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Liars, Thieves & Murderers

Killers in collars.

August 6, 2019  0


This past weekend, as you may know, Church Militant held our annual Strength and Honor conference — a shindig we sponsor every year for men to help them reinforce their spirituality.

At these types of events, as well as many other interactions we have on the road as well as drop-in studio visits, we are able to gather a collective opinion of many clergy and seminarians — good, solid orthodox men who frankly are dismayed, frightened and angry and feel absolutely betrayed by their bishops.

One cleric we were speaking with recently brought the whole situation to a summary statement that we wanted to share with you, because it does indeed sum it all up: the issue of homosexuality among the clergy.

He said these men are liars, thieves and killers. And he broke it down like this: They lied to get into seminary, they stole their ordinations and they murder the vocations of good men — bam!

That's it; in one glorious nutshell, there it all is.

First, on the question of lying. When they were "discerning" a vocation, they lied. They lied to themselves, first of all.

It may or may not have been a deliberate lie, but they lied nonetheless. They applied to seminary with the hopes of solving whatever emotional pain or struggle they were having.

They did not go into seminary with the idea of sacrificing, of giving, but rather taking.

While same-sex attraction can be a very painful, heavy cross, that pain does not give one permission to lie to self, the Church and Christ.

On the question of stealing their ordination, they took from the Church Holy Orders, completing their initial rationalization, the mental gymnastics they went through when applying for admission to the seminary.

All through those years of supposed formation, they reinforced their rationalization, arriving eventually at the point of ordination, where they stole that which they should not have had.

Holy Orders does not belong to the selfish; that sacrament belongs to the most giving of the community — or at least it should.

Any man who prostrates himself at the altar for his own psychological benefit is not fit to have hands laid on him.

But over the past half-century and more, thousands of such men have been ordained, not imitators of Christ and His supreme charity, but men who would go on to suck the life out of the Church as they helped sinners make excuses for their sin, convert the liturgy into a stage production starring them, all in an effort to deal with that issue which the Church teaches they should not be ordained over.

After having thus locked down the arenas of being liars and murderers, they swiftly move on to be killers, murdering other vocations in the Church.

Many of these men climb the ranks quickly, thanks to other equally disturbed spiritual terrorists in collars and miters who promote them, for misery does love company.

They assume various levels of leadership and authority in the local Church and even the Vatican where they pervert doctrine, liturgy and the spiritual life, not just of laity, but also their brother clergy.

Something not often considered by laypeople, because it's not generally right in front of our eyes, is the tremendous pain and persecution these men bring to other priests and seminarians.

These killers in collars while in seminary sexually abuse and harass young men who want to give their lives to the Church for the salvation of souls.

Some of these young men who arrive with an idealized understanding of things become disillusioned or leave seminary, even lose their faith, killing not only their vocation but their faith as well.

Others stay in but become broken because they are softer personalities and have no idea how to handle this. Consider the thoughts of any seminarians exposed to, for example, Bp. Michael Bransfield of West Virginia, a financial thief and killer of souls.

Think about the 24-year-old, bright-eyed young man in seminary as this homopredator letch comes around.

Another example, Fr. Joseph Gatto in Buffalo, New York, who was rector of Christ the King Seminary and used to "screen" seminary applicants based on whether he could get them in the sack down the road.

Of course, once local TV news reports exposed all that, the lying bishop of Buffalo, Richard Malone, had to yank him, only to stick him back in a parish as a pastor a few weeks later.

Gatto must know where a lot of bodies are buried for Malone to put him back in a parish assignment — revolting.

But good priests are also targeted by these killers, persecuted when they become their overlords in chancery positions.

And what makes the persecuted class holy is one simple fact: Because they respect the promise of obedience they made at their ordinations, they endure this cross. They bear it purely out of love for souls.

But they are also men, human men, with feelings and emotions and so forth. To walk around day after day knowing that at any moment you can be bullied, accused, threatened to be shipped off to St. Luke's nut house — how dare these types of conditions prevail in the Church.

How dare the Catholic establishment media not raise these stories and issues and make the average Catholic aware of them.

Evil has penetrated the Church. To be certain, homosexual men in the priesthood and episcopate are not the only cause of the evil, but they cannot be dismissed and allowed to go on. The first issue is making people aware of this. 

If you are a seminarian who has been sexually harassed or threatened or abused by a cleric, get to the police as fast as you can and file a report before the statute of limitations expires.

Same thing if you are a priest: File a civil lawsuit against your local bishop and diocese.

This filth can no longer be kept under wraps and guarded because the revelation would bring "scandal" to the Church.

The scandal is already here, just look around. Men like [Cdl. Blase] Cupich and [Cdl. Joseph] Tobin and [Bp. Arthur] Serratelli are perfectly willing to overlook homosexual predation of adult males because they call it consensual.

Understand, these men are liars and thieves and murderers. They lied about their vocation, stole their ordinations and kill the vocations and priesthoods of other men.

No wonder Cupich and the rest of corrupt gay mafia never want to talk about any of this.

Pray for the Church, that this plague of homosexuality — much of it active — be purged from the Church. The filth, as Pope Benedict called all this, must be exposed.

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