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Little Victories

They add up to big victories.

May 18, 2021  0


Despite all the evil rot we see unfolding in every sphere we can imagine, we should, every now and then, take a small step back and realize the gains and the small victories. It's encouraging and gives us a reason for hope. The danger, of course, is that while counting wins, people slip back into a kind of complacency. But you'd have to be completely insane to think a few wins here and there are enough to make you lay down your weapons. So, at the risk of that, let's move ahead.

Despite the constant drumming by the Marxists in the media, about a third of the country remains unchanged in knowing Biden did not win the election. Marxist policies are being shown to be the losers they are as crises continue to expand under the phony Catholic and unelected president. Michigan governor Whitmer continues to be exposed as the lying witch she is by local media, particularly in reference to her own hypocritical conduct during the virus crisis.

In loads of races around the country, which you'll never hear about from the Marxists, staunch conservative GOP candidates — not the RINOs — are winning off-cycle elections and blowing their Democratic Party opponents out of the water. An overwhelming majority of Americans continue to say that they just don't like AOC.

The U.S. bishops are finally feeling the heat regarding heretic apostate politicians being able to receive Holy Communion, forcing them to venture out from their "unity" tent. What's being dubbed as "America's audit" in Arizona is shaking the lying, cheating Democratic machine to its core as the truth becomes more and more evident that Biden cheated — a lot.

The various religious communities dedicated to orthodoxy are growing, even as the behemoth of the Church of Nice continues to fade away.

The filth in various dioceses, seminaries and chanceries continues to be exposed in places like Chicago, Detroit and Buffalo. The laity are beginning to hit the streets and protest the corruption of the hierarchy in various places like Dallas, where Bp. Edward Burns is being exposed for the hypocritical fraud that he is.

Meanwhile, the Vatican's complicity with the communist Chinese continues to come more into focus, and its participation in the globalist push continues to discredit the corrupt network of homosexuals and freemasons so well-ensconced in Rome.

Last week, Texas became the 14th state to pass a heartbeat bill to help save the lives of the unborn. Trust in the mainstream media is in the toilet, and that's true of the social-media giants as well. In fact, major media is doing some soul searching, as are nearly all the major polling firms that have quietly admitted that they really messed up in 2020. 

In short, almost every major cultural institution taken over by the Marxists in the past 50 years is now viewed suspiciously and disliked by a majority of citizens — Hollywood, government, businesses, the courts, the media and, yes, religion. The leadership of these institutions remains powerful, largely because of their wealth, but their ideas are proving to be bankrupt — morally, financially and spiritually.

To be certain, the needle was already moving in this direction even before Trump, but he stepped on the gas and now it has simply become an awareness for an enormous number of Americans that these folks are all out for themselves, are agenda-driven and lie through their teeth.

It's difficult to imagine how that perception can ever be overcome because it's rooted in the truth and experience of people's day-to-day lives. And, close to home, large numbers of Catholics simply don't trust their bishops, and that's a good thing. No one should trust an untrustworthy man. 

The bishops have spent decades lying, stealing, cheating and so forth. And with every day that passes, another batch of Catholics somewhere in the country wakes up to that difficult realization and then orders his or her life around it. They pull their kids from official Church-run schools. They stop donating. They migrate to a faithful parish, deserting the Church of Nice.

They ignore their bishop's annual whining about needing money while financial campaigns repeatedly blow up in their faces. Every fiscal year, more diocese staff are laid off or bought off. Vocations decline in various places because that is exactly what should be happening in the face of the hierarchy's loss of supernatural faith and embrace of the world.

The Church Herself is not shrinking; it's just that the curtain is being pulled back on the truth that there hasn't been a robust embrace of the Faith in America for decades. It's all been a paper tiger. But the reality is that most baptized American Catholics couldn't give a rip about the Church. They don't believe the teachings. They gave up on the bishops and view them as little else than a bunch of tired, old liars who cover up abuse and don't care about anything but money.

They have it wrong, of course, about the teachings, but that part about the hierarchy is true. Almost none of this generation of Catholic youth cares a lick about the Church because, again, they have eyes and ears that work, and they can smell phoniness a mile away.

The truth of the matter is, the Church is not salvageable in its current state in America. But a tremendous and necessary pruning is going on. There's no way around it. Those who have caused this necessity will be damned for their cowardice, wickedness or negligence. But the Church will be stronger, much more mature and be able to step back into the world with a greater resolve to help save it.

There also are a number of committed Catholics who are throwing their hats into the political ring to make a difference in that arena. The various religious communities dedicated to orthodoxy are growing, even as the behemoth of the Church of Nice continues to fade away.

In five years or less, men like Dolan, Vigneron, Gregory and so forth will be nobodies. A few short years after them, the Cupichs, Tobins, McElroys and so forth will also be gone. And while it's true that Cupich has engineered yet another injection of homosexual men into the U.S. hierarchy, the institutional Church that the latest crop of clerics will be presiding over will be little more than a warmed-over corpse, thanks, of course, to all the previous decades of homosexual clergy.

Turning an aircraft carrier around to change course takes time, and many people currently living will likely not be alive to see the new course being followed. But they are alive now and are part of that new course, the correct heading that's being plotted. These are people out in front of chanceries demanding an end to the corruption; the ones firing off letters — not just signing a pointless online petition — to the papal nuncio. These are the people signing up by the thousands for Church Militant's Resistance.

All the sound and fury may be still thundering over there on the wrong side of history in the media, the courts, the Church and other cultural institutions, but a giant storm is slowly gathering force just off the radar. We here at Church Militant have not only been tracking this for 15 years, but we're also happy to say we have been a part of it.

The Church of God must be reclaimed by the faithful. That is happening. Fifteen years ago, it looked really bleak. Today, and looking 15 years into the future, the shoe is on the other foot. The current bad guys will all be gone, many much sooner, and a smaller, more faithful, spiritually energized Church will be much wiser to a crooked hierarchy — a hierarchy that, despite its lineage, will simply have no choice but to listen to the believing faithful.

They won't like it. They'll probably still have their boyfriends and their personal slush funds, but the Church as they knew it and expected it to be simply won't be there anymore. The old lesbian nuns will have all passed on. All that property, being sold off now at breakneck speed, will be off the books and no longer available. The same will be true for the homosexual religious orders.

Keep fighting for the restoration like your eternal life depends on it — because it does.

All their two-faced mouthing about wanting a "poor Church" will have actually come true. In short, the scales will have tipped. True, the pie will be smaller, but they will no longer control most of it. You can sense this shift happening everywhere in the Church, but, as we said, you don't turn an aircraft carrier around in a minute.

Stay faithful. Keep pounding and praying. Don't stop. If you don't see the victory in the Church Militant, then you'll have a ringside seat with the Church Triumphant, even if you do have to hang out with the Church Suffering for a while. Keep fighting for the restoration like your eternal life depends on it — because it does.

And remember to smell the roses every now and then, even if they are in bombed-out cities for the time being.

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