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Lori and the Gay Orgies

The homosexual network resurfaces.

October 29, 2021  0

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Swimming in the corrupt waters of the U.S. hierarchy can be somewhat confusing if you don't understand the connections between many of these men.

Most are highly immoral and, as such, they keep company with each other. It's all about personal relationships and how and where all their paths have crossed. Remember, most bishops have done time in other dioceses before coming to a new one. In those other dioceses, they were almost always chancery rats who hung around with other chancery rats. Prior to that, they were in seminary and developed all sorts of relationships there as well.

As the years pass by in their careers, they forge deeper relationships with other scoundrels who eventually become bishops in their own right. And what we could call the internal migration within the hierarchy begins; the shifting of various scoundrels from one diocese to another and then on to another.

And when enough of these men have done enough shifting around, a web begins to form; an extensive network of cover-up and lies and deception all designed to insulate and protect themselves. That is the state of things right now — it's a virtually unbreakable web, akin to a steel mesh that is very difficult to penetrate unless you understand from the outset that this is what you are dealing with. In law enforcement, they call it a crime syndicate, with each mob boss protecting the other sufficiently to prevent his own corner of the web from crashing in.

Swimming in the corrupt waters of the U.S. hierarchy can be somewhat confusing if you don't understand the connections between many of these men.

The evil these men participate in is a tightly woven fabric with strings and overlaps and interconnections, things that happened years earlier suddenly shedding light on something recent or vice versa. 

Take, for example, the recent revelations earlier this week about Fr. Gregory Loughney from the diocese of Scranton, who got busted on video trying to seduce what he thought were teenaged boys. It was a sting operation, and he eventually admitted on camera he has a problem. 

So let's look a little deeper into this.

Bishop Bambera (Bambi) ordained the sketchy Loughney. In fact, Loughney was the very first ordination of his episcopate. Loughney had a pretty shady past when Bambi embraced him. More on that in an upcoming Church Militant investigation.

But it's noteworthy that right about the time Bambi was ordaining this creep, he was also forbidding Church Militant to speak on church property in his diocese. It was, in fact, the first time, but not the last, that Church Militant would be denied being able to speak on Church property in a given diocese, so Bambi and we go back a long way. The same year Bambi ordains a child predator with a sketchy past is the same year he's issuing statements about how "unCatholic" Church Militant is. 

Anyway, that 2011 incident caused a small uproar since we had been invited by local Catholics to come to give a talk about the Faith. They wrote to Bambi asking about it, and the answer they got back all those years ago has now taken on new significance as the large uproar surrounding our Baltimore rally unfolds.

First, here is the relevant part of the answer the local Scranton Catholics got back from Bambi's chancery: "It was expressed to us by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) that there have been a number of controversies which have occurred as a result of Mr. Voris' presentations."

And there it is, all the way back in 2011, from Bambi's Vicar General: The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops was denouncing Church Militant in communications to bishops. Ten years ago.

And so now you can see where this is heading — from Scranton a decade ago, straight to Baltimore just weeks ago. The Bishops' Conference has proven time and again it hates the glare of the spotlight on it and does anything and everything it can to escape it. So when the city of Baltimore violated our First Amendment rights by cancelling our rally, forcing us to sue and win, the media contacted the USCCB and asked if they had any role in it.

Of course, the conference issued a statement saying they had nothing to do with it, even though it was their very meeting we were protesting  As we said yesterday, this gang is little else than liars. Does anyone really think that they would conspire with the local bishop in Scranton a decade ago to prevent us from talking and yet 10 years later when Church Militant has a much higher profile and is rolling into town with the likes of Bannon, Milo, Malkin and persecuted priests to denounce their evil that they would just give us a pass? Please.

Of course, unlike Bambi 10 years ago, the local bishop this time is William Lori, one of the top bishops in America owing to his being bishop of Baltimore, the first diocese in the country.

And just as Bambi had some horrible homosexual stuff in his diocese to hide, so does Lori — and with Lori, it stretches back to his time in Bridgeport. But, we do have to say that his time in Bridgeport made him something of an expert.

Church Militant has published an article on our site, the content of which was obtained from investigative sources within the Church who have extremely extensive knowledge of the homosexual cabal up and down the East Coast over the past 20 years or so. We highly recommend you read the article, entitled 'Archbishop Complicit With Gay Network.'

It details the homosexual orgy and party circuit that was highly active when Lori was bishop of Bridgeport and of which Bridgeport was a central gathering place.

According to Church investigators, along the 1-95 corridor that stretches from New York to Boston, multiple homosexual priests and seminarians would arrange weekly Friday night get-togethers at select locations and meet up and do their thing well into the wee hours of Saturday morning.

According to the report:

Included in this grouping of priests who were involved in the gay hook-up culture with seminarians were a number of clergy from the Diocese of Bridgeport under Bishop Lori.

At the time of the 2012 investigation, it became common knowledge among clergy and seminarians that Bridgeport diocesan priests were involved in the gay pipe-line and hook-up culture which centred around the local gay bars in the Bridgeport and New Haven area.

Bishop William Lori was the Bishop of Bridgeport from 2001 to 2012 and during the eleven years as shepherd of the Bridgeport Diocese, was overseeing many members of his clergy who were directly involved in the sexual abuse and homosexual activity with individuals both under and over eighteen (18) years of age.

Lori is either a dirtbag who knew about this and ignored it or is so highly negligent in what he should have known about it that he should be removed from his role immediately.

There's just no way that a true bishop in such close daily and regular contact with such people never saw or heard anything that would raise questions in his mind. He was there for almost a dozen years and never saw or heard anything? No reports, no accusations, nothing? His seminarians and priests are among the organizers of the weekly East Coast gay orgy circuit and he's completely clueless? That's about as believable as the USCCB wasn't a player in trying unsuccessfully to get our rally cancelled in Lori's new archdiocese of Baltimore.

What the bishops' behind-the-scenes involvement with trying to undercut our rally has done is twofold: First, it's given Church Militant a massive First Amendment win in the ability to use our free speech right to criticize them for their evil of homopredation and resulting cover-up. Second, it has now opened the door to the specific evils of Abp. Willaim Lori and his entire episcopal career of cover-up and cooperation with the homoheresy and its crushing of its victims. 

A web may be intricate, and this one is, but it is comprehensible.

But this is how this entire corrupt web works. Go along with the clerical sodomy, even participate in it, and you get promoted.

Lori's career has followed suit. He went from Bridgeport to Baltimore and is even chaplain for the Knights of Columbus. This, of course, begs the question: What exactly do the Knights of Columbus know about Lori, and is there anybody there all caught up in the episcopal web?

Lori is a cover-up artist who has successfully navigated the waters of this filthy swamp and would have been ecstatic to see the rally cancelled. He's also influential in the USCCB, given the fact that he is archbishop of the first diocese in America.

Catholics need to understand the web of relationships between all these men — their connections, crossovers, friends, who ordained them, where they went to seminary, etc.

A web may be intricate, and this one is, but it is comprehensible. You start with the assumption that a given bishop is corrupt, gay, a thief and a liar. From there, you just go backwards in his timeline, and if you run across other corrupt and lying thieves, then you know.

See you in Baltimore, USCCB — and especially you, William Lori, since you are playing host to this den of thieves.

We'll have much more on Lori in the coming days since it was his cooperation with the city that started all this.

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