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Lock It Down

Preserve the republic.

September 29, 2022  0

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Before we begin, happy Feast of St. Michael and the Angels. Rest assured, the staff here at St. Michael's Media will be having a celebratory cake. I can assure you they will descend on our communal food table like a biblical swarm of locusts. 

No matter how you slice it and dice it, election integrity remains firmly planted in the minds of huge numbers of voters. A majority still believe that cheating was involved in 2020, a narrative the Marxists, Democrats and their media allies have tried desperately to crush — without success.

A majority still believe that cheating was involved in 2020.

The beliefs range from "the election was out-and-out stolen" to "there's no real way to know, but tampering was definitely involved."

The media continue to make the ridiculous claims that "there is no evidence" and "every court found no evidence and threw the case out." Both of those are out-and-out lies.

There was plenty of evidence — an overwhelming amount. It simply was never heard in a court because every single judge ruled the party bringing the claim had no standing. That's not throwing a case out because there was no evidence. It's throwing it out because the party is ruled to have no standing to present it.

So, what has come to be the case — in the absence of any evidence being allowed to be presented to a court — is a people's grassroots movement of gathering and presenting the evidence to the people at large.

Here in Michigan, one of the major battleground states in which people believe the election was stolen, a grassroots initiative called Election Integrity Fund & Force was formed to ferret out what happened.

Private citizens like executive director Sandy Keisel and data analyst Tim Vetter embarked on a massively detailed journey to get to the bottom of what happened, and is still happening, in Michigan.

"We're 22 months later, and we're still adding votes to the 2020 election, and we still have not reached the number of votes that were used to certify the election," Keisel said. 

What they have found is that the official numbers reported bear no resemblance whatsoever to the actual numbers of ballots.

Vetter, who does detailed and intricate numbers for a living and lives in the world of spreadsheets, had tracked and proven the case that something funky — what most people call cheating — is a provable fact here in Michigan.

"I have a column called delayed votes added," Vetter said. "There were 22,500 votes added in January, eight weeks after election. April — almost 50,000 votes were added. We've been tracking delayed votes far beyond the actual election." 

Just as troublesome, Michigan's primary this past August looked like nothing had changed.

"We've spent the past couple years learning," Keisel said. "Seven days after the primary, we sent volunteers to go in to request to see ballots, and we were told we couldn't see them for 30 days because the AG opinion that the public has to wait 30 days before they can see the ballots."

That attorney general for Michigan is Dana Nessel, an avowed lesbian who opened, and had to close, a criminal investigation against us here at Church Militant/St. Michael's Media.

That investigation arose from baseless charges by a homosexual liturgy and music director at a San Diego parish, who falsely claimed that Church Militant slashed his tires, so he called Nessel here in Michigan and reported us.

We sued Nessel. The San Diego police even rightfully concluded Church Militant had nothing to do with it and told the Michigan attorney general that. Case closed. But make no mistake — the Marxist crowd, which is largely in control, will do anything to nail its opponents and cheat like hell to keep its hands on the levers of power.

Here in Michigan, that means Secretary of State Joselyn Benson, who controls the state's elections and refused to allow any investigation into the votes of 2020. That includes willfully ignoring the obvious and literal cover-up of the vote tabulation in Detroit, as workers actually put up boards to cover up the windows and block the vision of poll watchers at the vote-counting center.

Workers actually put up boards to cover up the windows and block the vision of poll watchers at the vote-counting center.

Citizens protested, collecting tens of thousands of signatures over the next few weeks and months. They took them to Lansing, where Benson and her uniparty comrades told the citizens to go to hell and refused to accept the petitions calling for an investigation.

That's why there's "no evidence" — because Marxists and judges simply refused to look at it.

Benson is being challenged by Kristina Karamo, who has made election integrity a priority.

It's now up to citizens to do everything they can to prevent election irregularities from happening again. That means foot soldiers, poll watchers descending in droves, by legions, on voting precincts during the midterms, as well as vote-tabulation centers.

It became clear to folks like EIF that trying to reverse and hold accountable those involved in the 2020 debacle would be next to impossible. So they set their sites on the midterms and 2024 to prevent any further shenanigans.

You don't have to be in Michigan to be dealing with this — there are multiple states where things just don't add up.

If you are in Michigan, contact EIF to volunteer this election cycle. If you are not in Michigan, the EIF folks can still help you figure out where to go in your state and who to contact to volunteer.

Election integrity is about truth. Since it's about truth, Catholics cannot remain indifferent to it. To watch the entire interview with Sandy and Tim, please click on the provided link. Well worth the watch.

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