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Lying to Themselves

Or lying to you.

October 3, 2022  0

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The archdiocese of Baltimore, the nation's first diocese, has seating at weekend Masses for 25,000 attendees. Only about 2,000 show up.

Ten years ago, under the leadership of the reported homosexual Cardinal Abp. Edwin O'Brien, the archdiocese set up one of those Madison Avenue marketing campaigns to make it look like they were taking the decline of the Faith back then seriously. They weren't.

Back then, the immediate issue was the plummeting enrollment and drastic falloff of Catholic schools. So, of course, a strategic plan was instituted and a blue-ribbon committee was established, complete with consultations and listening sessions. That's what they always do.

You'll notice there are never any strategic plans, blue-ribbon committees, consultations and listening sessions undertaken about how to teach the fullness of the Faith. These only happen when the bank accounts are hit.

In either case, that was 10 years ago. The result was even more losses.

Today, homosexualist Abp. William Lori has rolled out a new strategic plan. This one will not only deal with the drop in Catholic schools, but also Catholic parishes. The silly name given to the latest plan is "Seek the City to Come." They always have these stupid names.

Everyone really knows what's going on. It's nothing other than managing the decline. That's all it is.

The problem, as it is stated, is how to reorganize the current parish system to serve the needs of the people and the surrounding community. But Lori and the rest of the nation's bishops are lying to themselves.

You can't just keep rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Eventually, it sinks.

You can't just keep rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Lori wants to serve the needs of the parishes. Yo, archbishop, if there aren't people in the pews there is no parish! The problem isn't how to use the parishes and allocate your resources. It's that you and the rest of the bishops have killed the Faith in peoples' hearts.

You will never admit that, at least not publicly. But that's what it is. People will likely go to Hell because of your massive failures and weak manhood, but you and the rest of the U.S. hierarchy will be leading the way.

The story is told of a meeting Pope John Paul II had with some American bishops during their regular five-year visit. At dinner, one of them said to him, "Holy Father, we do not think most American Catholics will be damned because they do not know the Faith." He answered, "They may not be damned, but you will be for not teaching them."

We imagine things got a little awkward at that point. It's hard to imagine one of them asking him to pass the ketchup after that.

The U.S. hierarchy is facing this crisis all over the country. Yes, it's not evenly distributed — population shifts and demographic changes have some part in it as well. Also, every now and then, a new parish opens up here or there.

But overall, baptized Catholics simply do not believe the Faith. They have no touchstone to it. It has never been made relevant to them. They have never been instructed in it. They have no idea what it is.

From 2000 to 2020, there has been a nationwide drop of 18 points in the number of Catholics who attend weekly Mass, according to Gallup. Even in Baltimore, Lori deludes himself into thinking the role of the Church is to be a social-justice soup kitchen.

Part of his bold, new plan to pack the churches again includes closing the parishes for Mass, but repurposing the physical buildings for social-justice ministries. Actually, that's just the logical conclusion to what the non-shepherding shepherds have been doing for decades, so at this point, why not?

Another interesting note, pointed out in the local Baltimore press, is that Lori and his team consulted with other sterling champions of the Faith facing the same issues, like Vigneron in Detroit, Cupich in Chicago and Rozanski in St. Louis.

That's laughable, because those three have shut down hundreds of parishes and made up all kinds of cute little names and slogans in the process. There is nothing like turning to a loser to get advice on how to win.

Lori might as well have phoned Bp. Hying in Madison, Wisconsin who last week announced he is closing 70 of his 100 parishes. At least he had some decency in being truthful, admitting the Church was going into the grave and awaiting the resurrection.

You can't pin all the blame for the current train wreck on today's bishops. Their predecessors started the ball rolling on all this. A large combination of factors has brought us to this point as a Church, but every single one of them is attributable to the failed leadership of the U.S. hierarchy at different points along the way.

What's truly bothersome at this point with today's bishops is that none of them have the you-know-what to simply admit it. They are married to some archaic belief that you can never say anything bad about a brother bishop. Of course you can. But they are all so delicate and fragile, they're terrified of saying the truth about their own and each others' failures.

Only one of two possibilities exists here, as thousands of parishes across the nation have to keep being shut down — a phenomenon that will continue and pick up pace in the immediate future: Either the bishops actually believe their own press releases about "restructuring" and "repurposing" and "blue-ribbon committees" to the rescue and all that, or they are simply lying to themselves and us.

A knock-on effect has been going on for years, and only recently has the bill come due. First you lose the Faith, then you close your doors. True, there is some time that passes in between those two events, but one absolutely leads to the other.

First you lose the Faith, then you close your doors.

The bishops are in a crisis, hair-on-fire mode now in the natural world, because they long ago were in a crisis, hair-on-fire mode in the supernatural world. 

Baltimore, of course, is a special place for us here at Church Militant. It was the city — in conjunction with the bishops — that tried to get our "Enough is Enough" rally canceled last November.

We had to go to court, as you may recall, to lock down the free exercise of our First Amendment rights. It was a case that we won resoundingly at the district-court level as well as the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

But the city's actions did have a dampening effect on the number of people who attended. The day before the city stepped in and shut it down, we had 2,200 people signed up to attend. Think about this for a moment — 2,200 people.

That's more at a Church Militant rally on a Tuesday than would have been at Mass on the following Sunday. 

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