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They all taste the same because they are the same.

December 10, 2020  0



Church Militant (a 501(c)4 corporation) is responsible for the content of this commentary.

Each day here at Church Militant, as part of our ongoing Novena to the Holy Spirit for Justice and our Rosary (also for justice in the nation), we pray for increased strength to fight two specific evils rampaging through the Church and the culture — modernism and Marxism.

And, understand, these two are little else than different sides of the same coin, intimately connected. One does its damage in the theological realm, the other in the secular realm, but they are both moving to the same goal. That goal is the de-spiritualization of man, the reducing of human dignity to being merely a servant of the State. 

This is why the Church must be "merged" with the State: To present the facade of some spiritual aspect or dynamic to the assault on human dignity (which is, of course, ultimately from God since we are made in his image and likeness). Modernism and Marxism are like M&M's candy — peanut or plain — slightly different looking on the outside, although still very close in appearance, on the inside, they are identical.

You can't tell the difference once you've popped them into your mouth, and that's because there is no difference. Under that thin candy veneer, every one is identical to every other one in the pack, just like modernism and Marxism. This is why the Marxist cardinals in the Church, not to mention bishops and priests, are so enthralled with modernism.

Listen closely sometimes to the prayers of the faithful, which half the time aren't really prayers and which seldom reflect the ideas of the authentic faithful.

Likewise, this is why the modernist cardinals in the Church — not to mention bishops and priests — are so enthralled with Marxism. It's why when you go to Mass and there is a modernist priest blathering on, he hits all the Marxist talking points about immigration and climate change and the rest of the lies from the Left.

Listen closely sometimes to the prayers of the faithful, which half the time aren't really prayers and which seldom reflect the ideas of the authentic faithful. Little in some of those prayers reflects anything related to authentic Catholicism but read like a Saul Alinsky introductory class on class warfare or racism.

Likewise, the Marxist media can't stop themselves from having on modernist clergy for interviews (like James Martin). These aren't just separate ideologies with some areas of overlap. They are the same ideologies with very slightly different ways of presenting themselves. Take off the robes and put on a suit and tie, and James Martin could run for office on the Democratic party ticket.

Likewise, slap a miter on Biden's head and he could easily be Bishop Joe. They all talk the same, say the same things, talk about the same topics. Identical on the inside, very slightly different looking on the outside — just to make you think you're getting something different. You aren't.

This is why there is the rush on the part of bishops to go along with anything a government mandates, and in some cases (like the weirdo bishop in Ontario Canada's London diocese, Ronald Fabbro) bishops are going way beyond even totalitarian governments' COVID rules. He's ordering parishes, meaning his priests, to set up what amounts to "snitch squads," where ushers must refuse you entry into the Church for Mass if you don't have a mask. 

Ushers will be informed of your name and will be on the lookout for you. Likewise, Fabbro has ordered that a pencil and piece of paper be supplied at confessionals so after you have confessed, you can leave your name and number for contact tracing purposes. And no, we are not kidding.

That's outrageous. But when it comes to weirdness around confession, Fabbro and his staff are refusing to reveal to Catholics in the diocese that a certain priest was excommunicated for breaking the seal of confession. Then, a few months later, blatantly in violation of canon law, Fabbro asked Rome to lift the excommunication without having fulfilled one of three requirements necessary before any lifting of the sentence could be done.

Members of the Marxist media establishment can't stop themselves from having on modernist clergy for interviews (like James Martin).

While Fabbro stomps around the diocese imposing dictatorial mandates on the flock, he conveniently — for more than a year — has kept to himself that one of his priests, at least, is not trustworthy in the confessional. But hey, just make sure you put down your name and address after confession, it makes it so much easier to break the seal that way.

And get this: Your information then goes into a sealed envelope and is given to the parish staff who will never open it, unless they have to. Sure. So much for anonymity around the sacrament of confession. Any bishop who would hide behind "procedure" to mask the identity of a priest who breaks the seal of confession is a disgrace.

Likewise, he keeps no tabs on this priest, who supposedly unknown to Fabbro, just up and presented himself to another diocese, where, inexplicably, the bishop there just accepted him and let him go "serve" at a religious community and offer public Mass on Sundays and hear confessions.

Not until his presence was reported (and there was fear of news getting out about the whole affair) did Fabbro "spring into action" and order the priest back to the London diocese. But man, he's all over the COVID "crisis." 

No mask, no eucharist. No contact tracing, no confession of sins. No bare hands, no reception of Holy Communion. COVID crisis? Got it covered. Catholic crisis? No big deal. Men like this long ago gave up the ghost on the Church. Fabbro even joked once at a fundraiser for the seminary that all the numbers across the board for the Church were dismal, in the toilet. Fewer weddings, baptisms, you name it. 

But, he added, the one number where they saw improvement was in cemetery plot sales, adding — to uncomfortable laughter from hundreds in attendance — that even if we lose you coming in, we still get you going out. Modernism dumps the authentic Faith. Marxism replaces it.

The things of God matter not at all to either Marxists or modernists. Their single concern is being in the elite crowd when the rest of humanity is subjected to their one-world new order. Neither cares what your favorite color M&M is — because they are all the same.

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