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Made in the Image of Ted

And it must be destroyed.

July 28, 2021  0


It's time for concerned Catholics in America to accept the reality that the Church in the United States is made in the image of Theodore McCarrick, not Jesus Christ.

The rampant homosexuality with the clergy, the lies, the cover-up, the sacrilege, the financial malfeasance, the destruction of the Faith — all of it has more than McCarrick's fingerprints on it; it has his seal on it. He certainly was not alone, nor was he the first, but he has proven to be the one who has been the most impactful.

While there are many, the two major centers of the destruction were Detroit, under Cdl. John Dearden from 1958–1980, which produced Cdl. Joseph Bernardin; and New York, under Cdl. Francis Spellman from 1939–1967, which gave the Church McCarrick.

Together, Bernardin and McCarrick perverted the Church on every conceivable level, but McCarrick's influence has been the most pervasive and long-lasting. And when you consider the enormous damage inflicted on the Church by Bernardin with his vast number of appointments of homosexual men and his conniving to push reception of Holy Communion in the hand, that's really saying something.

Together, Bernardin and McCarrick perverted the Church on every conceivable level, but McCarrick's influence has been the most pervasive and long-lasting.

McCarrick had a head start on Bernardin. He was decidedly more cunning and was communist-trained in St. Gallen, Switzerland in the years immediately following World War II, a location he returned to frequently on a near-annual basis for years. Although Bernardin was ordained six years before McCarrick, in many ways he was a backwater bishop until Bernardin plucked him out of Atlanta as an auxiliary bishop in the late 1960s to head up what would become the feckless National Conference of Catholic Bishops.

By that time, McCarrick was already on the fast track, having sprung from the loins of the extraordinarily powerful Spellman. Two years before anyone had ever heard of Bernardin, McCarrick had already ghostwritten the infamous Land O' Lakes document promoted by Notre Dame's Theodore Hesburgh, a document that sent the American Catholic university system into apostasy.

Such was McCarrick's already burgeoning influence. The major difference between these two men is that, while both were sexually active homosexuals, McCarrick was communist trained, as Church Militant has reported.

Bernardin's actions greatly contributed to the destruction of the Church in the United States, but McCarrick's actions were intended to destroy the Church, and, given the current state of affairs, the only fair assessment would have to be that he succeeded.

Take, for example, the issue of Holy Communion. Both men played central roles in destroying faith in the Blessed Sacrament. Bernardin rammed through a fraudulent vote in the late 1970s that he used to lie to Pope Paul VI about in order to get Rome to approve of it. But McCarrick, as usual, was already 10 steps further down the road by lying to the bishops' conference that Joseph Ratzinger had said it was permissible to give Holy Communion to child-killing Catholic politicians.

Ratzinger, who was then head of the Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith, had said no such thing. In fact, he had said just the opposite, but McCarrick and Gregory simply lied to the rest of the bishops, and here we are today with the bishops still fighting this issue.

McCarrick's evil is much more pervasive than Bernardin's, which is impressive given Bernardin's homosexual romp through the Church with his bishop appointments. It was, for example, McCarrick who took charge of the bishops' response to the homopredator clerical crisis, following the Boston Globe's revelations. His response was pure deflection and deception. Not a thing changed or was implemented that would lessen the actual cause of the crisis: homosexuality within the clergy.

But it made for great public relations as McCarrick made the rounds on national media to express his shock and dismay that such untoward evil could penetrate the heart of the Church. And this was all being said while he was sexually assaulting seminarians at his beach house on the Jersey Shore, bought and paid for by the Church.

McCarrick was instrumental in advancing sexual deviancy, but where he far outshined Bernardin was in his skill in fundraising, using money to subvert the Church. He conned millionaire after Catholic millionaire with his Irish charm, all the way up to the Papal Foundation, and he used millions in bribes to get his people in place and his actions covered up.

When Pope Benedict iced him, he just carried on, helping to get Francis elected, who then almost instantly dispatched him to communist China to sell out the Church there. He was instrumental in getting Blase Cupich installed in Chicago, where Bernardin had built his homosexual network that now extends far beyond Chicago, and Joseph Tobin installed in Newark, where McCarrick used his influence to do the same back in the East. 

While Bernardin was extremely destructive, he was only on the public scene for 25 years. McCarrick was on the scene for more than 50 years and possessed a much greater skill set. He was much more cunning and had much more time to implement his plans.

This brings us to the point of this Vortex. The current hierarchy, especially the so-called good bishops, now must come to terms with the reality that the Church in America (as it is now constituted) was fashioned by two very powerful homosexual men, both perverts, with one particularly determined to bring about the Church's destruction.

Through these men's power and influence and ability to blackmail, sideline and appoint (virtually at will) other men after their own design, the architecture was put in place to ensure there is no coming back from this unless, in the very near future, the few remaining bishops with a conscience step forward and take control of the narrative. These men need to understand that they entered into a system that was designed to produce weak men and weak leaders.

Whatever you may think of yourselves when you look in the mirror, Your Excellencies, know that you are in your office largely because you either slipped through the cracks or were viewed as not a real threat. Even if you are personally orthodox in your religious beliefs, you have been brought up in a system to discourage you from exercising any real pushback.

You have had your minds conditioned for decades by a system designed by two homosexual predators — one of them a communist — to not fight back, to strip you of your masculinity, to always think in terms of compromise and going along and avoiding confrontation at all costs, of never rocking the boat.

More than the perversion of the Faith itself in so many seminaries is the perversion of your masculinity — that is the real secret of McCarrick's success and control over the Church in America.

This is how such deviants have seized control across the entire spectrum because you who know of their evil have been neutralized, with Cupich's presence being the latest example of what strikes terror in all your hearts.

Every one of you bishops and archbishops watching this knows what I am saying is true. You may not like it. You probably don't like me. You cringe when someone says "Church Militant," but you know what we say here is true. Just look around the condition of the Church right now; it is mass apostasy because of the apostasy of the clergy.

Why do you think Church Militant has been able to encourage more than 1,300 people to travel to Baltimore in November and sit out in the cold for hours to pray for you?

(As a quick aside, those roughly 1,300 reservations represent almost half the total capacity of the pavilion right next door to where the bishops are meeting, and there are still four months to go. Click here to save your spot for what is shaping up to be a total watershed moment in the life of the Church in America.)

So here is what Church Militant would like to propose to you good bishops: First, we know you feel alone and isolated, never backed up, at least publicly, by your brother bishops, who are under constant threat from Cupich and his influence. We also know you are deeply concerned, rightfully so, that if you do anything public that Cupich perceives as threatening enough, he will end you and bring your good work to an end.

That said, the current state of affairs simply cannot be allowed to continue. We are quickly approaching the end of the institutional Church in America. So given that, we are aware that you all watch and pass around relevant Vortex episodes and have private, quiet discussions among yourselves about what we talk about here in the Vortex, as well as our articles and other shows and so forth. We know this because you communicate this to laymen whom you trust, who are every bit as concerned about this abomination we find ourselves in as a Church.

What we would like for you to do is to reach out to those laymen who are mutual friends and, through them, reach out to us and allow us to help strategize with you in standing up and pushing back against this evil. We are not interested in any way, manner or form of making this a story, revealing any details, writing about it, doing Vortex episodes about it or anything of the kind. It is strictly a private endeavor between Catholic laity and their shepherds to finally push back against this evil rot that has taken control.

In all forthrightness, some or all of you may lose your dioceses in the end, that is true. There is no getting around that, but there needs to be a coordinated effort, a grand plan. We have loads of information, and you do too. We also have a network we established in the spring of hundreds of priests around the nation we call "The New Catacombs." Many of these priests know an awful lot about an awful lot.

Our Church Militant Resistance has literally thousands of members across the country, many in chanceries who also know an awful lot about an awful lot. All of them stand willing to do whatever is necessary to come to the aid of Holy Mother Church.

Church Militant has been marshaling these forces, laity, faithful clergy and information for years now, and we want to meet with you to let you know what we know.

I know many of you don't like us, or are suspicious of us, leery and so forth. You don't like our "tone" and so forth. We are "out there," that is absolutely true, but it's out of a deep love for Our Blessed Lord and His Bride, no other reason. And the question of "tone" and being "out there" is purely a subjective one. 

No one else is saying what needs to be said, including you, most especially you. We want to help you, encourage you, do whatever is needed. As we said, we are mindful that you may very well get mowed down if you go on the offensive, to which we'd like to respond with two final thoughts. First, had the young men who first stormed ashore at Normandy or parachuted behind the lines not been willing to die — and many did — Europe would not have been freed from the Nazis. Death is not the greatest evil — not dying with honor in the service of the Church is the greatest evil.

Second, a joint effort to seize back the Church in a great act of charity for the faithful in the face of near-certain retribution would be an act that, even if you are mauled in the process, the Holy Spirit would use absolutely because it is an act perfectly in accord with the divine will.

Turning back the lies, the liturgical abuse, the wanton sacrilege, the destruction of the Faith and the financial rot — all of it — standing up to it out of love, how could that be anything other than pleasing to the Blessed Trinity?

The forces of evil in the Church are well-organized. We need to be more so.

Ask yourselves in consideration of what we are proposing, "Is this something Satan would oppose?"

So please, you know who our mutual friends are. Contact them, and have them be the go-betweens if you are afraid or nervous about Church Militant. I assure you, you have nothing to be afraid of concerning us.

Our entire 15 years have been "out there" for all the world to see that every action we do is born strictly from a love of Our Blessed Lord, His Holy Mother and the one true Faith. It's for no other reason than to be used to help save souls.

The forces of evil in the Church are well-organized. We need to be more so.

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