of James Shea, who took it from a mediocre firm to one of the top hundred in the country. Shea is the same man who now, as city solicitor for Baltimore, called a halt to our Bishops: Enough is Enough rally scheduled for November 16.

The city is trying to play this off as some kind of giant public threat where counter-protestors will show up and start killing people — and yes, that's part of their argument in their latest filing.

And while that might have the sound of intense drama about it, the actual reason is quite likely much less dramatic, but considerably more slimy. The firm that Shea launched to prominence has the U.S. bishops as its client. And while it's true that Shea is no longer the head person, he is still a managing partner and exercises massive influence behind the scenes. His firm either counsels, lobbies for or represents the U.S. bishops, the archdiocese of Baltimore and the Maryland Catholic Conference.

In what is a full-on display of massive ejecting of morals and prostituting themselves, Venable lobbied on behalf of Maryland's bishops in the Maryland state legislature to block sex abuse victims of the Church from filing lawsuits. Jim Shea's legal buddies helped shepherd the anti-victim law by trickery, inserting a section in the law that legislators misinterpreted and voted to pass.

After the bishops' lawyers tricked lawmakers, the response was exactly what you would expect. Sean Caine, a spokesman for the archdiocese of Baltimore, said, "If you don't know what your bill says, that's a problem."

Translation? When you sex abuse victims of our homopredator clergy decide to seek justice, we will trick lawmakers to victimize you again. As we say here at Church Militant with regular frequency, they're monsters in miters, and that comes with our apologies to all the monsters out there.

It was Jim Shea's firm that helped engineer this further betrayal of victims, and his firm provides counsel and/or representation to the U.S. bishops, the archdiocese of Baltimore and the Maryland Catholic Conference. This is how the bishops operate: They find unscrupulous attorneys who are willing to hop in bed with the hierarchy's evil, just for a buck. The rotten bishops keep sending them "business" because, frankly, the bishops have a lot of "business" to send them.

And in the case of Lori and his archdiocese, not only do they cover up sex abuse and shame the victims, but they also get what amounts to kickbacks from their powerful attorneys who sit on city boards, and they funnel them millions of taxpayer dollars for "charity."

This, of course, implicated not only the lawyers at Venable and their johns at the U.S. Bishops' Conference, most especially William Lori, but it also shines a brilliant light on the halls of power in the city.

Faithful Catholics in Baltimore are fed up and are now protesting in front of City Hall starting this past Tuesday, demanding the city stop cooperating in sex abuse cover-up through Abp. William Lori's point man inside city hall, Jim Shea. Various passersby are now stopping and talking with them, expressing their support. Some Baltimore cops even showed up and cheered on the Catholic protestors.

Faithful Catholics in Baltimore are fed up and are now protesting in front of City Hall, demanding the city stop cooperating in sex abuse cover-up.

Scenes like this mean the city is quickly losing the public relations battle, and regardless of what Lori and his crony Jim Shea say, Mayor Scott has the ability to immediately bring this to an end and order Shea to drop the suit and let the rally go forward. That's what these Catholic protestors are demanding of him. Get out of bed, Mayor Scott, with sex abuse cover-up artists. 

For now, Mayor Scott is neck-deep in all this filth. He appointed his buddy Jim Shea to be the top lawyer for the city, a top lawyer who is in tight with Abp. William Lori. When the city and the lawyers got word that Church Militant was coming to town, they all conspired to prevent it.

They used the levers of government to try and derail us; used taxpayer dollars to fund it; worked out an advantage to the archdiocese and the U.S. Bishops' Conference because of the fiduciary relationship between the city and Lori — and they are actually lying about it all being about violence and death and riots and mayhem.

No. It's all about legal whores and their johns — johns in miters. 

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