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Moral Collapse

Only the Church can reverse it.

April 19, 2021  0


The moral collapse that America is in (not approaching, but actually in) is owing to the moral collapse of the Catholic Church — period.

We can talk about how the moral collapse of the Church was brought about, but suffice it to say that because the Catholic Church was established by Jesus Christ, the Church alone has the power to fight and defeat evil in the world. Nothing and no one else is divinely constituted to be able to be victorious over Satan's kingdom.

So if you were Satan, you would attack the very core of the Church — the Holy Eucharist. But in order to do so, you would have to attack the priesthood. And further, while attacking individual priests and bishops, it would be much more strategic to actually attack the formation of these men while they are studying for the priesthood: Destroy them and neuter them at the root.

The Church alone has the power to fight and defeat evil in the world.

The process for this began in the early part of the last century and picked up steam in the 1960s and the decades that followed. In the course of our work, Church Militant has had regular contact with seminarians, and the message we hear nonstop is that there is a decided attack against and sidelining of seminarians who dare question the prevailing status quo.

And what is that status quo, precisely? It's the mantra of "inclusion" by the Church of Nice, a distortion of Our Blessed Lord's teaching. It's an attitude that all are saved; social programs are more important than true theology; sin is acceptable, even if mildly regrettable; the Mass should be celebrated in the weirdest fashion possible; altar girls represent inclusion and women's rights. The blather just never stops.

This has all been caused by subtle changes in everything, including language. For example, Mass used to be offered, as in a sacrifice, and it was offered by a priest. Today, and for the last 50 years, Mass is "celebrated" by a "presider." That's stupid — completely and utterly stupid.

But that lingo in the Church of Nice is used deliberately to undergird the narrative that Mass is about us, the people. God isn't particularly involved other than being some entity that makes us great. So we sing some songs, eat some bread, shake hands and are a community. Yay for us!

This entire insanity has been foisted on the Church by sick-in-the-head homosexual clergy who want the people to accept their sin. So they first had to set about to make sure the people were able to accept their own sins of contraception, fornication, divorce and remarriage, masturbation, pornography and so forth. After the work was done to create malformed people in the pews, it was pretty simple to get them to accept a priest's gayness. But bishops had to make sure that the men who were admitted into seminary were either already down with this or could be twisted into thinking it.

As we've already said in a previous Vortex, here in Detroit, the then-vocations director, Fr. Jim Bilot (still a functioning priest here), would question seminary candidates about their sexuality and even send them to gay priests to sleep with them — a kind of admissions test here in Detroit. But none of this was isolated to Detroit. It was spread across the country, even resulting in a series of Vatican-ordered seminary investigations back in the '80s, '90s and 2000s into the problem of homosexuality in the seminaries.

However, many of the bishops who were selected to "investigate" the seminaries were the very men who had created the problem and were sympathetic to the gay hothouses. So Catholics of the faithful stripe find themselves in a quandary. The usual diocesan seminary, even if it has improved somewhat, still recruits many men who are either weak-minded (even if they are privately orthodox) or those who are sympathetic to modernism — in short, cowards or dissidents.

While indications are that young men still considering a vocation might be more believing than the faculty instructing them, it takes more than just private faith to lead the Church from its current swamp of filth. It takes men who will also stand up to the prevailing rot of malformed, modernist bishops and their homosexuality-loving crowd of clergy in the chancery.

Privately believing the Faith means absolutely nothing in a priest if he won't also fight for the people of God.

Privately believing the Faith means absolutely nothing in a priest if he won't also confront and fight for the people of God. It's better that such a man actually not be ordained and just stay quietly in his house where he can privately believe the Faith.

We cover all this in this week's Mic'd Up episode, which includes our interview with the fantastic Dr. Janet Smith and our news report on the moral collapse.

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