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Making All Things Revenue

The bill is coming due.

November 14, 2017  0
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As the U.S. bishops wrap up their semi-annual meeting today, peasant Catholics need to take stock of something that just never gets reported about very much which is the grease for the wheels of the entire U.S. Catholic bureaucracy — the money. Yes, follow the money. And the place to look first would be what's going on financially in the archdiocese in New York — the money capital of the universe. We're going to come back to this but first take a look at these pictures, which tell the whole story we are going to get into.

This is a Prince of the Church, a successor of the Apostles — posing with half-naked women — the Rockettes of Radio City Music Hall, which he does every year as part of the public relations campaign to show how cool the Church is. Ask yourself, would St. Charles Borromeo or St. Vincent de Paul or St. Alphonsus Ligouri or St. John Vianney be caught dead in such a pose? But this represents the entire shift away from Catholic identity to a full embrace of the world. More on this a little later but now to the money.

First of all, the predominance of the homosexual subculture in the archdiocese, which has flourished under the reign of Cdl. Timothy Dolan has cost the archdiocese tens and probably hundreds of millions of dollars. Recall that earlier this year, the archdiocese had to slap a $100,000,000 mortgage on the land it owns on Madison Avenue immediately behind St. Patrick's Cathedral. That money is being used to pay off homosexual clergy sex abuse claims as the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and Financial Times were all quick to point out.

The archdiocese keeps operating in the red — it has for a number of years now — although it still has considerable real estate assets it can either mortgage or sell. And by considerable we mean many hundreds of millions of dollars if not a complete portfolio of over a billion. So it seems a little disingenuous for the archdiocese to be pressing the flesh and turning up the guilt on everyday Catholics with its new Renew and Rebuild Campaign with the aim of raising $200,000,000.

The problem is that the need for such campaigns are the direct result of the unfaithfulness of the hierarchy's decision to systematically wipe out Catholic identity — from the promotion of homosexual identity and propaganda, certainly among the clergy, to protestantized catechesis, to malformed clergy or clergy who feel threatened if they even breathe anything tradition-minded — the Faith has been wiped out by the decisions of the hierarchy and now, the bill has come due, literally, and it's time to pay the piper.

Catholic churches in the United States have emptied with eight Catholics leaving the Church for every soul who converts. All of this eventually hits the bottom line which is why Dolan and his financial cronies at the chancery at 1011 First Avenue have decided to press the peasantry, the same peasantry they have abandoned in matters of faith, to open up their wallets and bail them out.

Church Militant was forwarded an example of one letter that Cdl. Dolan signs personally to try and suck the laity dry, in this case, asking the recipient to cough up $250,000 over the next five years. He has reportedly sent out scores of such letters — the thinking, of course, being that a personal letter from the cardinal archbishop will carry a lot of weight. Archdiocesan priests are being pulled out of rotation to be schooled in how to go into people's homes and make a financial pitch to them pressing the laity to raid their savings and pay for the horrible stewardship and crushing of Catholic identity that has ruled the day for decades now.

The archdiocese, like many dioceses around the country, hire upscale marketing firms that get around 10 percent of the collected amounts for their fee to come up with the glossy brochures and plans for soaking the peasants. Parish after parish, as part of the plan, is levied with what amounts to a fine, although everyone pretends it's charity — some with exorbitant amounts in the hundreds of thousands that there's simply no way they can come up with owing to the decreasing collections, owing to the lack of attendance owing to the loss of Catholic identity.

Cardinal Dolan has even sent a letter to various clergy of his saying they need to scale back the number of Masses offered in the archdiocese because it's costing too much money to say so many Masses. And yes, you heard that right. But consider — it only stands to reason. After decades of wiping out the Faith which from a financial perspective results in a huge loss of money, of cash flow, why wouldn't the archbishop tell priests to cut back on the number of Masses because of the money involved?

Which brings us back to those pictures of the cardinal posing with half-naked women. See these represent the complete overthrowing of Catholic identity. Committed Catholics see these pictures and have a visceral reaction to them because they are wrong on so many levels. The cardinal archbishop of New York, the very face of Catholicism in the United States, is here literally embracing the culture and not converting it but being converted by it. And while he's posing with these scantily dressed women —smiles all around — he is at the same time running a massive campaign to soak the laity for $200,000,000 to make up the costs of tens of millions of dollars if not more to pay for sexually abusive homosexual clergy.

It's remarkable that the irony of these photos and this whole situation is completely lost on Dolan and his buddies. They want a new Church — a Church that occupies the old buildings and kind of looks Catholic but has been completely stripped of any meaningful Catholic identity. This is a completely disgusting sight. How any Catholic could in good conscience contribute to the Renew and Rebuild Campaign is beyond us.

Why would anyone want to bail out the very men who have assaulted the Faith and stripped it of its identity? And this question needs to be asked by faithful Catholics all over America as these campaigns gain more traction everywhere. Where is the accountability? When do these men who have betrayed the faithful in education, preaching, liturgy and identity ever have to pay the price for their miscreance?

Let them sell off their assets of real estate holdings and stop bilking the faithful. Let them have to lay off their birth-control-liberal staffs at the chanceries and dump their bloated bureaucracies. Give your money to other causes — causes that care about the promotion of authentic Catholic identity. Not another dime should be given to these shams, especially when their leaders pose with practically nude women.

Dolan needs to hit up the owners of Radio City Music Hall since he's so comfortable posing with their exhibitionists and leave the faithful laity in peace. Call off the priest money-training sessions by your high priced marketing firm. Restore the Masses and get back to being Catholic, Your Eminence, and stop the half-nude picture posing along with a public apology for your wrongdoing.

In the meantime, sell off some of your vast real estate holdings and pay your own bills — bills you have created.

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