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Man on the Street…

From Catholic HQ.

October 15, 2019  0


I'm Michael Voris coming to you from Vatican City where we decided to test the waters here in Rome and just venture out and ask a bunch of people what they think of the Church and Her teachings.

Obviously, there are zillions of people from all over the world here in Rome — a good chunk of them Catholic, seeing as this is Catholic HQ.

Additionally, you'd suspect that, since Rome is Catholic HQ, that a sizable number of folks here that are Catholic are here because it's Rome.

So, we hit the streets in and around St. Peter's and did some on-the-fly interviews with random people who agreed to talk with us.

In the news biz, they call these types of interviews "MOS" — short for "man on the street."

We wanted to know how many Catholics who come to Rome actually first go to Mass every Sunday and holy days. And then, do they believe everything the Church teaches?

So, for screening purposes, we asked everyone if he or she was a baptized Catholic and, if so, would be OK with being interviewed.

Here are their responses to the questions "do you go to Mass?" and "do you believe all the Church's teachings?"

[Transcript Unavailable]

And there you have it, here in the heart of the Church, Catholics from all over the world, at best 4 out of 10 — but in either case, less than half — go to Mass each week and believe the all the Church's teachings.

And remember, these answers are from Catholics visiting Rome

So much for all that formation this past half-century.

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